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  • Current Transformers

    Osborne Transformer Corp.

    The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers defines a current transformer (IEEE Std C57.13) as “a transformer intended to reproduce in its secondary circuit, in a definite and known proportion, the current of its primary circuit with the phase relations substantially preserved”. Its primary winding is connected in series with the conductor carrying the current to be measured or to be controlled and its secondary winding is connected to the measuring, protection or control devices. Osborne designs and manufactures current transformers which are used for instrumentation applications, others which are used for power system synchronizing applications and others which are used in protection circuit application. They have been designed to meet specified current ratios, burden impedance and transformation errors.

  • Data AcQuisition And Real-Time Analysis

    Daqarta - Interstellar Research

    DAQARTA turns your Windows sound card into a precision laboratory instrument, loaded with advanced features. Put your sound card to work!Daqarta now allows remote control by an external program, custom reports, and custom data logging. Sample rates up to 256 kHz are supported, as well as slow input sampling (down to one sample per day or slower) while maintaining full output sample rates for simultaneous high-frequency stimulus generation. Allows slow scroll rates for chart recorder display of DC signals like temperature and pressure, and provides circuits to allow ordinary sound cards to handle DC measurements.

  • DC Power Supplies

    PWR-01 Series - Kikusui Electronics Corp.

    The PWR-01 is a series of high performance, multifunctional, compact, wide-range DC power supplies. It consists of 13 models in total with 4 maximum voltage outputs (L, ML, MH, and H) and 4 maximum power outputs (400 W, 800 W, 1200 W and 2000 W). With the PWR-01 series you can set sequences with an embedded CPU as well as analog control. The series is equipped with LAN (LXI), USB, and RS232C as standard interfaces that are essential for system integration. The PWR-01 also features front-facing output terminals, variable internal resistance, bleeder ON/OFF functions, CC/CV priority switching function, synchronized operation, various protections, and programmable internal memory.

  • Digital Demultiplexers

    Advanced Science and Novel Technology, Co., Inc.

    24:48 digital demultiplexer (DMUX) with SSTL1.5 input and output interfaces.Supports data rates from 1.0Mbps to 2.0Gbps.User-controllable independent internal delays for data and clock signals.1.5V I2C control interface with a user-defined 3-bit chip address.Preset function for synchronization of multiple parallel devices.Full-rate output copy of external high-speed clock input signal.Two pairs of clock divided-by-2 and synchronous clock enable outputs for supporting the tree-type demultiplexation structure.Additional synchronous clock divided-by-4 output.Dual power supply of +3.0V and +1.5V.Industrial temperature range.Low power consumption of 2.1W at 2.0Gbps.Available in custom 256-pin BGA package (13mm x 13mm x 2.5mm).

  • Digital Panel Meter

    VAW - Chang Shuan Electronics Co., Ltd.

    VAW DC Multifunction Power Meter provide high accuracy measurement, display and communication of DC voltage, Current, Power, Energy(import / export), and Run Hour. They are also building in 4 Relay outputs, 1 Analogue output, 1 Pulse output , 2External Control Inputs and 1 RS485(Modbus RTU Mode) interface with versatile functions such as remote I/O, alarm and communication for DC power applications like as solar, wind power system or portable electronic device consumption testing.For the power saving, VAW has built in an innovation timer to switch down the light and power of LED. It makes sense to build the meter in a green power system.

  • Digital Tachometer Testers

    BCE13 - D.Marchiori s.r.l.

    D.Marchiori (DMA) manufacture double or triple tachometer testers. They use precision controlled DC motors with coaxial optical encoders controlled by a dedicated microprocessor. A quartz timing circuit provides maximum accuracy and control stability. Speed values (% or RPM), rotation direction, transmission ratio and 100% RPM values can be selected separately for each motor. The test set can apply star or triangle resistive load and read the output voltage for generator checks; by entering RPM and test voltage limit values the full generator check can be automatically carried out. The internal printer provides copy of the test results. Safety limits to protect UUT can be set separately for each motor.

  • Eddy Current Flaw Detector

    US-525M - United Western Technologies Corp

    The US-525M multi-channel eddy current testing instrument is a rugged industrial rack-mounted instrument offering multi-channel testing, integral digital strip chart, as well as Ethernet control and data transfer to meet your in process testing requirements. This instrument offers up to eight channels, with a frequency range of 20 Hz to 10 Mz, a high signal-to-noise ratio, a bright 12-inch diagonal color LCD flat-panel screen, and data storage of 32 Gig. It offers input/output (I/O) capability, USB and Ethernet connectivity, as well as three discrete alarm gates with independent outputs per channel. for your on-line bar, tube, wire and specialty component testing needs.

  • Electrical Safety Testers

    STW-9800 Series - Texio Technology Corp.

    * 200VA AC Test Capacity* 240 x 64 Ice Blue Dot Matrix LCD* Manual/Auto Mode* Function Key for Quick Selecting* High Intensity Flash for Caution & Status Indication* Safety Interlock Function* True RMS Current Measurement * High Resolution : 1μA for Measuring Current, 2V for Setting Voltage* PWM Switching Amplifier to Enhance the Power Efficiency and Reliable Testing* Max. 100 Memory Block for Test Condition (Step) Setting. And Each Step can be Named Individually* Remote Terminal on the Front Panel for“Start”and“Stop” Control by External* Interface: RS-232C, USB Devise, Signal I/O and GP-IB (Option: OPT.1)

  • Electric Linear Actuators

    GSM Series - Exlar Corporation

    The GSM Series of linear actuators from Exlar povides a cost effective solution, perfect for replacing ball screw actuators. This compact design incorporates Exlar''s patented roller screw technology with an integral brushless servo motor for medium to high performance motion control applications. The GSM Series offers a completely integrated actuator, competively priced with low performance, short-lived ball screw actuators. The GSM design provides a smaller package with higher speed and load capacity than ball screws and other traditional rotary to linear conversions. GSM Series also offers 5 times the travel life of similarly sized ball screw actuators.

  • Enerchron® 2.0 Test Management Software

    NH Research, Inc.

    Enerchron 2.0 test management software is a software suite ideally suited for test applications that yield extensive data over an extended period of time such as battery cycling and evaluation. It allows the creation of complex, dynamic test sequences without requiring the skills of a programmer. In addition to real-time viewing during execution, measurements are automatically archived for review and analysis after testing has been completed. Enerchron is available with NH Research’s Regenerative Battery Test System (Model 9200) or can be used to control additional Battery Test Systems, NHR air-cooled electronic loads, power supplies, temperature chambers, and data acquisition devices that measure temperature and pressure.

  • Expert-Level Vulnerability Assessments

    Vanguard Analyzer - Vanguard Integrity Professionals

    Vanguard Analyzer™ provides Vanguard expertise on z/OS Security Server. Analyzer delivers expert-level vulnerability assessments of z/OS Security Server configuration controls and security settings with the ability to produce audit results in minutes. Vanguard Analyzer™ provides risk analysis and mitigation requirements in easy to read panels. System auditors can review Analyzer findings in order of priority and mitigate accordingly. Do you have access to expert-level assessment based on severity and vulnerabilities? Are your security analyst armed with invaluable interpretation of assessment findings? Can you provide your company with a detailed explanation, easy to understand risk statements and corrective actions that need to be followed step-by-step?

  • Flat Panel Display Test Solutions

    Chroma ATE Inc.

    Support 8K SHV (Super Hi-Vision 7680x4320 / 8192x4320)Support full 8K scrolling functionIndependent signal and power module designDual-core graphics processing architecture - Increase graphics and data transmission performance - 8K Super Hi-Vision images switch in less than 200msSupport 6/8/10/12 bits color depth (12 bit only in LUT mode)Support user edited test patterns - BMP pattern format - Maxi. 300 of 8Kx4K bmp patternsSupport VDIM and PWM dimming functionSupport cross coordinates defect positioning functionSupport auto flicker adjustment (with A712306)Support gigabit Ethernet control interfaceSupport USB port for data update

  • Flightline Pilot Static Test Set

    ADTS-3350 Series - TestVonics, Inc.

    TestVonics™ ADTS-3350 Series Test Set is a portable, high precision, dual channel pitot static test system. This tester is designed to calibrate, test and troubleshoot air data instrumentation and aircraft pitot-static systems. The test set has been designed with functional and reliability features highly suited to withstand the harsh environmental and demanding conditions of the flight line environment, especially for military end users. The test set is designed for testing a wide range of commercial and military aircraft flight control systems, both rotary and fixed wing. The ADTS-3350 Series accuracy complies with standards for RVSM and is designed to replace the TTU-205 and other legacy test sets.

  • Gang Production Programmer

    848XP - Dataman, Inc

    The Dataman 848XP is a fast PC based gang programmer with eight fully isolated 48-pin ZIF sockets and USB 2.0 connectivity • Over 14,000 devices supported with new devices added monthly • Intelligent pin drivers operate down to 3.3V so you'll be ready to program the full range of advanced low-voltage devices • Hi-speed USB 2.0 connectivity • Easy to use software with automatic file format detection and conversion • Multiprogramming support allows one PC to control multiple 848XP programmers without any decrease in programming speed • Comprehensive 3 years parts and labor warranty • Free vacuum pick up kit

  • Handheld Spectrometer

    United Power Research Technology Corporation

    The design concept of UPRtek handheld spectrometer is 『All in One - One in All 』, it is mainly focus on lightweight and intuitive design, you may use it standalone, no computer connection needed and check the measurement data immediately. You can also process wireless control measurement through the application of smart devices. In addition, SD card storage function may help you to use the measurement data freely such like process big data analysis on uSpectrum PC software. UPRtek wishes to provide a handheld spectrometer with high flexibility for different kind of places, different use purposes and different usage scenarios to help you work more efficiently.

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