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Ultraviolet light is in the wavelength between 380-10 nm. AKA: UV

See Also: UVA, UVB, UV, UVC, Electromagnetic Radiation

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  • UV LED Light Source

    Model 32 - OAI

    This new UV LED lightsource is designed and engineered by the proven lithography experts at OAI. The lightsource delivers a number of unique benefits, the most consequential of which is consistent intensity over an exceptionally long life. The lightsource is highly energy efficient, requires no maintenance or light replacement, and contains no mercury.

  • Electron Multipliers

    Hamamatsu Photonics K.K.

    Electron multipliers are mainly used as positive/negative ion detectors. They are also useful for detecting and measuring vacuum UV rays and soft X-rays. Hamamatsu electron multipliers have a high gain (multiplication factor) yet low dark current, allowingoperation in photon counting mode to detect and measure extremely small incoming particles and their energy. This means our Hamamatsu electron multipliers are ideal for electron spectroscopy and vacuum UV spectroscopy such as ESCA (electron spectroscopy for chemical analysis) and Auger electron spectroscopy as well as mass spectroscopy and field-ion microscopy.

  • Specialty Light Sources from UV to Infrared for the Efficient Production of Solar Cells

    Heraeus Noblelight GmbH

    Solar modules convert sunlight into electric energy. They shall generate as much solar power as possible without wasting energy during production or on the roof. Specialty light sources help produce solar cells efficiently and test them for optimal function during operation.

  • High Range UV Fluorescence SO2 Analyzer

    Model T100H - Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation

    The Model T100H SO2 analyzer uses the proven UV fluorescence principle with the high measurement ranges and interferent rejection needed for extractive source monitoring. The Model T100H provides a simple but precise solution for a broad range of CEM and stack testing applications.The instrument design provides minimal quenching by O2 or CO2 and less than a 0.1% response to water in the sample. Additionally, special optical filtering reduces the effects of NO interference.

  • High Range UV Fluorescence SO2 Analyzer

    Model N100H - Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation

    The Model N100H instrument uses the proven UV fluorescence principle, combined with a state-of-the-art modular architecture, and intuitive operating software to provide accurate and dependable measurements of high range SO2 gas. The instrument includes interferent rejection, providing a simple and precise solution for a broad range of continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS) and stack testing applications.

  • Laser

    SOLSTIS TITAN - M Squared Lasers

    SolsTiS Titan is based on M Squared’s award-winning SolsTiS CW Ti:Sapphire laser platform. It’s a fully-automated, high-power, single-frequency laser operating in the UV and Visible and offers unprecedented stability and reliability. Titan is simple to operate and integrate into diverse industrial and deep-tech application scenarios and delivers dramatic cost savings over legacy laser technologies.

  • Laser

    SOLSTIS DOUBLET - M Squared Lasers

    SolsTiS Doublet is the world’s first fully-automated, self-aligning, sealed, high-power, continous-wave SHG cavity. This extension for SolsTiS extends the range of output wavelengths via frequency doubling in a fully-automated resonant cavity. It is capable of rapid and precise, broad wavelength tuning and scanning in the UV and Visible up to 150 nm. High-speed, high-resolution stepped and continuous scanning is available over extended tuning ranges.

  • Laser

    SOLSTIS ECD-X-Q - M Squared Lasers

    SolsTiS ECD-X Q extends the range of the SolsTiS platform into the deep UV providing unrivalled power and tuning. SolsTiS ECD-X-Q is used in combination with the ECD X doubling cavity (wavelength ranges between 210–250 nm) or the EMM mixing module (wavelength ranges between 250–300 nm).

  • Si1145 UV / Ambient Light / Proximity Sensor

    SEN-36002 - Playing With Fusion Inc

    SEN-36002 is a highly integrated carrier board designed for the Si1145 UV, Ambient Light and Proximity sensor IC from Silicon Labs. This sensor has 100mLUX resolution, and has a dynamic range of 1 LUX to 128 kLUX with IR correction. This means that whether your application is indoors in poor lighting conditions or outside in full sunlight, this sensor has you covered. In addition, we added a high power LED (150mA max, 20 degree) to take full advantage of the proximity sensing capability of this IC - something you won't see on most competitive carrier boards. Integration is easy with 4 x 4-40 sized mounting holes at the corners of the PCB and signal translation to handle interface voltages from 3V to 5V. The board is interfaced via an I2C interface and function pins have been broken out to a 0.1" pin header. The INT pin is also broken out for interrupt capability.

  • Intensified Cameras - Ultra-Sensitive CMOS Cameras from Deep UV to NIR Spectrum

    iCameras - Photonis Technologies s.a.s.

    The cameras are equipped with a high-resolution sensor with high frame rate for excellent quality of image production, which is well‐suited to detect high speed moving objects or ultra-fast phenomenon.The mechanical architecture of the iCamera is small, compact and light-weight, especially designed for easy integration into any system.The iCamera features an exceptional sensitivity based on high QE image intensifier - ultra-fast gating technology down to a few nanoseconds, which allows it to be coupled with a laser source to perform high fidelity active imaging.

  • X-Ray Components

    Photonis Technologies s.a.s.

    Photonis designed the Micro Pore Optics detector to be used in X-Ray imaging applications. Its perfectly square, flat channels are optimized to allow X-Ray and UV photons to be focused or collimated due to the total external reflection at a grazing angle (<2°). Micro Pore Optics are installed on a number of international space missions.

  • 8.1 MP UV Area Scan Camera

    GO-8105M-5GE-UV - JAI A/S

    The GO-8105M-5GE-UV is JAI’s highest resolution UV-sensitive area scan camera. The camera features a state-of-the-art Sony Pregius S sensor with backside illumination (BSI) technology, offering spectral sensitivity well into the UVC region. Quantum efficiency at 200 nm is above 25% and is between 40-50% for nearly all of the UVA and UVB range. A 5GBASE-T GigE Vision interface provides 8.1-megapixel monochrome images at up to 66 fps. The interface automatically adjusts to 2.5GBASE-T or 1000BASE-T speeds depending on the performance capabilities of the network.

  • Compact Deuterium, Tungsten Halogen or Glow Bar Light Source

    LSH Illuminator - HORIBA, Ltd.

    Compact lamp housing for a variety of types of light sources from the UV to the IR including deuterium, tungsten halogen and glow barApplications for compact arc lamp housings cover a broad range of scientific, OEM and research applications. Arc lamp illuminators are used for a broad range of applications almost as diverse as the wavelength range across which they emit.

  • UV Man Spectrometer

    HORIBA, Ltd.

    UV Raman (with laser wavelengths below 400nm) can be used to probe specific sample properties, and benefit from experiment properties different from typical visible Raman measurements – for example, greatly increased Raman scattering efficiency, modified laser penetration within the sample, and resonance coupling to different chemical moeities. However, UV analyses come with a number of technical challenges, that require considered instrument design to allow UV Raman to be a truly useful tool for the researcher.

  • UV Plasma Sources

    UVS300|UVS 10/35 - HORIBA, Ltd.

    The UVS300 and UVS 10/35 are UV Plasma sources with high intensity, working with different gases.

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