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  • Affordable ICP-OES Spectrometer

    Ultima Expert LT - HORIBA, Ltd.

    HORIBA Scientific develops and manufactures high performance ICP-OES spectrometers for more than 35 years.• The new Ultima Expert LT provides high performance at affordable price for laboratories with challenging samples.• Ultima Expert LT integrates high efficiency Jobin Yvon optical design capable to achieve optimal performance for a large variety of sample types and matrices.• Ultima Expert LT is driven by the powerful Analyst software featuring a large variety of analytical functionalities for tailored control and analysis.• The robustness of the Ultima Expert LT makes it ideal for applications common to mining, chemicals manufacture, salt production, wear metals in oil analysis, petrochemical and metallurgical production• Gain in performance with the Ultima Expert LT for your most challenging applications!

  • High Resolution Waveform Digitizer Family

    PXD(e)721x - VX Instruments GmbH

    The PXD(e)721x High Resolution Digitizer- Family features up to two 100MS/s simultaneously sampled input channels with 16 Bit resolution, input voltages up to ±60V and a bandwidth of 50MHz (100MHz with option DBW).Every digitizer channel has its own 2MB memory which allows up to 1 million samples. Depending on the amount of channels and the isolated option, the digitizers are built into a compact 3U PXI device for 1 or 2 slots. All isolated devices have a high common mode rejection ratio (CMRR). A great number of trigger capabilities results in multiple instrument and channel synchronization possibilities.Data can be acquired before and after the trigger event with a programmable sample counter, that controls the number of data points.

  • Torque Multipliers

    Mountz Inc.

    Mountz torque multipliers make tough nuts easy to crack. They boost productivity, giving your workers the power to quickly turn the large fasteners found in the aerospace, transportation, mining, marine, oil/gas, and power generation industries. Mountz torque multipliers can improve process control compared to less controlled options, like impact drivers, and they guarantee quality of work. They generate less reaction torque than impact drivers as well, protecting your workers and their projects from harmful hammering. Electric and pneumatic torque multipliers are also much faster than hydraulic ratchets, helping you get more work done in less time. To top it off, they’re quiet, reducing the din of the workplace and helping to prevent hearing-related injuries.

  • Tunable Laser Hydrogen Chloride Analyzer

    TX-100 - HORIBA, Ltd.

    Laser HCl analyzer with a probe type optical system which employs direct insert method. TX-100 is suitable for monitoring HCl concentration in incineration plants and the control of HCl removal process in various industries including cement factories and petrochemical plants, etc.

  • 3-channel 130 V Low Cost HV Amplifier

    "V45B" - Anfatec Instruments AG

    This low-noise 3-channel high voltage amplifier V45B was especially designed for the control of piezo-stack based tripod scanners in scanning probe microscopes. Three inputs with 10 V are amplified into three differential output voltages (e.g., Xout = 45 V and - Xout =- 45V).

  • Single Phase Double Channel Energy Meter Test Equipment

    SY8126 - Hong Kong Songyang Industrial Ltd.

    SY8126 single phase Energy Meter Test Equipment is a new generation, high precision, energy meter calibration equipment. It uses the international’s most advanced technology and components available in 90 decade. The equipment works under the control of keyboard or remote computer.

  • Battery Testing

    Speedgoat GmbH

    Electric vehicles (EVs) rely on batteries as their primary source of energy storage. As battery packs require battery management systems (BMS) to operate safely and reliably, it is vital to test control algorithms for state of charge (SoC) estimation or cell balancing at an early stage.

  • Life Cycle Module Testing System

    LCN - Bitrode, Inc.

    Full featured test system for quality control and R&DLife Cycle Testing: Perform charge/discharge cycling of batteries or modules to obtain charge and discharge capacity, energy and DC internal resistanceAutomotive Battery TestingStarting, Lighting and Ignition (SLI) TestingTraction Battery Testing

  • Automated Probe Stations 200 - 300mm

    P200L or P300L - The Micromanipulator Company

    The Micromanipulator P300L 300mm semiautomatic probe station comes standard with features such as single-point ground and integrated thermal chuck plumbing. Built for reliability as well as precision, the P300L features leadscrew – leadnut stage and platen drives, a stainless steel platen with removable front wedge and high stability microscope bridge that supports all high resolution long-working distance microscopes.The P300L ‘s versatile controller supports USB and GPIB communications (configured with proper options). The stage X-Y and platen (Z) are motorized / programmable. Microscope motorized / programmable control is also an option. The system may be controlled via scripts and all popular parametric test analytical prober drivers. An indexing script with user GUI and a Labview VI is provided allowing use of the system right out of the box.Micromanipulator strives to ensure our semiautomatic systems are flexible so that applications like Magnetic sensitivity testing, Probe cards, mmW, Wafer & Board level testing. Once you have developed your testing plan we also have great relationships so we can move you into a fully automatic probe station if needed.Joystick control allows for easy and quick operation when programmability is not required. The joystick intuitively operates the station stage, platen, and microscope for systems so configured.The P300L may be configured with a local dry / shielded / dark environment “Top Hat” for low level or low temperature, frost free probing. Three temperature ranges are supported:Ambient (room temperature) to 300C0C to 300C-55C to 300CThe P300L is the station of choice for a high performance, full capability and cost-effective 300 mm semi-automatic probe station.

  • Automatic Media Preparation

    Media-Mate Plus™ - Teledyne Hanson Research

    In addition to requiring precise control of dissolution media temperatures, the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Guidance for Industry state that, if dissolved gases in dissolution medium affect the dissolution results of products then the medium must be degassed. Media preparation is typically a time-consuming and labor-intensive task in the dissolution laboratory. Heating and dissolution media preparation required temperature, deaeration (removal of dissolved gases), and precise volumetric dispensing into flasks requires diligence, patience and care. Automated methods can streamline these tasks while freeing the chemist for more productive analytical work. Automation carries the added benefit of providing instrument validation while eliminating human error. The Hanson Media-Mate Plus system was designed and engineered specifically to meet these requirements. A large pre-heat tank controls media temperature, while its exclusive deaeration-dispense assembly removes dissolved gases and accurately dispenses precise adjusted media volumes into groups of 6 or 7 dissolution flasks simultaneously – all in less than five minutes. The Media-Mate Plus uses a self-tuning PID controller and a Teflon heater to heat the media. Media is moved by low pressure or vacuum and directed by a two-position, multi-channel pinch valve. The media is deaerated by a thin film vacuum process. The media volume is accurately measured by a user-set incremental measuring system. The system may be easily moved throughout the laboratory, servicing several dissolution baths. The Media-Mate Plus is the perfect media-prep system for a busy dissolution lab that demands both speed and accuracy. Built on a unique ergonomic cart, the Media-Mate Plus offers maximum portability for easy servicing of many dissolution test stations.

  • Ground Grid Tester

    GGT Series - IBEKO Power AB

    The GGT500 ground grid integrity tester is designed for inspection of the substation ground grid. It can also be used as a portable micro-ohmmeter with Both Sides Grounded and Remote Control functionalities. It is intended to inspection the conditions of a grounding system beneath substations, testing of medium- and high-voltage circuit breakers, disconnecting switches, high-current bus bar joints, cable splices, and different high-current links.In the United States when inspecting the quality of the grounding systems beneath a substation, the proper procedure is to inject 300 A DC during a time period of 60 s. This is what the GGT500 will do, and in that time period, the current path and voltage drop are checked. Also acting as a micro-ohmmeter, the GGT500 can test low resistance values by producing high test currents of up to 500 A.The instrument is placed in an unbreakable, plastic case with IP67 protective rating (with closed lid). Although very portable and lightweight, micro-ohmmeters have very high output power capabilities. High output voltage enables a wider measurement range at higher test currents, as well as the use of thinner/longer test cables. GGT500 ground grid integrity tester generates a true DC ripple-free (less than 1 % ripple) current with automatically regulated test ramps. This significantly decreases magnetic transients and ensures great accuracy.When used for testing in Both Sides Grounded conditions, a special current clamp powered from the ground grid integrity tester is used for measuring a current through groundings. If even a higher safety level is required, the remote control feature enables the operator to perform measurements from a distant location, away from the instrument and test object.

  • Qseven Rev 2.1 Application Board With LVDS, HDMI, Dual LAN And Audio

    Q7B301 - Axiomtek Co., Ltd.

    The Q7B301 is an ultra-compact Qseven reference carrier board which measures only 100 x 72 mm - the size is slightly bigger than a credit card. The Q7B301 is perfect for small box applications such as those found in the latest digital signs, kiosks and traffic control system. This Qseven application board offers various I/O connectors and flexible expansion features to reduce the design effort to the minimum. The Q7B301 also has an extended industrial grade operating temperature range of -40ºC to +85ºC to withstand the rigors of harsh environments. Axiomtek’s new Qseven Rev. 2.1 application board, Q7B301, is compatible with Qseven module – Q7M311 which is powered by the Intel® Pentium® Processor N4200 and Celeron® Processor N3350. Customers can emulate required functions on Q7M301 as a reference design board or integrate the Q7M301 directly into their product as the application board. Its minimum footprint also enables the maximum potential. The Q7M301 is especially suited for industrial IoT applications such as industrial control, medical imaging, digital signage, gaming machines, military, and networking. The Q7B301 comes with two PCI Express Mini Card slots and one SIM card slot for wireless communication (3G/4G, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth). For enhanced or high-definition audiovisual devices, the Qseven reference carrier board supports one HDMI and LVDS interfaces as well as HD audio and 4-channel digital I/O. More I/O interfaces include two Gigabit LANs with Intel® i211AT Ethernet controller, two RS-232/422/485, one USB 2.0, two USB 3.0, one SMBus, and one I2C. Furthermore, it has one SATA-600 interface for storage requirements.

  • Test Bench for Starters and Alternators

    MS002 COM - MSG Equipment

    A high power multifunctional test bench includes the following diagnostic functions: diagnostics of starters, alternators and voltage regulators without applying any additional measuring devices. The test bench was invented on the basis of the requirements of modern service stations: construction implies mounting of majority of units without using additional fixing elements. The bench tests units of 12V and 24V; diagnoses the latest alternators and voltage regulators, which are controlled by car ECU; has ports to connect alternators of different brands and manufacturers: COM (LIN, BSS), P-D, DFM, D+, RLO, C, SIG. Diagnostics is carried out through load simulation of car consumers, change of rotation speed, sending of control signals (external control alternators), tracking of electrical characteristic. Testing results are transmitted to LCD display real-time. Testing modes are switched with membrane keyboard on the control panel of the test bench. The selected mode is lightened with the corresponding indicator.The equipment carries out testing of different alternators under load up to 200A. Power supply is single-phase 380V.

  • Engine Emission Test System

    Ono Sokki

    By adding transient operation functions (self-learning/predictive driving + each test mode performing) to measurement•control panel, Ono Sokki can build up engine test system that can perform transient mode tests supporting worldwide gas emission controls including TRIAS, FTP, EURO, and ISO. (e.g. WHDC, NRTC).This system provides good reproducibility for Transient mode test. Delay compensation and rotation inertia compensation function have greatly improved as well as self-learning / predictive driving function.Automatically processes from measurement to data output of test result, in conjunction with gas emission analyzer, tunnels, gas emission particle measurement system, smoke meter, etc.

  • 2- or 4-Port, PCIe Vehicle Multi-Protocol Interface Device

    PCIe-8510 / 785325-01 - NI

    2- or 4-Port, PCIe Vehicle Multi-Protocol Interface Device—The PCIe‑8510 is a hardware-selectable controller area network (CAN) and/or local interconnect network (LIN) interface for developing applications with the NI‑XNET driver. The PCIe‑8510 excels in applications requiring real-time, high-speed manipulation of hundreds of CAN frames and signals, such as hardware‑in‑the‑loop simulation, rapid control prototyping, bus monitoring, automation control, and more. The NI‑XNET device-driven DMA engine enables the onboard processor to move CAN frames and signals between the interface and the user program without CPU interrupts, minimizing message latency and freeing host processor time for processing complex models and applications.

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