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  • Automated Analysis Software

    RevospECT Pro - Zetec, Inc.

    RevospECT Pro is the industry’s first commercially available high-powered, adaptable and scalable automated analysis system. It provides end users the power and control to perform comprehensive automated analysis of eddy current data. RevospECT has a proven track record in the field and meets rigorous industry standards for flaw analysis from bobbin, rotating and array inspection techniques. Once configured for an inspection, RevospECT Pro will process and analyze data at an extremely fast rate utilizing its robust distributed processing power, often outpacing data acquisition rates and generating results that can be verified immediately by the reviewing data analyst. More importantly than system speed is the consistency of the results that are delivered using computer-aided analysis.

  • Bench Power Supply, Single, Adjustable, Fixed, 3 Output, 0 V, 30 V, 0 A, 3 A

    72-6628 - Tenma

    The 72-6628 is a Triple Bench Power Supply with adjustable current control and galvanized steel case. The DC regulated power supply is a completely solid state, compact, well regulated, constant voltage power supply suitable for service field, hobby, laboratory and testing use. It provides three different voltages output for different. Overload and short-circuit protection, prevent the unit from overload and short circuit. When the unit is under the condition of overload or short circuit, the output current will be limited. Independent 5V, 12V easy snap-on output terminals to make it easy to use for TTL and CMOS circuit testing. The grounding of the output terminals is independent that the output can be connected in series to make a higher output voltage.

  • BF-Series Angle And Auto Reverse Models

    Mountz Inc.

    The E-DRIV® BF-Series angle and auto reverse models is designed for installing heli-coil screw thread inserts, as well as light tapping and gauging applications. The assembly power tools feature the brushless motor technology and is engineered for precision torque control. These installation tools feature the ability to set and adjust the speed, the rotation (number of turns), as well as program an auto reverse function. Using the assembly tool in conjunction with a torque arm enhances the installation process. The electric screwdriver offers an adjustable speed setting. The BF power tool is ESD certified, ensuring less than 1 Ohm at the bit tip. ESD management assures product quality, cost savings and a reduction in overall ESD failures.

  • Burn-in Room and Aging Test Chamber

    Komeg Technology Ind Co.,Ltd

    Isolated type of burn-in room features: ●Separate the product and loading area, easy to control temperature and maintain. ●Temp. range: 40-70ºC±3/±5ºC, ●Temp. constancy: ±0.5ºC ●Uniformity: ±3ºC ●Test frame materials: painted stainless steel or a combination of forming aluminum ●Insulation: with PU foam ( doors with double glazing ) insulation, so that the internal temperature is not subject to external factors, to achieve power saving effect ●Product hierarchy placement, Selection of layer height in accordance with the requirements, convenient access ●Computer monitoring system is optional. ●Noise level:≤75dB Application Suitable for all kinds of electronic products, especially for products with heating characteristics Product and loading area should be separated Large-scale production

  • Compact OTDR

    T&M Tools Limited Co

    ◇ 5.6-Inch outdoor-enhanced touchscreen, 7.4V/4.4Ah Lithium battery◇ Event Dead zone as lower as 1.5meter◇ Combined multi-dynamic range and wavelengths◇ Muti measurement mode, support Touching LCD and pressing keys◇ Warning function could prevent OTDR module from being damaged by optical signal in fiber.◇ Realtime measuring function, convenient to monitor the splicing process◇ Integrated 10mw Visual Fault Locator◇ Support English/ Chinese input, adopts friendly input interface, totally simulate the computer keyboard input ◇ Integrated with 8GB internal memory, more than 80,000 groups curve storage◇ PC remote access and control function is available, which support the printing work of the measurement report

  • Condensation Chamber

    Wewon Environmental Chambers Co, Ltd.

    The condensation test chamber does not need special installation conditions, just need to connect to the ordinary power supply and running water can be used normally. The functional diversity of the equipment, fast and low operating costs make the machine a very high cost performance condensation testing machine in the market. The machine can be programmed to control three different test effects: Humidification, natural cooling and drying, and the corresponding temperature and running time of each test, and set the total time of program running and the number of cycles. The condensation tester has an automatic water replenishing device. When the water temperature exceeds the upper limit, there will be a protection device for safety warning, and it is very safe to use.

  • C Series CANopen Interface Module


    The C Series CANopen Interface Module is a high-speed interface for developing CANopen applications. CANopen is a higher-level communication protocol based on the controller area network (CAN) physical layer. It was designed for motion-oriented machine control networks, but now it is used in a variety of products and applications, including medical equipment, maritime electronics, building automation, and more. The C Series CANopen Interface Module can transmit and receive process data objects (PDOs) and service data objects (SDOs) according to CiA-DS 301. Using the NI-Industrial Communications for CANopen driver, you can batch edit SDOs, configure slave nodes with LSS services support, as well as perform network management (NMT), heartbeat, node guarding, and CANopen synchronization functions.

  • Day/Night IP Surveillance Camera

    ENVIROMUX-IPCAM-N - Network Technologies Inc

    View and control the camera from the ENVIROMUX web interface, the camera web interface, included software, or with a compatible cell phone. With the ENVIROMUX-2D/5D/16D, a triggered snapshot can be forwarded in alert e-mails. A snapshot can be triggered by any programmed event (motion detection, door open/close, glass break, smoke, liquid detection, etc.). Image sensor: 1/4" progressive scan CMOS sensor. Video Streaming: simultaneous Motion JPEG and MPEG-4. Frame rate: 30fps at 640x480 (VGA) resolution. Lens: F2.0, 4.3 mm (0.17 in), 12 infrared LEDs for night vision. RJ45 connector. Wireless models: wireless IEEE 802.11 b/g up to 54 Mbps. Regulatory approvals: CE, FCC, RoHS.

  • Digibridge

    1659 - IET Labs

    The GenRad 1659 Digibridge RLC Tester is an easily programmable, microprocessor-based high performance passive component tester. It automatically identifies the type of component under test and measures in the proper range. The result is simple, precise, unambiguous RLC component testing. The GenRad 1659 RLC Digibridge is an instrument for measuring primary parameters of inductance (L), capacitance (C) and resistance (R) and secondary parameters of dissipation factor (D) and quality factor (Q). GenRad designed this single compact unit with maximum flexibility and operator convenience in mind. The simple front panel design of the Digibridge requires less effort to operate. Digital display and user friendly control allows test parameters and limits to be set easily.

  • Electronic Load


    * Fully programmable, self-contained, air-cooled solid state load.* Patented design is optimized to provide ultra-low impedance operation for fuel cell testing.* Load is compatible with AC impedance or frequency response analyzers.* Interchangeable shunts for precise operation over a wide dynamic range.* Ten built-in cell voltage monitoring inputs optional. Additional voltage monitoring inputs available.* Ethernet Interface for simple configuration and expansion!* Combine with additional Fideris™ Innovator Series™ modules to create a fully-integrated,fully-automated, customized test system.* System-wide control of all Fideris™ Test System Components using FCPower™ Software,LabviewTM, or other programming language.* Integrated hardwired Run/Standby signal.

  • Force Gauges

    PCE Instruments

    A digital force gauge, often called a push pull force gauge or tension and compression force gauge, is used in material testing, quality control and assurance, research, development, product testing, laboratory and educational applications. PCE Instruments' (PCE) digital force gauge products are the benchmark of quality and performance. PCE digital force gauge devices provide measurements in kilograms (kg), grams (g), ounces (oz), pounds (lbs) and Newtons (N) of force (f), depending on the force gauge model. Most PCE digital force gauge products are handheld, portable devices that also can be used with a universal test stand. There are several different force gauge products available online in the PCE web shop.

  • HEV & EV Power Tester

    EVd-40 - NuVant Systems, Inc.

    The EVd-40 Power Tester is a pre- and post-reconditioning tool for quality control of aftermarket HEV & EV battery production. The equipment integrates a “smart” charger (Sorensen XG 1700 or Kepco KLN 1500W) with NuVant Systems high power discharge electronics. The "power test" discharges battery packs at high power (10,000 watts), while tracking module voltages. The software monitors up to 40 module voltages at a time, identifying any weak modules. The "smart" charger performs charging constant current (CC), constant voltage (CV) and complex mixed mode constant current – constant voltage (CCCV) charging protocols at voltages up to 600 V. This enables recharge of any type of rechargeable battery.

  • High Low Temperature Test Chamber

    ACMAS Technocracy (PVT) LTD

    The high low temperature test chambers from Weiber are climatic test chambers, designed to simulate highly precise high and low temperature environments for the testing of electrical and electronics items, metallic products, automobile parts, food items, biological samples, chemicals, building materials and other wide variety of processed and packaged goods. These test chambers find widespread usage in manufacturing units, quality control units and scientific research organizations and are commonly employed for heat endurance test, cold endurance test and humidity and dryness endurance tests of products. These tests help in determining the product performance in specific environments and also help in identifying any manufacturing flaws and in determining its stability and shelf life.

  • Human Machine Interface

    Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems Europe GmbH

    combines state-of-the-art features and top performance with an outstanding design in an all-metal housing. The range consists of four models in sizes from 4.3", 7", 10.4" and 13.4" TFT color display with LED backlight. All models can be installed in a horizontal or vertical position. The touch terminals are equipped with an Ethernet port and support VNC technology, allowing both remote VNC applications and remote assistance. The HM500 series is programmed with the HMWin software, a simple and intuitive program, yet equipped with advanced features. It is possible to import variables from Control FPWIN Pro, the programming software for Panasonic PLCs, thereby facilitating the synergy between PLCs and HMIs. The products have a 5 year warranty.

  • Imbedded A5 Processor Test Interface

    Advanced Microtechnology, Inc.

    Advanced Microtechnology has extended the application of its Optimum product line with theintegration of ARC5 imbedded test functions. Up to 40 controllers may be independently powered and monitored for functionality using the process test interface of the Optimum WinAOS application. Each part may have 2 separate biases featuring both current and voltage monitoring. Independent test is implemented through a standard JTAG interface. A separate serial clock and command interface may be used if required to provide device initialization sequences. JTAG control is muxed to each part through the use of an independent clock for each part. All of the ARC processor registers and memory space may be tested through the JTAG I/O.

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