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  • PXIe SSD Storage Unit

    DM-4M.2-3U - Conduant express

    The Big River™ DM-4M.2-3U PXI Express storage unit provides up to 3.8TB* of M.2 SSD storage capacity. With a PCIe x8 Gen3 host interface, the DM-4M.2 delivers high-speed data rates for sequential writes of 3.25GB/s** and sequential reads of 3.41GB/s** to PXI Express based systems. The single slot design of the DM-4M.2 increases the availability of valuable chassis space, allows for maximum storage flexibility. The DM-4M.2 complies with PCIe Gen3 protocol standards. The product is commonly used in the industrial control, test and measurement fields. The DM-4M.2 operates under Windows, Linux, Unix, Solaris and VxWorks.

  • Qseven Module With Intel® Pentium® Processor N4200 & Celeron® Processor N3350

    Q7M311 - Axiomtek Co., Ltd.

    The Q7M311 has adopted the 14nm Intel® Pentium® N4200 and Celeron® N3350 quad-core/dual-core processors (codename: Apollo Lake). The extremely small embedded module supports 4GB (or optionally up to 8GB) DDR3L memory onboard and 32GB eMMC flash memory (optional). With a seismic design and for industrial-grade temperatures, both the CPU and the DDR3L RAM are soldered to deliver reliable and excellent computing performance. With rich features embedded in all the components built in a small form factor, the industrial-grade computer-on-module is aimed for industrial IoT applications, including industrial control, medical imaging, digital signage, gaming machines, military, and networking.

  • Relay Buddy PRO Test Kit

    191 - Electronic Specialties Inc.

    Relay Buddy is a quick go / no-go tester for the most common automotive relays. With the included adapters, Relay Buddy now tests 5 different relay types and also tests shielded relays. Relay Buddy provides you with an indication of the general health and functioning of the relay switch contacts and coil. It will check the control side of the relay by applying a signal to the relay coil while it checks for proper functioning of the relay contacts. Relay Buddy operates the relay several times during each test session as it watches for consistency in every cycle. Relay Buddy will fail the relay and light the RED LED if any one of the cycles proves unsuccessful during the test session.

  • Remotely-Operated Hydrographic Survey Boat with Multibeam Integration

    Z-Boat 1800RP - Teledyne Marine Oceanscience

    The Teledyne Oceanscience Z-Boat® 1800RP with new ruggedized design and interchangeable sensor well, offers an entirely new option for high-resolution shallow-water hydrographic surveying. Get multibeam bathymetry data where conventional methods are not feasible or safe, and avoid mobilizing a workboat or vessel of opportunity. The Z-Boat 1800RP uses advanced radio telemetry to offer remotely-operated hydrographic surveys. All data is accessible in real time, giving the operator total control over the survey process. Z-Boat navigation is easy using the GNSS position and heading available onboard, and remotely viewed at the operator location. Data processing is available in real time through CARIS OnboardTM.

  • Rubber Process Analyzers

    RPA - TA Instruments

    Virtually every aspect of a rubber material’s processing and performance characteristics is influenced by its rheological properties. TA Instruments provides a complete range of rotorless shear rheometers and curemeters to help you optimize processing, curing, and application performance. All TA Instruments rubber rheometers are manufactured to exacting mechanical standards and with the latest measurement technology for the most accurate, reliable, and reproducible data available. Available automation systems allow for maximum unattended laboratory productivity in all test environments. Relevant ASTM, DIN, and ISO standards are easily met, as are demands for advanced testing, making these instruments the ideal choice for quality control, analytical, and research needs.

  • Safety Certified Controllers

    HY-TTC 94 - TTTech Computertechnik AG

    HY-TTC 94 is the top-level electronic control unit of the HY-TTC 50 controller family, offering enhanced flexibility and safety. It is designed to comply with the ISO/EN 13849 international standard. It comprises a main CPU for executing the user application and a smaller diagnostic CPU, which continuously monitors the main CPU and the safety-critical inputs and outputs. In case an error is detected, an internal switch opens, disconnecting all output stages from power supply and shifting the vehicle to a safe state. These safety features prevent uncommanded movements of the vehicle and equipment, thereby ensuring safe working conditions for users. HY-TTC 94 fulfills PL d (Performance Level d) requirements.

  • Simulation Systems

    Bloomy Controls, Inc.

    Bloomy offers Simulation Systems for Hardware in-the-Loop (HIL) and open loop test of electronic controls and mechanical actuators for all types of transportation and defense systems including aircraft, rail, automobiles and ships. These systems, now deployed at major aerospace, locomotive and military manufacturers and research facilities worldwide, provide world-class, high-fidelity simulated environments for use in both closed-loop and open-loop testing. Because Bloomy’s Simulation Systems are largely constructed from COTS components, time to first test can be reduced significantly, and their highly-customizable nature allows your test system experts to provide your unique IP to differentiate your product from your competitors.

  • Software-based Electroacoustic Test System

    SoundCheck - Listen Inc

    The SoundCheck®system from Listen includes everything you need to perform audio measurements on a wide range of devices – the software, the audio interface, other test interfaces and accessories, and test sequences. The system is centered around the SoundCheck software. This powerful package controls and communicates with the measurement hardware, and includes all the stimuli, algorithms and analysis functionality needed to develop and run virtually any electroacoustic or audio electronic test. It is paired with hardware ranging from a simple, all-in one audio test box to sophisticated discrete components for a complete test system. In addition to Listen hardware, a range of 3rd party products and test accessories are fully supported within SoundCheck.

  • Solution for Every QC Problem

    Bird Dog 3 - Seismic Source Co.

    *32-bit, high speed, ADC chip for lower noise and increased accuracy*Multiple modes with a single unit*Connects to PC via Ethernet or optional Wi-Fi, to provide control, data download and real time displayand analysis of data and results*Test three geophone elements/strings or one three-component geophone*Test one hydrophone, both acoustic and electrical performance*Run wireline tests or performance tests on a single vibrator*8 Gigabytes of Data Storage, Expandable to 16*All test data saved in non-volatile memory for later download and retrieval*GPS based time and location saved for every test*Stable and rugged unit for use in all situations and conditions

  • Temperature Forcing System

    ETF-SERIES - Envisys Technologies

    Precise Temperature Accuracies with Reliable Test Results Temperature Limits: -40/-60 °C to 30 °C Temperature Accuracies: ±2-3°C Temperature Rate of Change: 20-25 deg /min (Non-linear) Maintenance Free Access to The System Self-Sufficient System Compact with small footprints suitable for any space constraint laboratories Low decibel system Suitable for testing electronic chips / devices Environmentally friendly refrigerants Efficient heating Microprocessor based single set point PID temperature controller with data logging Flexible hose up to 2.5-3.0m Interchangeable heads according to chip size. Inbuilt electrical control panel with switchgear system

  • Tone & Probe Kits

    Triplett Test Equipment & Tools

    ProTone Wire Locator Kit features a powerful tone generator and a filtered, ultra-bright lighted probe. The CTX590 functions as a high quality wire locating tool that uses an inductive probe to sense a tone placed on the wires by its associated tone generator. The tone generator provides RJ11, RJ45 and insulated alligator clip connections. The Red/Green LED on the probe indicates continuity, voltage, and polarity. The probe also includes an ultra bright LED tip, fluorescent light noise filter and sensitivity control. The CTX590 can be used for tracking down short circuits, telephone central office connections, and other wire locating applications. Includes (2) 9V batteries and case.

  • TRIOS AutoPilot

    TA Instruments

    TA Instruments invites you to experience a new paradigm in software functionality. Unleash the full potential of your Discovery Hybrid Rheometer, Differential Scanning Calorimeter, and Thermogravimetric Analyzer with AutoPilot, a premium feature that enables process driven automation of TRIOS software. AutoPilot allows users to quickly and easily create automated routines: from test methods to data analysis and report generation. These routines empower laboratories to streamline and standardize operations and decision-making across local or global laboratory enterprises. From quality control to research and development, laboratory environments of all types will benefit from increased productivity, improved data precision, and reduced training time.

  • Ultra-High Stability DC Power Supply

    62075H-30N - Chroma ATE Inc.

    The 62075H-30N output power has maximum 7.5kW/30V/250A power module designed with 4U height that can be connected easily as master or slave with three units to 22.5kW/30V/750A in parallel or two units to 15kW/60V/250A in series and operated as a standalone unit via system bus. The 62075H-30N provides stable DC output cur rent sour ce and powe r for pre c i s ion measurement. It offers an advanced 250A/30V ultra high-stable ±10 ppm (current stability ±1.25 mA) with high eciency and high power factor in compliance with energy savings. In addition it has a 20 bit digital control with bright vacuum fluorescent display readout.

  • USB to GPIB Controller

    Model 488-USB2 - ICS Electronics

    * Adds GPIB Controller capability to any PC with a USB port.* Fast >1 Mbs transfer rate * Most affordable USB GPIB controller with an industry standard GPIB-32.dll.* 488.2V4 Driver supports 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10 with a true 64-bit DLL.* Uses industry standard 'ib' and '488.2' command sets.* Works with Agilent, NI and Kikisui VISA libraries.* Program with Visual Basic, C, Agilent VEE, LabVIEW, or MATLAB.* ICS's Explorer auto configures your controller as it finds your instruments.* Use ICS's Explorer to control your instruments without having to write a program.

  • VeriStand


    VeriStand helps you get your hardware-in-the-loop or test cell control and monitoring system up and running quickly. With a wide range of out-of-the-box functionality that includes configurable data acquisition and logging, test sequencing, and simulation model integration, VeriStand reduces the time needed to test your products. You can also use a variety of software tools to add custom functionality to VeriStand, which makes it flexible enough to adapt to even the most complex applications. Choosing VeriStand gives you the confidence that your test system will perform reliably while providing the flexibility you need to meet your real-time test requirements.

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