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  • Pick and Place Test Handler

    Delta MATRiX - Cohu, Inc.

    Cohu’s MATRiX handler has a highly flexible test site configuration that’s well suited for a wide range of test applications, including analog ICs with short test times and high throughput, automotive devices requiring accurate thermal control, small pitch wireless-communication products, high parallel microcontroller testing, MEMS device testing, and many other device market segments with their unique requirements. The MATRiX has a highly flexible test site configuration that enables customers to reuse existing load-boards, including boards made for competitor’s legacy handlers.

  • Piezo Unit Aging Tester

    BK2028/BK2028A - BaKo Co., Ltd

    We designed the BK2028 and BK2028A Piezo Unit Aging Testers for you to test your piezo electric vibration units for long term reliability. The BK2028 can test up to 50 units at a time, while the smaller BK2028A tests 20. Both models are easy to set up and can be stacked. They allow you to control the number of tests you you run so that you can run a large number of DUT's under exact conditions and make sure your piezo units will do what you expect them to do for the life of your products.


    4ABAC - Elcontrol Energy Net S.r.l.

    The high technological content, the great attention to the choice of materials, full compliance with industry regulations, make this instrument a reference (the “North Star”) to orient themselves with efficiency and simplicity in the control of electricity consumption and the main parameters power quality.Polar Star was conceived, designed, built and tested entirely in Italy, and therefore manufactured with quality assurance that distinguishes European products, in the real environment and ethics.His communication skills allow its use in Elcontrol monitoring networks of any size and geographical location. Two available versions 8Base and Top) allow to fit best any application requirement.

  • Portable Carrier Demodulator with Digital Display

    CD379 - Validyne Engineering

    The CD379 is a portable, completely self contained digital transducer indicator. In addition to the front panel liquid crystal digital display, the unit also provides a 2 Vdc analog output suitable for recording, remote display or control purposes. The unit is for use with all variable reluctance transducers and features solid state electronics, 3 1/2 digit liquid crystal display and battery pack with six 1.5V penlight cells for truly portable operation. The unit can also be powered from an external DC power supply or AC battery eliminator (converter) module.

  • Portable Dew Point Monitor

    1500 - Edgetech Instruments

    The Model 1500 is a self contained system; not only is there no field assembly required, there’s no need to carry around a myriad of individual components such as control boxes, sensors, cables, pumps, and power cords. Simply attach the sample line, adjust the flow (with the integral flow meter) and turn on the power. Within minutes you’ll be collecting field dew point data with the same chilled mirror accuracy of a lab standard hygrometer. And with a nominal battery life of 12 hours, you will be able to collect for the entire shift or spot check your processes for several days.

  • Power Distribution And Management Systems

    Hamilton Sunstrand GSE

    Primary power distribution systems (PPDS) and secondary power distribution systems (SPDS) enable seamless control and protection of all electrically powered devices, such as window wipers, fans, pumps, heaters and lights. Power distribution systems incorporate the use of solid state power controllers (SSPCs), which increase the reliability of the aircraft by eliminating lower reliability components. Unlike a centralized electric power distribution systems, distribution units that contain SSPCs can be distributed throughout the aircraft and remotely controlled, allowing them to be strategically located to minimize total aircraft wiring.


    Arga Controls

    Loss of prime in pumps can cause damage since the pumped liquid no longer functions to transfer heat or lubricate, the pump overheats, and bearings and seals are destroyed, resulting in costly repairs. When a pump loses prime, the power drawn by the motor also decreases. A protective device must detect this under power. Arga's Pump Motor and Process Protection Relay is designed on this basis to protect motor driven pumps against loss of prime and cavitation. The entire device mounts in the motor control box. No addi- tional plumbing or wiring to the pump itself is required.

  • Radio Communications

    General Dynamics Global Imaging Technologies

    Every day around the globe, General Dynamics'' radios ensure planes land safely, isolated personnel are found, soldiers communicate securely and first responders have the communications they need to go where no one else can. Our radios are more than tools, they are lifelines. Building on a strong, 50-year legacy in RF communications and networking development for military, government and commercial customers, General Dynamics’ radio products and systems are trusted globally in air traffic control, Blue Force Tracking, search and rescue, line of sight communications, satellite and wireless, and battlefield communications applications.

  • Reach In Xenon Lamp Weathering Test Chamber

    ACMAS Technocracy (PVT) LTD

    Weiber xenon lamp chamber uses xenon lamp to simulate the whole sunlight spectrum that can produce many destructive effects on the products. This simulation environment provided in the chamber is used to test the resistance of various manufactured products towards these destructive conditions. This chamber is used for quality control, product development and scientific researches and many more. With a variety of models and options, you can customize your chamber to fit your testing needs. Reach in chambers provide a compact testing area for small applications. These are easy to install, transport and occupies less space.

  • Relay Buddy

    190 - Electronic Specialties Inc.

    Relay Buddy is a quick go / no-go tester for the most common automotive relays. It provides you with an indication of the general health and functioning of the relay switch contacts and coil. Relay Buddy will check the control side of the relay by applying a signal to the relay coil while it checks for proper functioning of the relay contacts. Relay Buddy operates the relay several times during each test session as it watches for consistency in every cycle. Relay Buddy will fail the relay and light the RED LED if any one of the cycles proves unsuccessful during the test session.

  • Rugged COTS Systems

    North Atlantic Industries

    NAI’s family of highly configurable Rugged COTS Systems are ideally suited for defense, commercial aerospace, and industrial applications that require high-density I/O, communications, Ethernet switching, and processing for mission-critical tasks such as communications, guidance, sense and response, data acquisition and motion control. The simplified, modular approach of our Configurable Open Systems Architecture™ (COSA®) enables us to use the same building blocks across multiple platforms and programs, making it possible for you to develop semi-custom solutions quickly, without NRE, while retaining all the benefits of COTS products.

  • Sentry Hipot Tester AC/DC/IR

    19070 - Chroma Systems Solutions, Inc.

    AC/DC/IR 3 in 1 hipot testerAC 5kV and DC 6kV output1kV insulation resistance testInsulation resistance measurement from 1M to 50Ground continuity checkOpen Short Check(OSC) functionGFI shutdown the instrument when imbalance current > 0.5mAFlashover (ARC) detectionQuick discharge of DUT in IR and DC testPause modeLarge LCD display (240 x 64 dots matrix)UL and TUV approved (*see spec)CE markProgrammable ramp/fall and test timeProgrammable high/low limitSave/Recall program test functionRemote control and interface support2-Year factory warranty

  • Servo-Pneumatic Asphalt Testing System

    Atico Export

    All signal conditioning, as well as high-speed data acquisition and control functions are done by the unit and graphically interfaced through CATS, windows based software running on a standard PC. The system is capable of performing the full spectrum of HMA tests: dynamic complex modulus, flow number, flow time, indirect tension, beam flexural fatigue and resilient modulus. These tests are done with the appropriate testing modules. The different testing modules can be obtained after the initial system acquisition at the same discounted price. In addition, guarantees system upgrades in order to meet future standards .

  • Ships Alarm & Monitoring System

    Selco USA, INC

    SAMS-64’s are a key part of monitoring control and surveillance programs at national and international levels. SAMS-64 may be used to monitor vessels in the territorial waters of a country or a subdivision of a country, or in the Exclusive Economic Zones that extend 200 nautical miles (370.4 km) from the coasts of many countries. SAMS-64 systems are used to improve the management and sustainability of the marine environment, through ensuring proper fishing practices and the prevention of illegal fishing, and thus protect and enhance the livelihoods of fishermen. It’s a highly-effective marine alarm panel, which is cost-effective and has easy to use operator interface.

  • Signal Conditioning Carrier

    ProDAQ 5720 - Bustec Ltd.

    The ProDAQ 5720 Signal Conditioning Unit provides power and cooling for up to two Signal Conditioning Cards from the ProDAQ 58xx Series. These Signal Conditioning Cards provide conditioning for 8 or 16 channels and can be used directly with Bustec’s high-performance ProDAQ ADC function cards such as the ProDAQ 3416 16-ch. Sigma-Delta ADC Function Card or the ProDAQ 3424 8-ch. Sigma-Delta ADC Function Card.To connect the function cards to the signal conditioning cards SCSI-style cables from the ProDAQ 8010-Bx Series are used. They provide shielded twisted pair connections for signals and control.

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