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  • Netrounds Control Center


    The core component of Netrounds is a unifying cloud-based Control Center that provides a consolidated GUI for operations staff, as well as a cloud API for external OSS orchestrators, to remotely control Netrounds' four classes of traffic-generating active probes: vProbe, SW Probe, HW Probe and Agent Probe. The Control Center provides aggregated or detailed real-time result views and historic KPIs and SLA monitoring metrics.

  • Light Control Processors

    CueServer - Interactive Technologies, Inc.

    CueServer is a unique lighting control solution. At it's heart, it's an Ethernet-based lighting console with all of it's controls accessible via easy to use built-in web pages. Additionally, CueServer is a powerhouse of stand-alone architectural and show control features that can be mixed together to produce elaborate playback systems.CueServer is perfect for many lighting control applications, such as LED displays, architectural lighting, retail projects, museum attractions, theme parks, trade show exhibits, sign animation, churches, water fountains and much more. CueServer easily scales from the smallest single-fixture project to large-scale networked solutions.

  • Vibrator Control System

    FORCE-III - Seismic Source Co.

    The Force 3 Vibrator Control System is the newest generation of vibrator control system. It is designed to control individual vibes, or synchronize entire fleets of trucks. Using GPS, or VHF/UHF radio, for its time base the Force 3 both starts the Vibrator and controls its sweep with unparalleled precision and accuracy.The Force 3 is equipped with the latest ADC chips for better sweep resolution, increased computing power for faster response, GPS for precise source location, 8 Gbytes of internal memory for integrated VSS and PSS data storage, and integrated Wi-Fi for easy data offloading.

  • Inerting Control System

    Mini-ICS - Bacharach, Inc.

    The Mini-ICS (Inert Gas Control System) is a compact series analyzer designed for continuous real-time oxygen monitoring and concentration control of nitrogen or inert gas. When combined with a properly designed sample conditioning package, the Mini-ICS provides reliable measurement of oxygen levels over a wide range of conditions and automatically maintains oxygen levels within specified limits through precise control of the ­ow of inert gas into the process.

  • Motor Control Resistors

    Cressall Resistors Ltd

    Although these types of motor and control system are in many cases being supplanted by AC variable speed drives, it remains the case that many new installations make use of traditional resistor-based motor control on grounds of cost, simplicity and reliability. Our expertise in application engineering means that Cressall can offer you a complete range of dedicated resistors for starting, braking and speed control that meet European, international and bespoke specifications

  • Process Control Actuators

    SM-1700/SM-5000 - Rotork plc

    The SM-1700/5000 Series of rotary actuators are internally geared to produce up to 12,500 ft.lbs. (16,950 Nm) of torque, and offer continuous modulation. They are ideally suited for dampers, vanes, valves and other process control applications requiring exact positioning control.

  • DC Control Tools

    Mountz Inc.

    Assembly designs are getting more and more complex while production speeds continue to increase. To compete, lean manufacturers strive to complete more work with fewer tools. A single Mountz DC control tool can do the work of 2-15 regular tools, saving space and increasing production. Mountz DC control tools are easy to program and can remember up to 30 process sequences with 20 program steps. This gives you the flexibility you need to carry out varied and complicated manufacturing plans. A Swiss DC servo motor controls torque delivery with clockwork repeatability. Combined with built-in screw counters and error-proofing software, Mountz DC control tools offer supreme production results and product oversight. And by providing documented fastening results, Mountz DC control tools also make regulatory compliance easy.

  • Crawler Control Unit

    CCU186 - Teledyne ICM

    The CCU186 control unit for crawlers possesses a distinct advantage compared to existing products. In fact, all of the performances that are usually achieved with standard control units are now available in the crawler configura­tion. Automatic slow preheating, the progressive rise in voltage with each exposure, as well as a selection of set values are all included in the CCU186.As the CCU186 has been entirely fitted with industrial electronic components, it is perfectly suited to the often extreme conditions of automatic intra-tube control campaigns.

  • Distributed Motion Control

    ADLINK Technology Inc.

    ADLINK's Intelligent Remote Data Acquisition & Control Modules (NuDAM) are designed for data acquisition systems based on PCs and other processor based equipment with standard serial I/O ports (RS-232 or RS-485 with auto direction control).The modules convert input/output signals to engineering units and transmit/receive, in ASCII format, to/from any host computer with an RS-232 or RS-485 port. NuDAM modules are the key components in flexible and cost effective remote data acquisition and control systems.

  • Turbine Control Solutions

    NRG Systems, Inc.

    NRG’s turbine control sensors are engineered exclusively for the wind energy industry. These rugged yet simple devices consistently provide accurate wind speed and direction data. With a service interval of 10 years, you can rest assured that Hybrid turbine control sensors will perform as expected with minimal maintenance. Tens of thousands of NRG sensors are being used for turbine control around the world, including regions that experience the most extreme weather conditions in both hemispheres.

  • SCTE Control & Monitoring

    DNF Controls

    Helps you solve equipment interface, control and monitoring problems, quickly and easily

  • Farming Process Control

    Hanna Instruments, Inc.

    Integrate automatic testing and control of a number of parameters directly into your farming operation.

  • Torque Control System

    SD-Series - Mountz Inc.

    The unit is a versatile torque and automation control system engineered for precision accuracy and repeatable torque control. The unit delivers cost savings and quality benefit through useful features such as digital adjustable torque setting, variable torque and speed control, multiple I/O options for integration with PLC and other line control techniques. A Windows based software package that can customize each fastening applications is included with the product. The tool features built-in error proofing data and screw counter. Multiple fastening strategies can be implemented for sensitive or of difficult assembly joints. The tool increases productivity as one tool can be programmed to do the job of multiple conventional tools, saving time, maintenance cost, space and training.

  • Linear Actuator Controls

    AC-063 - Thomson

    Thomson offers the AC-063 control for use with its Electrak PPA, Electrak 10, and DMD actuators. Rugged and robust in design while operating under the hardest of conditions with a tough plastic enclosure. Variations include AC or DC inputs, with or without limit switch inputs, and with or without control pendants.

  • Digital Control VGAs

    Analog Devices Inc.

    Analog Devices digital controlled variable gain amplifiers provide discrete levels of gain control over a fixed number of control bits for a variety of audio and optical frequency bands. Our VGAs improve the dynamic range of a circuit by allowing users to adjust the amplitude of a signal in real time, which is critical for a number of applications involving ultrasound, speech analysis, radar, wireless communications, and instrumentation. We also offer a portfolio of voltage controlled VGAs to provide you with continuous gain control over a wide dynamic range.

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