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Ultraviolet light is in the wavelength between 380-10 nm. AKA: UV

See Also: UVA, UVB, UV, UVC, Electromagnetic Radiation

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  • High Speed Spectroscopy Camera

    SynapsePlus CCD - HORIBA, Ltd.

    Superfast electronics (up to thousands of spectra per second). Very low read noise. Best linearity in its class. Different chip types to suit every spectroscopy need. Open Electrode (OE) 1024 x 256 pixels, Front-illuminated UV enhanced (FIUV) - 2048 x 512 pixels, Front-illuminated visible (FIVS) - 2048 x 512 pixels, Back-illuminated UV enhanced (BIUV) - 1024 x 256 and 2048 x 512 pixels, Back-illuminated visible (BIVS) - 1024 x 256 and 2048 x 512 pixels, Back-illuminated deep depletion (BIDD) – 1024 x 256 pixels.

  • Polarizers

    Laser Components IG, Inc.

    Achieves high contrast and high transmission for the UV, VIS, NIR, and Mid-IR ranges with a wide acceptance angle of ±20°. The prolate silver nano-particles are embedded inside the glass which results in high durability, wide temperature range, and easy cleaning.

  • Mobile Air Quality Control

    airthinx GO - airthinx, inc.

    The Airthinx GO is a fully integrated solution for continuous air quality monitoring and remediation. The device combines built-in high-end sensors with the latest purification technologies of UV light and Ionization, all controlled by the Airthinx cloud-based operating system.

  • UVC Light Meters & Detectors

    International Light Technologies

    If you are using a UVC light-based disinfection system you are probably scrambling to deploy tools to combat the COVID-19 outbreak. Increasingly facilities are looking to disinfect everything including air, surfaces, instruments, and personal protective equipment (PPE) using UV-C light. Verifying the intensity of the light, or dose, reaching the target is a critical step in validating that the correct UV dose is being applied to ensure proper decontamination.

  • Custom & OEM Light Measurement Systems

    International Light Technologies

    ILT has been designing and developing light measurement systems since 1965. We are a trusted partner to our OEMs in all facets of industry, and deliver solutions to companies in UV curing, disinfection, phototherapy, laser-UV-blue-IR safety, 3D printing, pulsed light measurement, and much, much more.

  • UV Light Meters (UVA, UVC)

    Lutron Electronic Enterprise Co., Ltd.

    UV Light Meters are used in a wide variety of industries where the precision measurement of UV energy is essential. Sper Scientific UV Light Meters are designed for any application requiring repeatable, reliable UV measurement. Our UV light meters read UVA/B and UVC.

  • Ruled Plane Gratings

    HORIBA, Ltd.

    HORIBA Scientific produces a wide range of holographic master gratings from which high precision replicas are manufactured. Ruled reflection gratings are especially well suited for spectroscopic systems requiring high efficiency, high resolution and covering a spectral range from UV to IR.

  • Mask UV Sterilizers

    UV-MASK - Lisun Electronics Inc.

    Mask UV Sterilizer applies to sterilizing the surface of masks, protective clothing, food, toys and other objects. It is widely used in hospitals, food, tea food and beverage processing and packaging equipment, food factories, cosmetics factories, dairy factories, breweries, beverage factories, bakeries and refrigerators, etc.

  • LED Phosphorescence Light Sources

    SpectraLED - HORIBA, Ltd.

    Innovative and affordable pulsed light source for phosphorescence measurements from deep UV to NIRThe SpectraLED is a novel light source designed specifically for the measurement of phosphorescence lifetimes. These phosphorescence sources are based on LED technology and the emission wavelengths range from the deep UV to the NIR.

  • High Resolution Monochromators

    FHR Series - HORIBA, Ltd.

    With the fastest direct drive in this class, the FHR 1000 spectrometer offers a unique combination of speed, precision and high resolution, completely revolutionizing the large spectrometer market. Designed for researchers who require high accuracy with immediate results, the versatility of the FHR allows for utilization over a wide spectral range, extending from the UV to the IR. The instrument’s cast body design eliminates temperature induced stress and expansion, preventing any significant wavelength shifts or signal loss and allowing for optimal performance. This monochromator benefits from the highest quality of gratings, also designed and manufactured by HORIBA.

  • Laser

    SOLSTIS TITAN - M Squared Lasers

    SolsTiS Titan is based on M Squared’s award-winning SolsTiS CW Ti:Sapphire laser platform. It’s a fully-automated, high-power, single-frequency laser operating in the UV and Visible and offers unprecedented stability and reliability. Titan is simple to operate and integrate into diverse industrial and deep-tech application scenarios and delivers dramatic cost savings over legacy laser technologies.

  • Laser

    SOLSTIS DOUBLET - M Squared Lasers

    SolsTiS Doublet is the world’s first fully-automated, self-aligning, sealed, high-power, continous-wave SHG cavity. This extension for SolsTiS extends the range of output wavelengths via frequency doubling in a fully-automated resonant cavity. It is capable of rapid and precise, broad wavelength tuning and scanning in the UV and Visible up to 150 nm. High-speed, high-resolution stepped and continuous scanning is available over extended tuning ranges.

  • Laser

    SOLSTIS ECD-X-Q - M Squared Lasers

    SolsTiS ECD-X Q extends the range of the SolsTiS platform into the deep UV providing unrivalled power and tuning. SolsTiS ECD-X-Q is used in combination with the ECD X doubling cavity (wavelength ranges between 210–250 nm) or the EMM mixing module (wavelength ranges between 250–300 nm).

  • Si1145 UV / Ambient Light / Proximity Sensor

    SEN-36002 - Playing With Fusion Inc

    SEN-36002 is a highly integrated carrier board designed for the Si1145 UV, Ambient Light and Proximity sensor IC from Silicon Labs. This sensor has 100mLUX resolution, and has a dynamic range of 1 LUX to 128 kLUX with IR correction. This means that whether your application is indoors in poor lighting conditions or outside in full sunlight, this sensor has you covered. In addition, we added a high power LED (150mA max, 20 degree) to take full advantage of the proximity sensing capability of this IC - something you won't see on most competitive carrier boards. Integration is easy with 4 x 4-40 sized mounting holes at the corners of the PCB and signal translation to handle interface voltages from 3V to 5V. The board is interfaced via an I2C interface and function pins have been broken out to a 0.1" pin header. The INT pin is also broken out for interrupt capability.

  • Intensified Cameras - Ultra-Sensitive CMOS Cameras from Deep UV to NIR Spectrum

    iCameras - Photonis Technologies s.a.s.

    The cameras are equipped with a high-resolution sensor with high frame rate for excellent quality of image production, which is well‐suited to detect high speed moving objects or ultra-fast phenomenon.The mechanical architecture of the iCamera is small, compact and light-weight, especially designed for easy integration into any system.The iCamera features an exceptional sensitivity based on high QE image intensifier - ultra-fast gating technology down to a few nanoseconds, which allows it to be coupled with a laser source to perform high fidelity active imaging.

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