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  • PowerSync Programmable Load

    PSL-3000 - Sifos Technologies, Inc.

    The PSL-3000 is Sifos’ lowest cost-per-port solution for PSE loading and testing. The PSL-3000 includes both the PSA Interactive and PowerShell PSA software environments and, like the PSA-3000, is fully certified to industry safety and emmissions standards. Key features include:• Connect up to 24 802.3at and/or 802.3bt PSE Ports• Supports PSE Multi-Port Suite• Supports PoE LLDP Emulation / Analysis• Continuous 2-Pair Loading > 47 Watts Per PSE Port• Continuous 4-Pair Loading > 99 Watts Per PSE Port• Flexible 802.3at / 802.3bt PD Emulations• PSA Interactive (GUI) and PowerShell PSA (script automation) Software• DC Voltage, Current, and Power Metering on 2-Pair and 4-Pair PSE’s• Supports PSE Packet Transmission Testing with PoE Loads• Smart Fan Control – Runs Cool and Quiet• Fully Certified Commercial Test Instrument, Extensively Documented

  • Programmable DC Power Supply

    62000L Series - Chroma ATE Inc.

    The Chroma 62000L Series Programmable DC power supplies have low noise linear performance and fast transient response. The units have many unique functions that are targeted for overall automated test system integration, automotive power electronics MCU/ECU, power semiconductors, wireless communications, etc. The 62000L Series is a high quality yet cost effective programmable DC Source, designed to meet the stringent requirements of the next generation of power electronics. The GPIB and USB control interfaces come standard with the 62000L Series, no additional purchase required. The 62000L Series can be easily remote controlled via either of these two interfaces. The 62000L weighs less than 2.5 kg, and its case measures 214.6W * 88.6H * 280D mm. Its light weight and compact size makes it easy to handle and stack safely.。

  • Reconfigurable Filter Bank

    BSC Filters

    BSC have independently developed a fully reconfigurable adaptive filter solution, designed for fast & seamless switching into any of 256 filter states across the 2-18 GHz range.  Ideally suited to EW front-end preselection or protection, any combination of bandpass and bandstop states can be selected INTRODUCTION.  Each 2 GHz channel can be switched in (bandpass) and out (bandstop) of the signal path with a switching time of less than 100 ns. DC power and 8-bit TTL control is supplied through a standard 15-pin MDM connector. In the crowded spectrum of the future, front-end flexibility is of increasing importance. Not limited to 2-18 GHz or equal channel widths, the same core architecture may be used in more specific bands, for example at VHF/UHF frequencies. This makes the system equally as suited to EW as it is to Mil Comms applications, where sampling sensitivity or frequency-agile protocols respectively are key to system function.

  • Safety Compliance Test System

    EN 60601 - LXinstruments GmbH

    Test system for electrical safety compliance testing of medical products in accordance with EN 60601-1, 3rd edition.The system is equipped with three test fixtures which are connected in parallel order to reduce the number of setup tasks for different variants in the course of day-to-day manufacturing processes. Its purpose is to test medical products, e. g. patient monitors, which are employed at hospitals to monitor heartbeat and oxygen saturation.Based on the integrated electrical safety tester by Associated Research, in combination with an AC power source and a switching matrix, it is possible to fully automate tests like for instance AC/DC high-voltage tests, insulation resistance measurements, earth connection tests and leakage current measurements.The required occupational safety is provided by a high-voltage safety hood in accordance with EN 501191. The entire safety technology, as well as the control PC, is mounted in an aluminum-profile cart.

  • Single Fiber Fusion Splicer

    TFS-300 - TSH (Guangzhou) Technology Development Co., LTD

    Color LCD monitor & 256 magnification --Compact & Light weight --Reversible monitor with control panel on each side --Max, wind velocity of 15m/s --8 sec. Splice time, 40sec. Tube-heat time --Simultaneous X and Y views --Large capacity internal battery --SYSTEM TEST ensures the best working condition --User programmable --Auto check fiber end face --Auto calibrate parameters --Store 8000 groups of splice results --Multiple language options Applicable fibers--SM,MM,DS,NZ-DS,EDF Cladding diameter--100 to 150um Coating diameter---100 to 1000um Fiber cleaved length--8~22mm (standard) Splicing mode---Auto & Manual Average splice loss---0.02dB(SM),0.01dB(MM),0.04dB(DS),0.04dB(NZDS) Return loss--≥ 60dB Environment conditions:-25~+50℃

  • Single Mode Low Loss All Optical Switch From 8x8 To 192x192 Ports

    SERIES 6000 - Polatis, Inc.

    The Polatis Series 6000 Network Optical Switch is a high-performance, fully non-blocking all-optical matrix switch available in sizes from 8x8 up to 192x192. It is designed to meet the highest performance and reliability needs of the most demanding applications with exceptionally low optical loss, compact size, low power requirements and fast switching speeds. With support of Software-Defined Networks (SDNs) via an embedded NETCONF and RESTCONF control interfaces, the Series 6000 enables extremely low latency for time-critical traffic required for new virtual cloud services in hybrid packet-optical data centers. The Series 6000 is based on Polatis’ patented DirectLight® optical switching technology that has been proven in the most challenging data center, telecom and defense applications and is also used by major network equipment manufacturers to automate testing of optical components and subsystems.

  • Solution for High Density I/O Applications

    BitBox - BitFlow, Inc.

    The BitBox is BitFlow''s new solution for high density I/O applications. Many machine makers require a large number of computer managed I/O signals for continuous control of the system state. This means controlling devices such strobes, solenoids, actuators, indicators etc. as well as gathering inputs from photo-detectors, switches, encoders and triggers. In general, BitFlow frame grabbers come with a fairly large number of inputs and outputs, but for some system this is simply not enough. Most customers end up purchasing another device to manage the I/O, which adds expense, requires another slot, another driver and SDK, another manual, etc. The BitBox has been designed for just this situation. It is controlled completely from the frame grabber, uses the same API, driver and manuals as the frame grabber. This saves time, money, space, and learning curve.

  • SpaceWire PCI Mk2

    123 - STAR-Dundee

    The SpaceWire PCI Mk2 is a 3 SpaceWire port interface device, which can also act as a router, that succeeds the successful SpaceWire PCI-2 card. New features include the introduction of a packet generator in the hardware. This allows the card to generate SpaceWire packets at high speeds without using the host PC’s resources. Similarly, a new packet checker has also been added to the hardware design. The high performance driver boasts a full API which allows the user to control all functions of the card, supporting C and C++. Both the API and board design are common across several other STAR-Dundee devices. This makes it easy and quick to migrate user application software across different platforms. The board also supports field upgrades, such that any future revisions or a requested customisation can be downloaded from the STAR-Dundee website and installed.

  • Test And Measurement

    Spectris plc

    Test and Measurement supplies test, measurement, and analysis equipment and software for product design optimisation, manufacturing control, and environmental monitoring systems. Markets are principally the aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics and oil and gas industries. For customers in the automotive and aerospace industries, our products and applications help them to design and test new products whilst reducing time to market. In consumer electronics, our equipment and software enable customers to refine the performance and accuracy of their products and to test them in the production process. In the environmental monitoring market, the desire for higher standards of community comfort is creating additional demand. In the oil and gas industries, our products and solutions optimise the recovery rates of oil and gas reservoirs and support the development of cost-efficient extraction processes in a safe manner that minimises the impact on the local environment. The operating companies in this segment are Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration, ESG Solutions, HBM and Millbrook.

  • Thermal Imaging Camera

    IRT301 - Wuhan JOHO Technology Co., Ltd

    IRT301 Thermal Imaging CameraIRT301, a fixed-site thermal security camera lets you aware of intruders and other threats to your facility clearly in total darkness, smoke, mist and other harsh situation. It is compatible with a wide variety of third-party accessories, permit them easy to integrate. It enable to control and operation over digital and analog networks. With 384x288 pixel detector, it delivers high quality thermal image in any harsh environmental conditions, IRT301 is ideal for both indoor and outdoor surveillance, applications covered from industrial monitoring to city or boundary security monitoring. ApplicationBorder security and surveillanceRoad, channel, warehouse monitoringBuilding and industrial safety monitoringKey FeaturesRugged, waterproof and dustproof designHigh resolution, high frame rateAdvanced image processing technologyStandard interfaceVarious lenses and pan-tilt optionsTechnical specificationDetectorDetector MaterialUFPA microbolometer, AsiResolution384x288, 25mSpectral range8m~14mNETD80mK@30LensFocus

  • Tome & Probe Kit

    Daerim Electronics Co.

    Without direct metallic contact, this kit can quickly and accurately trace and identify the specific wires within a bundle, at a cross-connect point or remote end. It works with all types of wire and cable, including twisted pair, multiconductor cable, de-energized AC wire, speaker wire, coaxial, security & alarm cable and LAN cable. TRACER-A(DR-77A) is a tone generator, which applies its tone signal to a wire pair that the user want to identify at the far end or within a bundle. For the easy access to wires, it has test lead wires with ABN clips and modular plug(RJ-11). Belt clip is convenient for the easy carry. Independently it can work to test polarity and continuity. TRACER-B(DR-77B) identifies the specific pair through the bell sound and LED light. Its recessed on/off control button prevents the accidental push. TRACER-A & B can be purchased separately.

  • Total Sulfur Process Analyzer

    NEX XT - Applied Rigaku Technologies, Inc

    Featuring third-generation X-ray transmission technology, the NEX XT represents the next evolution of process gauge for sulfur measurement (0.02% to 6% S) of crude, bunker fuel, fuel oils, and other highly viscous hydrocarbons, including residuums.The Rigaku NEX XT system is faster, more sensitive and far more compact than competitive systems, and provides continuous, reliable detection of sulfur at pressures up to 1480 psig. Rigaku NEX XT can operate as a stand-alone analyzer or provide real-time closed-loop control when tied into a blending or plant-wide automation system. Among its other key features are a simplified user interface, reduced standards requirement, automatic density compensation, password protection, and standard platform for communicating sulfur and density to a plant-wide DCS. Due to its unique design and robust construction, sample conditioning and recovery systems are typically not required.

  • Trace-Level Photometric Ozone Calibrator

    Model T703U - Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation

    The Model T703U is a microprocessor controlled ozone calibrator for precision gas analyzers. Expanded ozone audit levels have created a need for precise ozone calibration well below the capabilities of standard calibrators. The Model T703U is designed to meet the requirements of ultra-low ozone production.In addition to a high range with similar performance to the Model T703, the Model T703U has the capability to generate ozone in a low range, or "fractional" mode, for producing ozone levels down to 3 ppb, with exceptional accuracy. Flow rate and lamp intensity are adjusted to deliver a specified ozone concentration by volume. The temperature and pressure compensated photometer, identical to that of the Model T400 ozone analyzer, provides feedback control of the UV lamp intensity, assuring stable ozone output. A nearly unlimited number of calibration sequences may be programmed into the non-volatile memory of the T703U, covering time periods up to a year.

  • Tribometers/Abrasion Testers

    AEP Technology

    AEP Technology offers several ASTM, ISO DIN compliant friction and wear tester models optimized for various applications. The modular design allows it to run on one platform (rotary, linear reciprocating, linear, block-to-ring, etc.), and to ensure high repeatability, during the testing process our downward force friction and wear testing machine controls several standard tests. High-end electronics, multi-core 64-bit processor that allows it to use multiple in-situ sensing technologies (recording friction, wear, displacement, force, volume, temperature, humidity, position, speed, etc., during testing) with high resolution Embedded powerful platform imaging head (sections of atomic force microscopes, etc.). Ease of use and robust unique design make AEP Technology a powerful tool in friction and wear testing machine development and production environments.

  • Turnkey Solution for Unattended Noise Monitoring

    NoiseScout - NTi Audio AG

    NoiseScout provides a comprehensive but easy-to-use 24/7 noise monitoring solution. Noise levels are recorded on-site by the XL2 Sound Level Meter and are available online for monitoring and download. NoiseScout is aimed at both short term noise assessments and long term monitoring applications. During acquisition, automated email alerts allow noise issues to be addressed before a non-compliance condition arises. NoiseScout displays the noise levels measured by the XL2 Sound Level Meter live in your web browser. The measurement data recorded out in the field is presented online in charts and dashboards. Multiple noise level meters can be monitored simultaneously within the map view, thus providing localized geographic visualization for all noise levels at a glance. Identified users can access all their projects, control their monitors or create basic view modes, allowing stakeholders to oversee their noise level data.

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