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  • LED Burn-In Test

    LXinstruments GmbH

    Burn-in system, based on LXI instrumentation, for concurrent testing of up to 80 DUTs in a climatic chamber. Devices to be tested include modern light emitting diodes and LED modules.The system consists of 2 control cabinets, each with 40 independent supply and measurement channels. Each channel can be configured individually via the operator software (current or voltage, including the relevant limit values). The software supports logging of current and voltage values for each DUT on all 80 channels with a sampling rate of <1s. Additionally, the software and system also support digital I/O channels, e. g. for controlling the climatic chamber. Inputs for connecting temperature sensors are also provided.

  • Low speed Serial Interfaces

    12C/ 12S/ SPI/ UART - Arasan Chip Systems, Inc.

    Arasan has a diverse portfolio of connectivity IP products including SPI, I2C, I2S and UART. These protocols are vital for the integration of SoCs with peripheral chipsets in order to form a complete hardware platform. They are frequently used by the SoC to configure, control and gather diagnostic information at the platform level to ensure correct operation of the hardware.Arasan's proven Connectivity IP Solutions provides a risk free path to integrating these interfaces in SoC designs:High quality IP cores ensure inter-operability between SoCs and peripheralsIn-house domain expertise ensures a high quality support throughout the SoC development cycleTotal IP solution includes RTL source code, synthesis scripts, test environment and documentation

  • Microwave and RF Switching Systems and Drivers

    CXM Series - Cytec Corp.

    This series is typically used for frequencies from DC to 40 GMHz. We use microwave relays, splitters, programmable attenuators and many other microwave components from the worlds most popular vendors to build standard or custom systems to your specifications. There are a large variety of 1x2 through 1x12 microwave relays available in Normally Open, Failsafe, Latching, Terminated or special configurations to suit your needs. Or simply buy the driver chassis and use it to control your own components. Since Cytec doesn"t build microwave components we can put the systems together with whatever parts you prefer and stand behind the warranty for you.

  • Millimeter-Wave GaN Power Amplifiers


    Millitech’s Gallium Nitride (GaN) based power amplifiers represent a quantum leap in output power at E-Band and W-Band with up to 2.5 Watts of output power and up to 20% PAE available in standard models. These new AMP models from Millitech offer catered performance over specific allocated bands or wideband power covering 75 GHz to 102 GHz. The E-Band (WR-12) models cover the commercially allocated 71-76GHz and 81-86 GHz bands. Each amplifier has internal bias circuitry that generates gate control voltages, provides proper voltage sequencing and incorporates reverse voltage protection from a single positive external bias.

  • Miniature Thermal Imaging Engines

    MiTIE - Sofradir-EC

    The MiTIE Miniature Thermal Imaging Engines are designed for OEMs that wish to incorporate a small,lightweight, low power cooled camera engine into their electro-optical systems. The MiTIE enginesare based on high performance, Mercury Cadmium Telluride (MCT) Integrated Detector/Dewar/CoolerAssemblies and are available in several configurations, including with MW or LW spectral response andin various array sizes. The MiTIE engines include camera control and cooler electronics and producescorrected analog, HDMI and 14-bit Camera Link digital video. Communication is via USB or Camera Linkinterface. Because of their light weight and low power consumption, the MiTIE camera engines are idealfor applications that have demanding space/weight/power constraints.

  • MIPI Radio Front-End

    RFFE - Arasan Chip Systems, Inc.

    Mobile phone radios have developed into highly complex, multi-band and multi-standard designs that often have multiple radio frequency (RF) signal chains. The MIPI Alliance Specification for RF Front-End Control Interface (RFFE) was developed to offer a common and widespread method for controlling RF front-end devices. The RFFE Master IP core typically resides in the RFIC in a mobile platform, and utilizes the RFFE bus to identify, program and monitor the registers in RF front end Slave devices through programmed IO. It is designed to support existing standards such as LTE, UMTS, HSPA and EGPRS, and is usable in configurations ranging from single Master/single Slave to multi-Master/multi-Slave.

  • Moisture analyzer

    MOIST-41 - MRC ltd.

    Max Sample 18 samples (Inherent moisture)9 samples (total mo moisture)Sample Weight (0.9-1.1)g for moisture content on airdried basis; (10-12)g for total moistureFurnace Temperature 105C t0 110CTemp. Control Precision 3CAnalysis Time (20-40)minPower Requirement 220V(-15%-10%), 50HzMax Power 1.5kwSize / Net weight 542x506x564mm / 53kgStandard Layout Moisture Tester / Lenovo PC(Desktop) / PrinterISO117722 Solid mineral fuels Hard coal Determination ofmoisture in the general analysis test sample by drying innitrogen ASTM D5142-09 Standard Test Method forProximate Analysis of the Analysis Sample of CoalGB/T212-2008 Standard

  • Motor Driven Actuator

    NJ-SERVO Series - Shimadzu Corp.

    The NJ-SERVO electric motor driven actuator utilizes an electric motor drive system. High accuracy test control is enabled by a special servo motor and stroke displacement measurement sensor. In addition, the system configuration is simpler in comparison to hydraulic actuators, so it is easy to maintain, and achieves power savings and space savings. This system accommodates a wide range of tests with a high degree of expandability. This includes everything from endurance evaluations of the main body and assemblies of automobiles, aircrafts, and other transportation equipment to endurance evaluations of stand-alone parts; from multi-axis tests combining multiple actuators to uniaxial tests; and from sine waves to working waveform simulation tests.

  • Multifunction Power & Harmonics Analyzer

    KM 2100 / KM 2200 - Kusam Electrical Industries Limited

    • Volts / Amps. / Hertz, Dips & Swell, Power / Energy, Unbalance, Monitor, Scope, Harmonic, Logger & Interruption functions. (KM 2200)• Inter Harmonics, Transient Voltage, Inrush Current, Flicker function not available in KM 2200.• Frequency upto 400Hz (KM 2100); 50 / 60Hz (KM 2200)• Single-phase 2W / Single-phase 3W / 3-phase 3W / 3-phase 4W.• Flash memory 128MB• TF Card 8G Memory Card for long-term measuring data storage. • Support USB port to connect to PC and analyze the data / screen shots copied by U-disk.• Support LAN port to make the remote control available, transfer the measuring data.

  • N/Protein Analysis

    Elementar Analysensysteme GmbH

    The determination of the total protein content is an essential tool for quality control and protein declaration according to international labeling laws in the food & feed industry and research facilities. Since the protein content can directly correspond to product properties, highly precise, matrix-independent protein analyses are required in all application areas.Our N/protein analyzers use the high-temperature combustion method according to Dumas, which has clear advantages over Kjeldahl regarding laboratory safety, sample throughput, labor time, amount of chemical waste and thus cost-per-analysis. Our analyzers for the determination of nitrogen and protein are dedicated instruments serving today’s customer needs in regards to price-per-sample, throughput and sensitivity.

  • NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX Edge AI Vision Inference System

    EOS-JNX Series - ADLINK Technology Inc.

    The EOS-JNX series has a built-in Smart PoE feature to control PoE power remotely to reduce maintenance efforts in challenging environments and provides PoE power loss detection to alert of any unexpected PoE disconnection. The EOS-JNX-I is designed as an AI PoE switch for connecting to IP cameras to enable AI inferencing, and also provides an uplink port to connect to a network video recorder (NVR) for recording video streams, making upgrading existing surveillance systems easy. The EOS-JNX-G is designed for industrial AI machine vision applications, providing a dedicated bandwidth of 1Gb per channel with a GigE camera connection, which is crucial for production line and manufacturing applications.

  • Online Residual Oxident and Chlorine Monitor

    CLX - HF Scientific

    User selectable features and innovative design sets the new CLX Online Residual Oxident and Chlorine Monitor apart from the competition. Cycle times that are adjustable from 110 seconds to 10 minutes, 4-20mA and Modbus outputs that can control feed pumps and user settable alarms equates to low operating and maintenance costs. A new flow through design maintains cuvette cleanliness and allows for viewing of optical operations. The strong, shatterproof case that opens to facilitate reagent replacement also allows easy access to all service functions which reduces maintenance time. Unattended operation and low chemical usage equates to low operating cost.

  • Optical Power Meter

    TM233 - T&M Tools Limited Co

    TM233 Handheld OpticPower Meter(TM233-OPM ) are mainly used for continuous optical signal power measurement,Low power microprocessor is used for control,The TM233-OPM has the advantages of fully functional and reliable performance. Widely used in optical fiber construction and maintenance, optical fiber communication, optical fiber sensing, optical CATV and other fields. Instrument mould adopts advanced cold shell molding process; beautiful and durable, Instrument mould Design meets Ergonomic requirements. The TM233-OPM uses the built-in detector, which can be protected well. With a small shape, you can choose the backlight display and automatic shutdown function, with ultra wide optical power testing range.

  • Oscilloscope

    DSO Coral 112A - JYE Tech Ltd

    *Maximum sensitivity was increased to 2mV/div (older version is 5mV/div) with lower background noises*Fixed the vertical position mismatch problem found in the older model*Save/recall up to 24 parameter presets. This allows quick setup for frequently performed measurements*Preset titles can be customized for easy remembering and identifying*Expanded and improved on-screen measurement displays which include frequency, Vmax, Vmin, Vavr, Vpp, and Vrms*Added external trigger feature*Provided a two-way serial control interface which can output data/measurements and receive commands. This will make the device suitable for integration to customer applications*Replaced out-dated miniUSB connector with more popular microUSB connector*Enclosure strength enhanced

  • Photometers

    PCE Instruments

    Photometers to measure many parameters of water in industry, laboratories, field, gardening Photometers (Monofunction) to measure many parameters of water in industry, laboratories, field, gardening and in the environmental sector. and in the environmental sector. On our photometers website, we have 15 digital monofunctional photometers for the analysis of water (spare parts, reagents, and technical specifications included in the delivery). If needed, we can also offer other equipment for other water parameters. The control of water quality with solid devices is increasingly important, just as checking the quality of drinking water, industrial water and other wastewater. Take advantage of the properties of these photometers to measure various parameters such as chlorine, water hardness, nitrates, etc.

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