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  • PXI Map 32 Channel, 100MHz, 256MB

    MV-GX5292E - LXinstruments GmbH

    The Marvin Test GX5292E is a high-performance, low-cost 3U PXI dynamic digital I/O card with 32 TTL or LVDS input or output channels with dynamic direction control. The GX5292E supports deep pattern memory through 256MB of on-board vector memory with per-pin dynamic direction control and with test rates up to 100MHz. The single-board design supports both master and slave functionality without the use of additional modules.

  • Network Element Management System

    VCH-901 - VREMYA-CH JS Company

    The control system (CS) VCH-901 is designed to control and monitor network elements (NE) that act as sources of clock signals on a digital communication network. These SCs include primary reference oscillators (PEG) VCH-001, secondary master oscillators (VZG) VCH-002 (Time-H), SSU55400А (HP), SSU2000E (Simetricom), SSU5548В and SSU5548С (Oscilloquartz), local master oscillator ( MZG) M100 (LONIIS), synchronization signal distribution equipment ARSS (ALTO).

  • In-Situ Spectroscopic Ellipsometer for Real-Time Thin Film Monitoring

    UVISEL Plus In-Situ - HORIBA, Ltd.

    The UVISEL Plus in-situ spectroscopic ellipsometer can be easily mounted on process chambers (PECVD, MOCVD, sputter, evaporation, ALD, MBE) for the real-time control of thin film deposition or etch processes.The UVISEL Plus in-situ provides the unique combinations of very high speed, sensitivity, dynamic range and accuracy making the instrument able to control deposition / etch at the atomic layer thickness level, even for rapid processes.

  • PXI Map 32 Channel, 100MHz, 256MB

    MV-GX5292 - LXinstruments GmbH

    The Marvin Test GX5292 is a high-performance, low-cost 3U PXI dynamic digital I/O card with 32 TTL or LVDS input or output channels with dynamic direction control. The GX5292 supports deep pattern memory through 256MB of on-board vector memory with per-pin dynamic direction control and with test rates up to 100MHz. The single-board design supports both master and slave functionality without the use of additional modules.

  • Adaptive Inverse for Actuator Compensation Toolbox

    AIFAC - Barron Associates

    Actuator nonlinearities such as dead-zone, backlash, and hysteresis are ubiquitous in mechanical connections, hydraulic servo-valves, electric servomotors, piezoelectric, pneumatic and magnetic actuators, and even appear in biomedical systems. The Adaptive Inverse For Actuator Compensation (AIFAC) Toolbox for Simulnk allows control system engineers to design high-performance adaptive controllers to compensate for uncertain or undesirable actuator dynamics that would otherwise adversely affect closed-loop control system performance.

  • Drop Tester

    KD 688 A - King Design Industrial Co., Ltd.

    *PLC control, linear motor fast speed control the height setting.*Alarm warning before testing.*Light support structure decreases the test impact.*Support dropping very smooth with dual lubrication guide.*No second impact. *A data acquisition for the impact wave record (Option).*Non maintenance request for continue operation.*According to ISTA, ASTM .....etc international standard.*Equipped edge & corner holder.

  • Dew Point


    Dew point and moisture content plays a large role in the quality, shelf life, pricing, weight, and ability to process many products. COSA offers intuitive, easy-to-use moisture analyzers ideal for quality control, production and in-process control of many industries, such as pharmaceutical, chemical, plastics, and the food and beverage industries.  With user-friendly interface, our multi-functional dew point meters are fast and accurate with low maintenance.

  • 16-Channel (Output), 24 V, 2-, 3-Wire Digital Module for Remote I/O

    REM-11175 / 784745-01 - NI

    16-Channel (Output), 24 V, 2-, 3-Wire Digital Module for Remote I/O - The REM-11175 is a digital output module for remote I/O. Remote I/O systems are low-cost, modular systems for simple machine control and measurements. A remote I/O system consists of an EtherCAT bus coupler and … individual modules mounted on a DIN rail. You control the REM-11175 from a real-time controller, such as a CompactRIO Controller or an Industrial Controller. You can use remote I/O hardware to add low-cost I/O for simple tasks while your controller handles advanced tasks such as image processing, motion control, and high-speed or specialty measurements. The REM-11175 features 2- and 3-wire spring terminal connection methods and circuit and overload protection.

  • Advanced 8-Axis Servo & Stepper Motion Controller with Modular Design

    PCI-8158 - ADLINK Technology Inc.

    The PCI-8158 delivers high-frequency pulse rates of up to 6.55 MHz and features hardware-controlled emergency input stop, software security protection to avoid plagiarism, card index switch, and linear/circular run at the same time for that exceed the industry"s cost over performance requirements. Compatible with Mitsubishi, Panasonic and Yaskawa servos and steppers, the PCI-8158 allows complex moving patterns through multiple axes that move with linear and circular interpolations using continuous contouring. Applicable for various linear-wise and circular-wise trajectories, the PCI-8158 delivers the smoothest motion control for a wide-range of manufacturing applications. Besides, PCI-8158 design is modularized. ADLINK provides extension board for distributed I/O control, high-speed triggering and ECAM control.

  • Automatic Wire Test Set

    AWTS - Eclypse International

    The Automatic Wire Test Set (AWTS) is automated test equipment that aids wiring diagnostics of electrical and electronic devices. The Test Control Unit (TCU) uses resistance measurements, capacitance measurements, and AC/DC voltage measurements to perform continuity, insulation, and isolation tests. The AWTS Laptop CPU, hereafter referred to as CPU, controls the AWTS. The Eclypse Language Integrated Test Environment (ELITE) is application software that controls the TCU. The majority of the hardware for a test is contained in the TCU. The 128pin connector on the TCU front panel provides 128 energizable test points. Switch Modules (SM) can be connected in sequence or daisy chained to the TCU and provide an additional 1024 test points; 128 of those are energizable.

  • Bonnet EFS for Horizontal Wellhead Completions

    Teledyne Marine DGO

    ​This Electrical Feedthrough System design provides a high-reliability circuit for transmitting electrical signals from downhole gauges through the wellhead and Subsea Tree to the Subsea Control Module (SCM) for topside monitoring. The system incorporates Teledyne DGO's high integrity glass-seal technology in three critical pressure barriers for maximum long-term reliability. The feedthrough system creates a permanent connection to the Subsea Control Module when the tree is installed onto the wellhead. In addition, a permanent rig-based DHG cable termination is completed to connect the control line to the feedthrough system. The DHG connector is available with a variety of sealing packages, including fully testable, dual metal-to-metal sealing of all downhole tubing hanger interfaces.

  • Electronic Warfare MMI and HMI Simulators

    MS 1600 - Meltronics Systemtech

    The EW IFU (Electronic Warfare Interface Unit) interfaces between Cockpit electronics viz., RWR Display Unit (DU), New control Box (NCB), CMDS Control/Display units and Simulator Host Computer (HOST). The EW IFU transmits the status of the cockpit control units to the host, receives display data from the host and transfers the same to RWR DU, NCB and CMDS CCU/CDU. The display data for the RWR DU received from the host would comprise of the complete symbol data in respect of emitters that are to be displayed based on the data from the Instructor Station (IS) and control input from the cockpit. The display unit receives and presents the data as symbology on the display screen. The EW IFU based on the PC–AT.

  • Hydraulic Universal Testing Machines

    UH-X/FX Series - Shimadzu Corp.

    Environmentally and operator friendly state-of-the-art universal testing machine The operability and visibility of the computer-controlled hydraulic servo type universal testing machine (UH-X) and the high-performance universal testing machine (UH-FX), equipped with front opening type hydraulic grips, have been greatly improved by the adoption of a large color touch panel. Equipped with a semi autotuning function that automatically adjusts the control parameters, stress control and strain control (ISO 6892 compliant) can be easily carried out without the need for a preliminary test. The UH-Xh and UH-FXh models feature a new hybrid hydraulic oil source that reduces the required quantity of hydraulic oil, thereby achieving a major reduction in electrical power (about 50 %).

  • 256 Channel Digital Input / Interrupt Output Module

    DP-VXI-3099 - Data Patterns Pvt. Ltd.

    DP-VXI-3099 is a high density module that provides 256 channels of digital input/interrupt and/or output for large scale digital input monitoring and control.

  • 3U OpenVPX 6 Slot Profile BKP3-DIS06-15.2.7-3, PCIe Gen3, PCIe Gen 4-25G

    1OVX306AXK-1X11R - ELMA Electronic, Inc.

    Distributed mesh, no expansion plane| 2x control planes, Gbaud rate to 6.25, 3U, 6 Slots, PCIe Gen3, PCIe Gen 4-25G

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