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  • Bi-Directional Differential-TTL I/O PXI Card

    GX5642 - Terotest Systems Ltd.

    The GX5642 is a 3U PXI instrument card that can be used for general data acquisition, process control, Automatic Test Equipment (ATE), Functional Test, and factory automation applications. The GX5642 consists of 64 bi-directional TTL-to-differential LVDS I/O channels. Each channel has two ports (TTL and LVDS) and can be individually set to operate in either conversion or static I/O modes.

  • Hardware-in-the-Loop Test Systems

    HIL - Genuen

    Our early development efforts and NI VeriStand expertise uniquely qualify us to maximize the benefits of and provide top-notch integration services for this software platform. Wineman Technology offers powerful and flexible MIL and HIL testing solutions, such as: Full range of MIL and HIL test systems. Software for testing. Software for simulating electronic control modules. Fault insertion unit (FIU)..

  • Multiple-Bus Architecture Cable/Harness Test System

    CKT1175-MBA - CK Technologies, Inc.

    The CKT1175-MBA (for multiple-bus architecture) will provide seamless testing of electronic racks, panels and chassis containing passive and active components such as relays, solenoids, switches, circuit breakers, lamps and LED's, diodes, resistors, capacitors, etc. This functionality is made possible by a switching matrix that is up to 10 levels deep, plus a multiplexer that controls the various stimuli sources, instrumentation connections, and external energization outputs.

  • Radar Signal Output Card

    HPx-300 - Cambridge Pixel Ltd.

    The HPx-300 Radar Signal Output card generates representative radar signals for system testing, simulation, training or radar video streaming. Under software control, the card generates radar video, trigger and azimuth signals similar to those generated by real radars. This permits radar display or processing systems to be tested and qualified using laboratory-based equipment before installation with the radar.

  • Vibration Monitoring

    M+P International

    Vibration tests must be safe and reliable and this is especially true for high value specimens in critical aerospace testing applications. Here, m+p Coda offers maximum safety: The monitoring system captures and records data such as acceleration, temperature and strain continuously during vibration tests - irrespective of the vibration control system in use. Each channel can be configured separately for total flexibility.

  • Test Board For SFP+ / SFP28 Transceiver

    ESFP280 - Optellent, Inc.

    The OPTELLENT ESFP280 is a cost-effective and convenient test board for testing SFP/SFP+/SFP28 optical transceivers in R&D and manufacturing environments. The ESFP280 is equipped with high quality RF connectors for data signals and test points for low frequency control and status signals. The ESFP280 is equipped with power supplies to enable voltage margining. Key status signals are displayed using LED indicators.

  • Protection Testing

    Doble Engineering

    Doble offers a comprehensive line of diagnostic equipment and software solutions for the verification of system protection. Our solutions allow you to challenge any protection and control circuit and simulate system condition. Our software is flexible and our equipment is modular allowing you to customize your testing program, adhere to your company's practices and procedures, while meeting regulatory requirements.

  • Test Automation System for Heavy-Duty Engine Emission Testing


    STARS HDEET is a Heavy-Duty Engine Emission Test application available as an optional extension to STARS Automation. It provides efficient test cycle execution, emissions equipment control, results calculation and reporting, in compliance with the different legislative standards. Its flexible design offers a wide range of customization while addressing the various requirements for research and development, conformity of production, and certification testing.

  • Amplified Spontaneous Emissions (ASE) Sources

    Apex Technologies

    The AP505xA series, high power ASE sources provide stable output power up to + 23dBm and broad flat spectrum over C+L band or T band. They enable effective and efficient measurements for component characterization or optical sensing. Finally, these products are proposed in friendly-user stand alone benchtop instrument with touch sensitive screen, GPIB, ethernet, RS-232 or USB controls.

  • Magcam MiniCube3D

    MagCam NV

    The fully digital and compact measurement system connects to a computer via a single USB cable, making the measurement data directly digitally available. The Magcam maps are analyzed in real time by the MagScope measurement & analysis software and its optional add-on software modules, which provide powerful measurement and analysis capabilities for a complete quality control and characterization of permanent magnets and magnet assemblies.

  • Automatic Test Equipment \ Avionics

    TS-1650 - Testek Solutions

    Testek’s NextGen TS-1650, LRM & CATE series provides economical and high speed, certified correct testing of a wide range of aircraft avionics and control components. The Testek ATE family are universal, automatic test systems, one of which is best for your application. UTC Aerospace formerly known as Hamilton Sundstrand approves and recommends Testek’s TS-1650, LRM & CATE series.

  • MHLS - Matesy Hall Line Sensor | Magnet measurement system

    MHLS - Matesy GmbH

    Thanks to its compact and robust design, MHLS can be used extremely flexibly. Especially in the course of the energy and mobility transition, the development of ever more efficient electric motors, in areas such as automobile construction or wind energy, plays an ever-increasing role, where maximum accuracy and quality of the magnetic components used are important.This is exactly where the MHLS sensor comes in and shows its strengths through flexibility, speed and precision. Across all branches of industry, inline testing and development systems for quality control can now be equipped with the MHLS to ensure the best possible real-time control of magnetic components during the production process.Thanks to data transmission via an industrial bus, integration into existing systems is very easy. The MHLS is available in 4 sizes in stages 80, 160, 240, 320 and with a standard measuring range of ± 800mT. If required, the sensors can be configured for measuring ranges from ± 100mT up to ± 2T and thus cover almost all conceivable here.

  • Battery Cell Formation System

    17000 series - Chroma ATE Inc.

    Chroma 17000 series is specifically designed for the formation of Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer secondary batteries. The 17000 series is a complete turn-key system, including carrier trays, robust battery probe contacts, high quality charge/discharge modules and intuitive software all under computer control. Patented Battery Voltage Tracking (BVT) DC-DC conversion power modules minimize power consumption in battery charging, and Energy Recycle Modules (ERM) recycle the discharged energy directly back to the DC power system for increased power efficiency. These power saving designs provide a planet friendly solution along with cost savings by reducing energy consumption. The intuitive software provides a flexible selection in the charge/ discharge channel, current rating, and modules under test. These features allow the Series 17000 to be used for final cell development, pilot line production, high volume production and ongoing reliability monitoring/quality control.

  • High Voltage 50 Ω Pulse Generator

    TLP-3010C - High Power Pulse Instruments GmbH

    *Wafer and package level TLP/VF-TLP/HMM testing*Ultra fast 50 Ω high voltage pulse output with typical 100 ps rise time*Built-in HMM (IEC 61000-4-2) pulse up to ±8 kV*High pulse output current up to ±30 A*High speed 50 Ω trigger output for oscilloscopes (synchronous to high voltage pulse output)*6 programmable pulse rise times: 100 ps to 50 ns*8 programmable pulse widths: 1 ns to 100 ns*Optional pulse width extender increases pulse width up to 1.6 µs in 68 programmable steps*Fast measurement time, typically 0.2 s per pulse including one-point DC measurement between pulses*Efficient software for system control and waveform data management*The software can control automatic probers for fast measurement of complete wafers*High performance and high quality components

  • Portable Circuit Breaker Tester

    PI-1600 - ETI Precision

    The PI-1600 Circuit Breaker Tester incorporates modular design and flexibility to provide unequaled capability in a portable package. The PI-1600 test set is two testers in one, incorporating the PI-800 and PI-AUX. The PI-800 section can be used alone, on 120 or 240 VAC supplies, generating continuous current of 400, 800, amps at 4.2 kVA, with peak output to over 10x. When configured for the PI-1600, the PI-AUX output unit is connected in series or parallel to the PI-800. The PI-AUX boosts total power to 9.8KVA, and allows testing of draw-out breakers and MCB’s to 1600 Amps. The units are housed in rugged interlocking suitcase-size enclosures. Each piece weighs no more than 125 pounds, allowing one-person hand truck mobility. Basic operation is very simple, and the proven MAC-21 control instrumentation provides optimal output control and measurement. The MAC-21 instrumentation is supplied in a separate rugged portable case, interlocks on top of the PI-800, and connects to a cable in the rear of the test set.

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