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  • Bluehill LE for Basic Testing


    Bluehill® LE Software, built on the latest Bluehill 3 platform and replaces Bluehill Lite, meets the requirements of fundamental applications andstandardized test requirements for tension, compression, flexure, peel, and tear testing. Features, such as live control charts, automatic report generation, and TrendTracker™ database for data analysis, make it an ideal choice for Quality Control testing that demand productivity and ease of use.

  • CEAST VisualMELT Software


    VisualMELT Software is designed to control all the functions of the Modular Melt Flow Systems, from single-weight to multiple-weight tests. The software enables the user to manage all optional equipment, including the load cell, the automatic cutting device, and the motorized weight lifter. When working with a multi-weight tester, it is possible to set up and control single-weight or multi-weight tests, as well as define the order and number of weights to be applied.

  • Click Wrenches

    Mountz Inc.

    For good torque control at a great price, equip your shop with Mountz click wrenches. Strong, durable, and reliable, our click wrenches deliver the power you need to tighten any bolt. Your user will know when they've reached the sweet spot when they hear the audible click. This enhances process control and product quality by helping to prevent over- or under-torqued bolts.

  • Digital Quad-phase "DSP" Lock-In Amplifier -

    eLockIn203 - Anfatec Instruments AG

    The eLockIn203 can be used as spectrum analyser, as oscilloscope, as sinus generator or as measurement control system. It provides 8 A/D channels as external inputs and controls 8 D/A channels with 156 kHz update rate as external signal outputs. It can store 32 MByte data, provides modern network connection and USB connection. Moreover, it acts as web server and all data are available over the internet.

  • Electrical Circuit Protection - Breakers

    Eaton Corp. Electrical Group

    Eaton’s complete line up of low and medium voltage circuit breakers and fuses are used to provide circuit protection in alternative energy, commercial, industrial, mining, and military applications, where they protect against overloads and short circuits in conductors. These circuit breakers are applied in panelboards, switchboards, motor control centers, control panels, combination starters, individual enclosures, and bus duct plug-in units.

  • Ethernet DALI/DMX Controller

    eDIDIO - Control Freak

    The eDIDIO Series 10 is the latest DALI and DMX Lighting controller in the Control Freak Range.*Modular - Any combination of DALI or DMX outputs for 2 Lines (4 Pole Version)*Open Protocol - Ethernet TCP by Protocol Buffers*Multi-Line Control - Send commands over multiple connected lines*Easy to use - DIDIO Configurator V2 support*Spektra - Fully customisable colour controller

  • Flexometer

    EKT-2002GF - Ektron Tek Co., Ltd.

    By means of applying constant load and compression frequency to the test specimen, this instrument could help the user to understand the history of Heat Built-up and dynamic fatigue poeperties of rubber compounds. For example, while tests the tire compound, it could provide the information of rolling resistance. Pt100 temperature sensor, temperature controller in PID parameters control, and air circulator are adopted to ensure the stable temperature control.

  • Inspector / Traffic Data Manager

    Tattile S.r.l.

    Inspector is a scalable platform able to centralize the data acquired from different cameras distributed on the field. The system is scalable and extensible to perform average speed enforcement control, security applications, traffic statistics and access control. Inspector can analyze collected data according to configurable rules and undertake a number of actions based on the results: opening gates, sending emails, posting messages on variable message panels.

  • Light Testers

    Halls Instrumentation.

    Hall’s have designed and manufactured products for oil, industrial, farming, commercial, and transportation markets. Products such as truck and trailer light testers, bop savers, early engine warning systems, oil spinners, engine control panels, dashes for service rigs, drillers panels, and sandline controls. Halls have been involved with over the rebuilding from scratch of over twenty service rigs.

  • Load Bank

    Triton and Trident - Simplex Inc

    The Triton and Trident Load Banks are completely self-contained, freestanding units which include all resistive load elements, load control devices, load element branch circuit fuse protection, main load bus and terminals, cooling system, control power supply, unit controller and malfunction detection system and NEMA type enclosure. These Load Banks utilize the same cabinet design.

  • NI LabVIEW Base Development System for Windows


    NLabVIEW is system engineering software designed for applications that require test, measurement, and control with rapid access to hardware and data insights. The LabVIEW Base Development System is recommended to integrate NI hardware and third-party devices together to build automated desktop measurement applications with an intuitive graphical programming syntax.For applications that require advanced inline analysis or PID control, consider LabVIEW Full Development System.

  • Optical Workbench

    4500 - dBm Optics, Inc.

    The Model 4500 Optical Workbench offers a combination of measurement speed, accuracy and repeatability combined with a wide range of optical control options?all in one easy-to-use affordable package. Wide Range of Optical Capabilities Options include polarization control, switching, attenuation and photodiode measurement. High Speed The Model 4500 combines 100,000 rps with a powerful processor that can handle the measurement speed.

  • PCI Express x1 PMC Carrier

    TPCE261 - TEWS Technologies GmbH

    The TPCE261 is a standard height PCI Express Revision 2.0 compatible module that provides one slot for a single-width PMC module used to build modular, flexible and cost effective I/O solutions for all kinds of applications like process control, medical systems, telecommunication and traffic control. The TPCE261 is a versatile solution to upgrade well known PMC I/O solutions to the PCI Express signaling standard.

  • Phantom Vertex Metal Detector

    Fortress Technology Inc.

    Ultra-slim Phantom Vertex metal detectors are utilized in specialized packaging applications involving freefalling product. The compact Vertex fits where other metal detectors can’t – typically between a Multihead Weigher and a Vertical Form Fill Seal machine (Bagger). Phantom intelligence and controls are achieved via a convenient mountable remote control box. Upon detection of metal contamination, a reject relay is triggered.

  • PID Controller

    Liquid Instruments

    Liquid Instruments' new instrument features real-time frequency-domain conDesign your control system's frequency response using the interactive Bode plotBlock diagram view of the digital signal processing with built-in probe points for signal monitoring2 input channels, 2 output channels with control matrix for blending inputsIncludes single or double integrators and differentiators with low- and high-frequency gain saturationtrol system design capabilities.

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