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  • High Power, Low PIM Switch Unit

    LPSU series - AWT Global

    LPSU series high power, low PIM switch units combine 65 low PIM ports or 14 low PIM ports. These switch matrices are designed in testing situations that require multi-band PIM sources, components or antennas. Combinations of multi-band PIMtesting are now easily possible, improving workflow significantly. LPSUs can be integrated in existing production control systems. Frequency range 698-2700 MHz.

  • Quantum

    ICE BLOC DCS - M Squared Lasers

    Ice Bloc DCS is a highly versatile sequencing system with multiple high-speed digital I/O, analogue outputs and a four-channel digital synthesiser. The DCS sports both single-shot, burst and infinite loop sequence capability. Designed to handle the demands of experimental control required for cold atom experiments, its compact form factor with customisable software interface allows easy integration with your experiments .

  • Siloxane Analyzer

    VA-5000 (Siloxane) - HORIBA, Ltd.

    VA-5000 Series Siloxane Analyzer continuously measures siloxane concentration in gases with high sensitivity. It is tunable according to the type of cyclic siloxane to be measured. It is also available to measure carbon dioxide and methane at the same time as siloxane. The system can be used for siloxane durability testing of contact parts such as relays and motors, impurity monitoring and fuel quality control in biogas power generation facilities, and many other needs.

  • iSocketTM - High Power DUT - HTOL System

    8000 Series - Reltech Limited

    iSocketTM Technology Open Rack-Room Temperature (RTBI) non chamber design High Power DUT Capability – 0-65W Individual DUT Temperature Measurement & Control DUT Monitoring with Auto shut down 28 BIB capacity – 14 trays 2 BIB’s per tray Multi DUT type HTOL Testing Remote System & HTOL Monitoring – Customer access via VPN

  • Solar Spectrum Test Chambers

    ACMAS Technocracy Pvt. Ltd.

    Thermoregulation system Solar simulation chamber made of a metallic frame and insulation cover panels The test chamber can be easily opened with one hand The height of the sample carrier can also be varied to ensure optimal irradiation of the various samples Corrosion resistant Stainless steel construction Air-cooled refrigeration unit Micro-processor monitoring and control unit Aerosol-free humidification and dehumidification Psychrometric humidity measuring system

  • Motorcycle and ATV Dynamometers

    DYNOmite Dynamometer

    Wide medium inertia roll assembly with our machined-in "traction grooves," quick-adjust wheelbase front mount, dual roll-on ramps, tie downs, casters, roller guards, eddy-current absorber (with a step-up drive), full-bridge torque arm transducer, electronic auto-load control, DYNOmite data-acquisition computer, DYNO-MAX software, inductive RPM pickup, AC power supply, and data wiring harness.

  • UV Aging System

    King Design Industrial Co., Ltd.

    *Comply with IEC 61215, IEC 61646 UV Preconditioning Test Specification *Radiation intensity is linear adjustable; the intensity deviation is guaranteed within ±15% on the testing surface *Test cabinet is equipped with timer controller in a time range of 0~9999 hr, as well as time accumulating and power-shutdown data-saving ability * Using the standard PT-100 membrane thermo-transmitter to accurately control temperature in testing process

  • Transducers

    Daytronic Corporation

    high-stability long- and short-stroke LVDT's for fast, reliable measurement of linear displacement in gaging, automatic inspection, and process control applicationsplus strain gage load cells for weight, torque, tension, and other mechanical forces; strain gage pressure transducers for gage, absolute, and differential pressure; a piezoelectric accelerometer for use in vibration testing; and a magnetic pickup for measuring the frequency of mechanical rotary motion.

  • TD Series High Voltage DC Test Set

    TD2000A - Ponovo Power Co., Ltd.

    TD series testing equipment is a High Voltage DC Test Set consisting of control unit and DC high current output unit. And the TD series HVDC primary injection system includes 3 types, which could output 2000Adc/4000Adc/ 8000Adc and 0.1% high accuracy, suitable to be used for different HVDC testing requirements, such as in HVDC Converting station, or railway transportation line, etc.

  • Non-Contact Magnet Detector with Built-In Flashlight

    Extech MD10 - Extech Instruments Corporation

    The MD10 is a non-contact magnet detector with built in flashlight. A Blue LED lights up indicating the presence of a magnetic field including AC, DC and permanent magnets without contact. Applications include, testing audio speakers, Troubleshoot solenoid valves in pneumatic and hydraulic control equipment, testing relays with coils and electrically controlled solenoid valves in vehicles and machinery. Complete with two AAA batteries.

  • Test Automation System for Durability Testing


    STARS MATS is a Mileage Accumulation Test System application available with the STARS Automation platform for chassis dynamometer. The application provides test execution, equipment control, refueling, and vehicle state monitoring to perform long endurance test without the necessity of continuous staff presence. Its flexible design offers a wide range a customization, and it addresses the different testing requirements from manual to fully-automated operation.

  • Mobile Testing Center

    MTC-1500 - Taylor Dynamometer, Inc.

    The Mobile Testing Center (MTC) is a preassembled, above ground, mobile, testing solution designed for outdoortesting applications. An affordable option to permanent Test Cells, the MTC is comprised of 2 ISO containers.Container 1 includes a Test Cell and heated and air-conditioned Control Room. Container 2 is optional and includesfacility support equipment: Bulk Fuel Storage, Pneumatic System, Water Recirculation System (WRS), etc.

  • Universal Testing Machine (UTM)

    Keysight Technologies

    The Keysight universal testing machine (UTM) offers researchers a superior means of nanomechanical characterization. The state-of-the-art UTM T150 employs a nanomechanical actuating transducer to deliver high sensitivity over a large strain. Dynamic characterization captures evolution of mechanical properties such as strain, tensile strength and yield stress. And, outstanding software offers real-time experimental control and easy test protocol applications.

  • Home Automation

    Planet Technology Corp.

    PLANET’s Home Automation product lines include home automation control gateway, IP intercoms and Z-Wave devices. Compliant with international standard protocols including Z-Wave Plus, Power over Ethernet, SIP 2.0 for Voice over IP and H.264 video codec for IP surveillance standards, PLANET’s home automation products create a safe and energy-efficient environment for modern homes and SMBs.

  • PXI BRIC8 FIBO Matrix Dual 93x4 2pin brkout

    40-592A-113 - Pickering Interfaces Ltd.

    The 40-592A FIBO (Fault Insertion Break-Out) Matrix Module is a large-scale high density switching matrix based on the Pickering BRIC format. The fault insertion BRICs are designed for applications requiring the simulation of a variety of faults in complex, high pin count, applications involving sensors and control units. Typical faults that can be simulated are open-circuits, short circuits to ground or battery, or short-circuits between input/output lines.

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