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  • Audio Fiber Tracer

    CFT-810 - FiberPro

    Motorized Polarization Controller. In addition to its basic function of adjusting polarization states in multi channels, it also provides convenient ‘save and recall’ functions. As a Scanning PC, it provides very powerful ‘auto scan’ modes with variable scanning speeds. Polarization states can be manipulated by either manual adjustment or remote control (GPIB, RS-232) using two quarter-wave plates in each channel of the PC1600. Additionally, the auto scan mode of FIBERPRO’s Motorized Polarization Controller has been upgraded in LPC, and it shows another auto scan mode of four quarter-waveplates with higher polarization extinction ratio when connecting two channels at a high speed. PC1600 is an essential tool to complete fiber-optic, multi-channel measurement systems such as WDM/DWDM as well as R&D (i.e. PMD experiments), and manufacturing.

  • Audio Signal Generator

    CRY5520 - Hangzhou JiGao Electroacoustical Science and Technology Co.,Ltd

    CRY5520 audio frequency sweep signal generator, adopts single chip microcomputer to control frequency sweep, digital and analog combination, stable performance. It has extremely low distortion, sine wave output, small distortion, good stability, and the frequency range covers the entire audio frequency domain . It is especially suitable for pure audio sound inspection of speakers and headphones. It can work in two modes of logarithmic frequency sweep and manual frequency modulation. The starting point, end point and frequency sweeping time of the frequency sweep can be set arbitrarily. The manual frequency modulation can be divided into coarse and fine adjustment, which can quickly and accurately adjust the frequency.128 × 64 dot matrix liquid crystal display is used to display frequency and voltage values ​​simultaneously, with synchronous output.

  • Bench Power Supply, Single, Adjustable, 1 Output, 1 V, 60 V, 250 mA, 1.6 A

    72-8340A - Tenma

    The 72-8340A is a 100W switching mode laboratory grade Power Supply with current limiting control, is designed with the objectives of high accuracy, compactness and easy portability. 4 digit display LCD of voltage and current for high precision. The slim tower housing makes it ideal for tight work bench. It is light and conveniently portable with a collapsible handle. The large and illuminated LCD display provides clear and sharp readings even under dim light. The output power on off switch allows safe and handy operations. The tracking OVP (output over voltage protection) ensures a better and tighter protection to voltage sensitive loads. It has good line and load regulations, high efficiency, low ripple and noise that are typical of advanced switching mode power supply.

  • Board

    Arduino MKR Vidor 4000 - Arduino llc

    The Arduino MKR Vidor 4000 brings Arduino's ease of use to the work with the most powerful reprogrammable chips that exist: FPGAs. With Vidor you can create a board where all pins are PWM signals controlling the speed of motors. You can capture sound in real time and make a sound effect pedal for your guitar. It is possible to create a real-time computer reading sensor information and sending it to a state-of-the-art monitor or capture video and overlay sensor information on the image that will then later be sent over to a screen. You can connect to the Arduino IoT Cloud and control a complex laboratory machine running a large amount of motors. You could even prototype your own processors inside the FPGA and have it to work in parallel to the other microcontroller on the board. Vidor is a device that invites for experimentation, precision, and high speed computation.

  • 12 Channels 1.0 ~ 17.0 Gb/s (200Gbps) Pulse Pattern Generator and Error Detector

    CA9806-12 - UC Instruments, Corp.

    The UC INSTRUEMNTS CA9806-12 is a highp erformance, flexible 12 channels Pulse Pattern Generator and Error Detector that can operate from 1.0 to 17.0 Gb/s (200 G). It is combined with three sets CA9806 4 CH 1.0 to 17.0 Gbps Pulse Pattern Generator and Error Detector that incorporates an external one by 4 rate clock synthesizer. Its small size allows it to be placed close to the device under test, it can also be placed further away using the TX driver pre and post emphasis controls features to compensate for cable and interconnect losses. It also has a non destructive, integrated eye outline capture feature along with a quick eye height and width measurement capability. Build-in 8.5 ~ 15 Gb/s eye diagram testing function.

  • Dissolved Ammonia Delivery System

    DI-NH3 - MKS Instruments

    MKS' DI-NH3 is a compact, stand-alone system providing dissolved ammonia water. With Semiconductor 3D IC architectures using new materials like Cu-Co and Si-SiGe, the ability to wet clean with precise alkaline chemistries is growing in frequency and importance. The DI-NH3 delivers dissolved ammonia, providing optimal cleaning capability in an alkaline chemistry, minimizing material loss and contamination and inhibiting Electrostatic Discharge (ESD). Using closed-loop control, conductivity and pressure are kept stable under changing flow conditions. The dissolved ammonia concentration is monitored and adjusted, delivering the specific NH4OH concentration needed. Dissolved ammonia’s alkaline chemistry provides ESD protection during rinsing, particle lift-off, and residual photoresist removal in middle-of-line (MOL) and prevents corrosion of cobalt/copper interfaces.

  • Resister

    AATA Japan Co., LTD.

    Our ARFC type Film Flat Chip Resistor & ARFCN type Thin Film Chip Resistor Network are high precision Metal Film resistors produced with high purity. Alumina Substrate and Ni-Cr-Si Resistor Film based on high precision Etching Technology. The electrode Terminals are made with Spattering Film and Nickel-Solder Plating, and solderability is very good in all Flow, Reflow and Dipping type soldering for Hybrid IC, SMT, PCB etc. Our ARFC Metal Film Resistor & ARFCN type Thin Film Chip Resistor are being produced under the thorough quality control, and are being used widely in high precision and high reliability electronics circuit such as Measuring Instrument, Medical Instruments, Communication and other Industrial Instruments.

  • Camera Endpoint Monitor based on Real Time Laser Interferometry

    LEM Series - HORIBA, Ltd.

    Our Real Time Interferometric Process Monitor provides high precision detection of film thickness and trench depth during the etching/deposition process.Depending on applications, LEM camera includes a 670 or 905 or 980 nm laser and when mounted on any dry etch/deposition process chamber with a direct top view of the wafer this generates a small laser spot on the sample surface.Interference occurs when monochromatic light hits the sample surface, resulting in different optical path lengths due to film thickness and height variations in the film.This allows the etch/deposition rate and thus thickness to be monitored in real time, also fringes counting or more complex analysis, providing enhanced process control Endpoint for a wide variety of processes. Additionally interfaces can be detected by their change in reflectivity.

  • Durometer - Shore Hardness Tester

    Qualitest International Inc.

    Qualitest provides quality control departments and research laboratories with an extensive range of top quality Durometer and hardness Tester for accurate hardness determination on all natural and synthetic rubber products and soft elastic materials, plastics, acrylic glass, acetates, casting resin, polyester, thermoplastics, PVC, neoprenes, hardboards, wood, leather, fruits and much more. Our products provide the highest precision (normally 0.5% or better), quality and craftsmanship, durability, “yet require” almost no calibration in many years after the purchase. Our designs are engineered so that the Durometer stays precisely within the standard requirements. Qualitest Durometers are referred to as the “Swiss watches” among other products on the market. Investing in our line of Durometer is a guarantee of accuracy and assurance for many years of operation.

  • Gloss Meters

    Imbotec Group

    Gloss is an aspect of the visual perception of objects that is as important as color when considering the psychological impact of products on a consumer. In other words, "Gloss Sells" Gloss has been defined as the attribute of a surface that causes it to have a shiny or lustrous, metallic appearance.The gloss of a surface can be greatly influenced by a number of factors, for example, the smoothness achieved during polishing, the amount and type of coating applied, or the quality of the substrate. Manufacturers design their products to have maximum appeal. Such examples are; highly reflective car body panels, glossy magazine covers, or satin black designer furniture. Now, what happens when products all of a sudden look different? Customers see this as a defect or poor quality. Using a glossmeter and having good quality control practices eliminates this variable as a problem.

  • Sound Pressure Level Logging Software

    RT-Capture 3 - WavCapture

    RT-Capture 3 is a SPL (Sound Pressure Level) logging software supporting a number of national and international standards. It is intended for self-governance of sound levels during music events, concerts and festivals.RT-Capture 3 has octave and third octave logging implemented for environmental noise control.RT-Capture has integrated networking for web-server over LAN and remote control and display of up to 250 units.RT-Capture uses a standard PC-soundcard and supports measurements from two microphones.RT-capture records a log-file with SPL-data (such as Leq, LAmax, LCpeak) and make compressed sound recordings of the audio signal.The log-file can be watched graphically and audio can be played back from a cursor point in the graph. The SPL-measurement is validated to the IEC 61672 standard and other international standards.Protocol according to several national standards can be printed. A scheduler can be set to email the log-file during logging.


    International Biological Laboratories

    These are the test benches incorporating control & measurement circuitry necessary for testing single phase as well as three phase transformers of several VA to MVA rating & voltage class of 11KV/433V,as well 33KV/11 KV, after manufacturing, repairing, reconditioning. Following tests can be done by these Test Sets.

  • Material Test/Cure Rooms

    Darwin Chambers Company

    Our walk-in Materials Test and Cure Rooms offer reliable, efficient environmental controls for a variety of applications including shelf-life testing and storage, ceramic and concrete wet and dry cure regimens (including ASTM-compliant units), thermal shock chambers, general, medical and packaging materials.

  • Variable Optical Attenuator

    Shenzhen Golight Technology Co.,Ltd

    Variable optical attenuator uses high-precision attenuation control components, and combines a selfdeveloped embedded data processing platform and precise calibration process, can be provided with maximum 60dB optical power attenuation and optical power monitoring function. Real-time display of input and output optical power.

  • Dissolution Software for Enhanced Data Management

    Agilent Technologies

    Agilent dissolution software systems enable more effective management and analysis of dissolution data, while ensuring ongoing regulatory compliance. Our dissolution testing data systems integrate analysis and sampling and provide real-time access to test status and simultaneous control of multiple systems.

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