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  • Viscometers

    PCE Instruments

    A viscometer, viscosity meter or rheometer is a measuring instrument used to determine a fluid's internal flow resistance or viscosity. The term viscosity typically refers to shear viscosity, i.e., how a material reacts to being sheared. Rotational viscometers with rotating spindles or rotors, also known as "cup and bob" or Searle viscometers, are the most common tools used to measure the shear viscosity of fluids. However, a fluid's viscosity also may be measured on the basis of stretching. The technical term to refer to this is extensional viscosity.A viscometer is frequently used in laboratories, but it also has practical applications in factories and other industrial environments. A viscometer can be an important component in process and quality control. Companies can save money by placing a viscometer in a production line and making fluid viscosity measurements in real time.PCE Instruments offers a variety of handheld, portable, benchtop and in-process, real-time viscometer products that measure the absolute / dynamic (shear) and kinematic viscosity of fluids. Handheld or portable viscosity meter devices allow users to take simple, single-point measurements in the field and in the lab. Benchtop or stationary viscometer devices are complex rheological measuring systems that allow for a more detailed examination of liquid samples.

  • VIS-SWIR (InGaAs) HD Format Camera

    OWL 1280 - Raptor Photonics

    Using a 1280 x 1024 InGaAs sensor from SCD, the OWL 1280 offers visible extension from 0.4µm to 1.7µm to enable high sensitivity imaging. The 10µm x 10µm pixel pitch enables the highest resolution imaging. The camera will also offer 2 x 2 binning to become 640×512, 20µm pitch for ultimate low light vision and high speed applications. It will offer less than 35 electrons readout noise combined with one of the lowest dark current readings on the market. The camera will offer ultra-high intrascene dynamic range of 70dB enabling simultaneous capture of bright & dark portions of a scene. Available with a 14 bit CameraLink output, the OWL 1280 will run from 10 up to 60Hz. The camera will feature On-board Automated Gain Control (AGC) which will enable the best contrast image from low light to bright as well as an on-board intelligent 3 point Non Uniform Correction (NUC) algorithm providing the highest quality images. As with all Raptor cameras the OWL 1280 is ultra compact, rugged and low power (< 3W). The camera is stabilised with no fan.

  • Full Bridge Thin Beam Force Sensors

    TBS SERIES - Transducer Techniques, Inc

    The TBS Series thin beam force sensors many different parameters found in medical instrumentation, home appliances, process control, robotics, and automotive are exceptionally suited for small load measurements. They are designed to measure and many other high volume applications. A specially developed integrated strain gage includes all balancing, compensating and conductive elements and is laminated to the beam to provide excellent stability and reliability.

  • Quantum

    ICE BLOC DCS - M Squared Lasers

    Ice Bloc DCS is a highly versatile sequencing system with multiple high-speed digital I/O, analogue outputs and a four-channel digital synthesiser. The DCS sports both single-shot, burst and infinite loop sequence capability. Designed to handle the demands of experimental control required for cold atom experiments, its compact form factor with customisable software interface allows easy integration with your experiments .

  • Siloxane Analyzer

    VA-5000 (Siloxane) - HORIBA, Ltd.

    VA-5000 Series Siloxane Analyzer continuously measures siloxane concentration in gases with high sensitivity. It is tunable according to the type of cyclic siloxane to be measured. It is also available to measure carbon dioxide and methane at the same time as siloxane. The system can be used for siloxane durability testing of contact parts such as relays and motors, impurity monitoring and fuel quality control in biogas power generation facilities, and many other needs.

  • Test Automation System for Durability Testing


    STARS MATS is a Mileage Accumulation Test System application available with the STARS Automation platform for chassis dynamometer. The application provides test execution, equipment control, refueling, and vehicle state monitoring to perform long endurance test without the necessity of continuous staff presence. Its flexible design offers a wide range a customization, and it addresses the different testing requirements from manual to fully-automated operation.

  • Motor Exhaust Gas Analyzer


    MEXA-ONE offers an intuitive user interface with a highly efficient hardware and software design.This results in increased testing efficiency and economical facility operation, while enhancing reliability and accuracy. These advancements are possible because the MEXA-ONE software employs new "HORIBA ONE PLATFORM". This platform integrates the test devices in an emission cell into a single user interface, increasing efficiency and optimizing user control over the entire testing process.

  • Flammability Test System

    COMP0804CAP - EMC Partner AG

    Active flammability test system according to IEC 60384-14 Ed4. For testing X & Ycapacitors up to 1uF. The test system includes control of the nominal AC supply via an integrated variac up to 1800V. Impulse amplitudes are programmable up to 8kV which covers all requirements. X1 capacitors are stressed up to 4kV, X2 and Y4 capacitors up to 2.5kV and Y2 capacitors up to 5kV.

  • Cable Tracer and Digital Multimeter

    186 CB - Standard Electric Works Co., Ltd

    Cable Tracer● Trace wires or cables.● Volume control.● Tip & Ring identification.● 2 bi-colored LEDs ( Line 1 & Line 2).● Tone speed selection : Fast & Slow.● A phone jack is designed for headset or handset. (Amplifier probe)Digital Multimeter● 4000 counts.● ACV, DCV.● Ohm, Diode, & Continuity testing.● Auto-range.● Data hold.● Low battery indication.● Select function.● Auto-off.

  • Power Supply Test System

    Intepro Systems

    The Procyon PTS 2100-10 is a configurable turnkey Power Test System, delivering automated test equipment (ATE) to some of the world’s largest-volume manufacturers as well as the affordability needed by niche market producers. Aerospace, defense, and avionics power supply ATE test systems applications include functional testing of AC and DC power supplies, generator, and engine control units, as well as a wide range of associated electronics.

  • Test Automation System for Emission Testing


    STARS VETS is a Vehicle Emission Test System application available with the STARS Automation platform for chassis, engine and powertrain dynamometers. The application provides test cycle execution, emissions equipment control, results calculation and reporting in compliance with the different legislative standards throughout the global regions. Its flexible design offers a wide range a customization, and it addresses the various requirements for R&D, COP and certification testing.

  • Current Source-Sink D/A Converters

    Analog Devices Inc.

    Analog Devices’ current source D/A converters (DACs) portfolio is ideal for photonics control applications where low current noise density, low dropout voltage, and high power efficiency, in addition to high channel density, is critical to system performance. The flexibility of the configurable current source D/A converter outputs, and 300 mA current delivery, make them suitable for resistive heaters and proportional solenoid drive.

  • Quad 8 – 12 Gb/s PRBS Generator and Checker, BER Calculator

    pP40A4 - pocketBERT

    The pB40A4 is a fully integrated quad 8 – 12 Gb/s PRBS generator and checker and BER calculator unit. The unit recovers all 10G compliant data streams. The pB40A is controlled through an USB link to a PC. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) configures and controls each of the four individual data lanes to match the application specific setup for your electrical or optical links or components under test.

  • Parallel Interface Voltage Output D/A Converters

    Analog Devices Inc.

    Analog Devices offers a large portfolio of parallel interface voltage output D/A converters (DACs). We provide precision, fast settling, rail-to-rail micropower VOUT D/A converters, with resolutions of 8 bits up to 16 bits, single-channel to 40-channel density, and a unipolar or bipolar supply. These devices are used in a wide variety of applications such as process control, automotive test equipment, or digital gain and offset adjustment.

  • 20 GHz Signal Source

    VCO Series - SignalCore, Inc.

    The SC5510A and SC5511A are VCO-based, synthesized signal sources with very low phase noise and an amplitude control of 0.01 dB throughout its -30 dBm to +15 dBm output power range. By utilizing a unique multiple phase-locked loop architecture, phase spurs are kept below -70 dBc across the entire tuning range, even at 1 Hz step resolution. Download the data sheet to see how the impressive features and specifications of these modules make them stand out when compared to other small modular synthesizers. These 20 GHz signal sources include an additional, independent RF2 channel with a tunable frequency range from 100 MHz to 3 GHz and a tuning resolution of 25 MHz. The extra channel makes the modules suitable for either single-stage RF conversion systems or dual-stage image suppression up/down converter systems. Both modules make great general-purpose laboratory signal sources where demanding low phase noise and signal purity are required. They are both ideal choices as an integrated clock source for fast DAC and ADC applications, especially those that require variable sampling rates. Full implementation instructions, GUI, driver software, and example code are provided with each module.

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