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  • 8‑Slot, USB CompactDAQ Chassis

    cDAQ-9178 / 781156-01 - NI

    8‑Slot, USB CompactDAQ Chassis - The cDAQ‑9178 is a CompactDAQ USB chassis designed for small, portable sensor measurement systems. The chassis provides the plug‑and‑play simplicity of USB to sensor and electrical measurements. It also controls the timing, synchronization, and data … transfer between C Series I/O modules and an external host. You can use this chassis with a combination of C Series I/O modules to create a mix of analog I/O, digital I/O, and counter/timer measurements. The cDAQ‑9178 also has four 32‑bit general-purpose counters/timers. You can access these counters, as well as share clocks and triggers, through two built-in BNC connectors.

  • AC Electronic Load

    IT8600 Series - I-TECH Electronic Co., Ltd

    IT8600 is ITECH latest series of AC/DC electronic loads with power range 0~14.4 kVA and adjustable frequency 45 Hz ~ 450 Hz. The unique oscilloscope waveform display function of IT8600's can display input voltage & current as waveform. It is equipped with measurement modes for different parameters such as inrush current, peak value, effective value, PF (power factor). Voltage harmonics measurement capacity is up to 50th. The built-in RS232, GPIB, LAN and USB communication interfaces are for reliable and fast control. IT8600 is the perfect solution for testing UPS, inverters, AC power supplies and relevant AC electronic components etc.

  • AC Power Sources

    Asterion AC - AMETEK Programmable Power, Inc.

    Inspired by the enduring power of a brilliant star, the California Instruments "Asterion" line of AC power sources by AMETEK Programmable Power combines intelligence and flexibility to create an advanced platform of AC solutions. This easy-to-configure design features sophisticated technology for delivering high performance, programmable AC and DC power. Its sleek design packs maximum power density into a low-profile form factor with an intuitive touch screen interface placing that power at your fingertips. Centralized control and unparalleled modularity make Asterion the most adaptable platform on the market. Its groundbreaking capabilities set the standard for affordable, precision power sources.

  • AC Source

    AFV-P - Intepro Systems

    Intepro’s AFV-P Series is a programmable AC/DC output power source with precision measurement and control. This compact power source comes in four power levels, 600VA, 1250VA, 2500VA and 5000VA, providing clean power with distortion less than 0.3% at 40-100Hz. The AFV-P series delivers output voltage from 0 to 310VAC and frequency from 40 to 500Hz or 15 to 1000Hz with the high frequency option. It is ideal for commercial, defense and aerospace test applications from design verification, quality assurance, ATEs. The AFV-P Graphical Users Interface software makes it easy to setup complex testing of the AC input to the UUT.

  • Aluminum Portable Telemetry System with Integrated Keyboard and Display

    LS-84-AP - Lumistar Inc.

    The Lumistar LS-84-AP Rugged Aluminum Portable Data Unit offers a low cost, high performance COTS solution for aportable quick look ground station. Lumistar LS-25 FMReceivers or LS-25-D2 Down Converters with LS-35-R Multimode IF Receiver, Bit Synchronizers and Multi-function PCM Decommutators, and LS-71D/A Converters can be installed inthis rugged high quality portable computer and bundled with theLumistar setup, control, and monitoring software to achieve anaffordable alternative to the often expensive, proprietary architecture products of other suppliers. The flexible design allows the user to define the desired data acquisition cardconfiguration to unique requirements.

  • Ancillary Infrastructure

    TideStation – Permanent - Valeport Ltd,

    All data can be recorded locally and broadcast to a central command and control point as required. Within the TideStation enclosure is all the ancillary infrastructure required to maintain power to the Tide and Met equipment interfaced and the chosen communications systems. There are two standard TideStation variants: Option 1 – Single Port ipBuffer, TideStation Junction Box, optional Satel UHF radio. Configuration Example: TideMaster, VRS-20 and Pressure Sensor. Option 2 – 4 port ipBuffer, TideStation Junction Box, optional Satel UHF radio. Configuration Example: TideMaster, VRS-20, Pressure Sensor, miniCT, METPak II, plus other instruments.

  • Angle Position On-Axis

    ams AG

    The magnetic rotary position sensor product family detects the absolute angular orientation of an on-axis two-pole magnet rotating over the center of the IC. The absolute angular position can be provided in various formats, including PWM, ABI and UVW, or directly read through the host interface. According to the application’s requirements, resolutions from 8-bit up to 14-bit are available. This technology can be employed in high-accuracy angle position detection, high-speed rotation systems and brushless DC motor control. Any rotary magnetic position sensor can replace either absolute or incremental optical sensors, other magnetic and inductive technologies, potentiometers or magnetic switches.

  • Arbitrary / Function Signal Generators

    SFG-20X Series - Global Specialties

    The Global Specialties SFG-20X Series are single channel function/arbitrary waveform generators, capable of generating either a 5 MHz sine wave (SFG-205) or a 10 MHz sine wave (SFG-210). Both feature, easy-to-read color displays, user-friendly controls and numeric keypads to allow easily configured waveforms. In addition, they feature non-volatile memory to create, store, and recall arbitrary waveforms of up to 16,000 points with 14-bit vertical resolution. Forty-six predefined arbitrary waveforms are also available for output. A USB interface on the rear panel allows users to easily interface with application software to create and load arbitrary waveforms.

  • ATEX-Compliant IR Temperature Sensors

    FLIR A310 ex - Teledyne FLIR

    Explosive atmospheres need to be protected from ignition sources. Selecting equipment and protective systems which meet the requirements of the ATEX Product Regulations or similar regulations is essential. FLIR A310 ex is an ATEX compliant solution, with a thermal imaging camera mounted in an enclosure, making it possible to monitor critical and other valuable assets also in explosive atmospheres. Typical applications for the A310 ex include process monitoring, quality control, and fire detection in explosive locations. Because the FLIR A310 ex is rated IP 67, it can be installed in dusty environments. The Flame-Proof Enclosure "d"prevents any explosion transmission from the inside of the enclosure to the outside.

  • Automated Server & Application Testing / Certification Solution

    VersaTest Family - Ascert, LLC

    VersaTest is a powerful family of software testing solutions that work at the message level to perform machine interface-level testing of systems and server-based applications. Though used by testing professionals across industries, its widest use in is the testing of mission-critical payments applications and networks in the retail and banking industries, such as those found in the processing of POS (point of sale) and ATM transactions. Its flexibility has also enabled it to be successfully used in other areas from the testing of healthcare information systems and telecommunication networks all the way to to air traffic control systems - anywhere that computers exchange messages, regardless of the form, VersaTest has been successfully used.

  • Automotive Radar

    Analog Devices Inc.

    Analog Devices provides leading edge technology with our high performance ICs for the swiftly growing automotive radar market. Our technology enables important safety features such as front and rear park assistance, forward collision warning, lane change assistance, blind spot detection, collision mitigation, and full speed, range adaptive cruise control. As a long-term supplier and technology partner to the automotive industry, our zero defect management system is an integral part of our design and manufacturing processes. ADI maintains certification in all major quality standards. Please visit the Quality Certificates section to view the detailed certifications.

  • Bench Power Supply, Calibrated, Adjustable, 1 Output, 0 V, 30 V, 0 A, 5 A

    72-2690 CAL - Tenma

    The 72-2690 CAL from Tenma is a single channel adjustable bench top power supply. It is a digitally controlled industrial grade power supply with load for a long time. This compact design power supply has complete digital control, intelligent temperature controlled fan, low noise and low ripple. It also features knob lock function to avoid improper operation. This power supply has load regulation ≤0.01% +2mV (voltage), ≤0.1% +5mA (current) and line regulation of ≤0.01% +3mV (voltage), ≤0.1% +3mA (current). The setting accuracy (25°C ±5°C) is ≤0.5% +20mV (voltage), ≤0.5% +10mA (current).

  • Bench Power Supply, DC, Single, Adjustable, 1 Output, 1 V, 36 V, 0 A, 3 A

    72-8345A - Tenma

    Switch Mode Laboratory DC Power Supplies Precision adjustable supply provides adjustable 1~36VDC output with adjustable current limiting from 0~3A. It is ideal for test, measurement and service applications where tight voltage and current regulation are critical. Highly efficient switch mode design delivers outstanding performance from an extremely compact footprint. Unique separate output ON/OFF control allows voltage and current setting, with the supply output turned off. Part of a Complete Series, this slim supply occupies little bench space while providing very high precision and 90W of continuous output.

  • BL High Power AC Power Supplies

    BL HP Series - Behlman Electronics Inc.

    The BLHP Series Behlman's high power, AC Power Sources / Frequency Converters / Inverters, combine the smooth, clean power of a linear supply with the compact design of a switching power supply. They're about one-third the size and half the cost of other AC Sources. All models come standard with variable voltage and frequency, external sync and 0-10 Vdc remote control, optional IEEE488 or RS232 interface for computer controlled. LabWindows and LabView drives available. Small size, quiet operation and high efficiency make the high power BL Series ideal choices for precision avionics, ATE and industrial products testing requirements.

  • Brushless Electric Torque Screwdrivers

    BLG-BC1-Series - Mountz Inc.

    The HIOS BLG-BC1 Series is a brushless electric screwdriver with a built-in screw counter. The power tool is designed for high production environments at an affordable price. The screw counter helps manufacturers detect and eliminate costly screw-fastening errors during the assembly process. Features a high performance brushless motor design that provides durability and reduces the standard maintenance costs. Designed to detect cross threading, omissions, unfinished rundowns and cycle incompletes. Minimal heat build-up even when tool is operated continuously. Provides precision torque control with an automatic shut-off clutch once preset torque is achieved. A quality tool at a great price.

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