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  • Starter Buddy

    165 - Electronic Specialties Inc.

    Starter Buddy tests the health of the vehicle’s electrical starting/cranking circuit. Slow cranks and no cranks are most likely caused by excessive voltage drops (resistance). If excessive resistance exists, Starter Buddy will help you quickly locate and diagnose which part of the circuit has the issue. Just 3 connections and a 3 second cranking test diagnose the problem. 12 foot test leads allow safe connections and control of the cranking test from the driver’s seat. Starter Buddy includes a training DVD with three 15 min videos by Dan Sullivan.

  • Stroboscopes

    Shimpo Instruments

    SHIMPO allow the users to view an object that is moving at high speeds appear to be slow-moving, or stationary. Our strobes include many features like phase shifting. The digital displays allow the flash rate (FPM) to be read as rotation speed measurement (RPM) or reciprocation speed for conditions where a hand held tachometer is offers stroboscopes designed for quality control, motion analysis and maintenance procedures included, production line checks, gear movement and engagement, propellers, turbines, monitoring vibrating parts, oil leak checks and a host of other industrial and scientific operations.

  • Submersible Tiltmeter

    820 Shallow Water Series - Jewell Instruments LLC

    The model 820 Shallow Water is a high-precision submersible tiltmeter for use in offshore ocean applications. Using an absolute gravity referenced electrolytic sensor, the 820 delivers superior measurement accuracy with virtually no long-term drift. High-gain units are sensitive to <0.0017 mm/m or better. Output options include analog (±5 VDC, ±10 VDC), current (4-20mA) and digital (RS232 and RS422). All units are rated to 50 meters waterproof for advanced protection from the elements. Use the 820 “Shallow Water” for structural monitoring, angle measurement and control, platform leveling and more.

  • Sulfur and Carbon Analysis by Combustion

    832 Series - Leco Corp.

    LECO’s 832 series will redefine the way you determine sulfur and carbon in a wide variety of organic materials. Using extensive customer feedback and innovative engineering, our latest instrumentation takes advantage of an on-board software platform powered by a touch-screen interface, increasing usability and operational control without using valuable bench space. A high-efficiency combustion furnace, improved IR cell design, and a robust, rugged design make the 832 a valuable resource for any laboratory needing fast and accurate analysis of sulfur and/or carbon in organic materials.

  • System Instruments

    bsw TestSystems & Consulting AG

    Many tasks in the area of semiconductor characterization as well as in the testing of electronic assemblies are routine tasks. Test series of new building elements or samples from production are routinely measured in a large number of electrical parameters. For this, you do not need a measuring device with a complex graphical user interface. A simple interface for remote control with a PC is sufficient. The evaluation and visualization of the results is also carried out on the PC. With the Keysight E5270B and its "little brother" the E5260A two powerful modular SMU units are available for the purpose of the integration into automatic test systems.

  • Temperature Switches & Sensors

    Sensata Technologies

    High Temperature Sensors (PTC - Positive Temperature Coefficient Thermistor and DTC – Digital ThermoCouple) that enable engine controllers to appropriately regulate automotive exhaust gas aftertreatment systemsCustom solutions for HVAC and industrial applications, featuring the fastest responding immersion package on the market todayHigh precision thermostats that help our aerospace customers ensure temperature protection and control in harsh environmentsIn addition, we’ve built on our leadership in temperature devices and pressure sensors to develop competitive solutions that combine pressure and temperature. Discover what Sensata can do for you.

  • Terahertz Spectroscopic System

    TAS7400 - Advantest Corp.

    The TAS7400 product line offers a series of low-cost, all-purpose spectroscopic systems that enable spectroscopic measurements using terahertz (THz) waves. The tools are capable of performing non-destructive analysis on a wide variety of sample types, making it applicable to a broad range of fields from life sciences to electronics, where precise chemical and material characterization is critical. The systems are ideal for settings ranging from basic research to product development, as well as for manufacturing and quality control, and employ easy-to-use spectroscopic methods that do not require specialized knowledge of THz wave generation or optics.

  • Thermal Monitoring System

    ViTec Co. Ltd

    The monitoring system for the thermal state of traction electric locomotive machines is designed for:control of the thermal state of traction electric motors (TED) as part of a high-speed traction-energy car-laboratory for testing rolling stock (TEL-C) in the acceptance and certification tests of electric locomotives;control of the thermal load of the TED and the temperature distribution by volume of the TED during the operational tests of electric locomotives;experimental determination of the most heated parts of the TED under different operating conditions;display of the current thermal state of the engine to the operator of the system;storing the thermal state data in the database for later playback.

  • Thermosensitive Resistors and Temperature Sensors

    Alpha Electronics Corp.

    This ultra precision thermosensitive resistor is a new type of resistor produced by the application of Alpha foil resistor technology. It is made of materialonly a few µm thick and responds rapidly to temperature changes. The metal foil that is used has a resistivity that varies linearly with temperature change.Strict control of foil composition maintains uniform quality without fluctuation of temperature characteristics of resistance. This thermosensitive resistor isproduced by the same fine photo-etching technology used in the metal foil precision resistors. The pattern is ideally designed for temperature detection,providing small size and rapid response.

  • TV Signal Generator

    Eiden Co., Ltd.

    This device is equips with the simulator. The following condition can be simulated. Non Liner: Non-linear assumed the satellite repeater - AWGN: C/N assumed the rain attenuation.- Phase Noise: Phase noise assumed the LNB - Frequency Drift: Frequency drift assumed the LNB- Echo: Reflection by the reception wiring and so on The MPEG-2 TS and the TLV (Type Length Value) can be transmitted. The test stream generator is equipped. Thus, the files can be rewritten through the USB2.0 interface. A seven-inches WVGA touch-panel is equipped. Thus, an excellent operation ability is provided. The remote control through the Ethernet is possible.

  • Universal Multichannel System

    CAEN S.p.A.

    Power Supply Systems are 100% internally developed and designed to install into a standard 19” relay rack. The mainframes and dedicated HV/LV boards were purposefully designed to provide peak performance in a broad spectrum of operational scenarios and for a vast number of detector types. CAEN mainframe systems are modular, making upgrade and maintenance a breeze.A single mainframe may house and provide control for up to 768 independent channels. Each mainframe may be configured with a mixture of both High Voltage boards for detector bias and Low Voltage boards to drive peripheral electronics.

  • USB 2.0 VXIbus Slot-0 Interface

    ProDAQ 3020 - Bustec Ltd.

    The ProDAQ 3020 is a C-size, register-based VXIbus module. It provides a direct connection from a PC to a VXIbus mainframe using the high-speed USB 2.0 bus. It plugs directly into the USB port of a PC and supports multiple mainframes interconnected via cables in a tree configuration. With high-speed data acquisition, the ProDAQ 3020 provides a high-performance and cost-effective solution for VXIbus applications. With the optional GPIB port, users can control GPIB devices included in a test system via the USB connection to the PC. The multi-crate trigger chaining provides a connection between the VXIbus trigger lines in a multi-crate system.

  • USB to I2C Adapter

    Model JI-300 - Jupiter Instruments

    The JI-300 is a versatile, easy to use PC hosted adapter used to drive I2C communicationsto/from a target device. The desktop unit can be configured to interface a variety of I2Cnetworks. Bus parameters such as clock frequency, duty-cycle, setup and hold times, busvoltage, and pull-up resistor values can be varied. JI-300''s diagnostic features including"excessive clock-stretch", "bus-not-free", and "bus contention" monitoring, as well as statusreporting at the conclusion of each message transaction simplifies I2C trouble-shooting. AWindows software application manages the setup and control of the instrument.Communications and unit power is provided via a USB 2.0 connection.

  • Variable Frequency AC Resonant Test System

    HDXZ-162kVA/54kV - HD Power Test Equipment

    HDXZ-162kVA/54kV Variable Frequency AC Resonant Test System is applied for AC dielectric withstand test for electric equipment.The system is mainly composed of following parts:variable frequency control power supply,exciting transformer,reactor and capacitive divider.1. 10kV/300mm2 cable 3km AC withstand voltage test, capacitance ≤1.1265uF, test frequency 30-300Hz, test voltage 22kV, test time 5min.2. 35kV/300mm2 cable 1.5km AC withstand voltage test, capacitance ≤0.2917uF, test frequency 30-300Hz, test voltage 52kV, test time 60min.

  • Wafer Probe Loadboards/PIB

    Dynamic Test Solutions

    DTS has a full line of standard PIBs for all major tester platforms. Custom PIB designs can accommodate any test head, prober and manipulator configuration, including probe card changers, overhead direct dock setups and cable interfaces. DTS wafer test loadboards are compatible with a variety of pogo pin interface towers. All PIBs are constructed with impedance control, precision matched line lengths, full power and ground planes and both analog and digital resources to provide high quality signal integrity directly to the device.

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