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  • PDS Motion Scan

    Teledyne Marine BlueView

    Allows a 3D Scanning sonar user to collect motion compensated 3D point clouds from a moving platform​Teledyne PDS MotionScan system allows a 3D Scanning sonar user to collect motion compensated 3D point clouds from a moving platform. The MotionScan system is comprised of: an RTK capable dual antenna GPS with precision heading output, a heave, pitch and roll sensor, a topside control console. In combination with a BlueView 3D Multibeam Scanning Sonar this creates a full survey package.​

  • PDS Multibeam Survey and Processing/Charting

    Teledyne Marine BlueView

    Teledyne PDS for Multibeam Surveys provides the functionality for survey planning, data acquisition, data processing, editing, volume calculations and chart production. This turnkey solution offers the surveyor and helmsman a strong tool to carry out the multibeam survey efficiently. Progress is shown real time in top, profile, and 3D views using a color-coded digital terrain model (DTM). Various filter settings can be applied to the multibeam data online, thus providing real-time data processing. Quality control displays reassure the operators that the data is of the desired quality.

  • Peel Testers

    IMADA, Incorporated

    Imada offers motorized peel testers in vertical or horizontal configurations.The motorized test stand, digital force gauge and peel fixture apply tension to a safety seals, tapes and laminates.Special attachments and fixtures facilitate 45°, 90°, 180°, ‘T’ and rotary peel tests.Motorized peel testers offer speed control and highest degree of repeatability with the ability to set a constant test speed and range of movement.All peel testers with digital force gauges have data output capability for analysis by optional data acquisition software.

  • Photometer & Colorimeter Solutions

    Photo Research, Inc

    Fully automated filter photometer available today. We''ve automated the measuring apertures (5 standard sizes), the filter turrets, the measuring (zero) shutter and viewing (eyepiece) shutter. All of these features are controlled by an on-board computer and are accessed via 8 push buttons on the integral control panel. After setting up the measurement from menus on the 4 x 20 back lit LCD display, making a measurement is as easy as pushing a button. The corrected measurement value (e.g. luminance) is automatically displayed following the measurement. T

  • PicoBuck LED Driver

    SparkFun Electronics

    The PicoBuck LED Driver is an economical and easy to use driver that will allow you to control and blend three different LEDs on three different channels. By default, each channel is driven at 330mA; that current can be reduced by either presenting an analog voltage or a PWM signal to the board. Version 12 of the board adds a solderable jumper that can be closed to increase the maximum current to 660mA. The new voltage regulator also increased the voltage rating on the various components on the board, allowing it to be used up to the full 36V rating of the AL8860 part.

  • Pitot Static Tester

    ADSE 550 - ATEQ Aviation

    The ADSE 550 pitot static tester, housed in a plastic carrying case, is a portable, self contained field tester designed to test aircraft pilot ans static systems for leaks as well as the operation and calibration of airspeed, altimeter, engine pressure ratio, manifold pressure indicators, and other vacuum or low pressure units. The tester consists of a hand-operated vacuum pump, a hand-operated pressure pump vacuum and pressure gauges, 5 control valves, an altimeter and an airspeed indicator. The package accessories include two 25-foot hoses.

  • Powerful Diagnostic Instrument

    Flex-US - SDT Ultrasound Solutions

    The design of the Flex.US is based on the popular "Flexible Sensor" from SDT. Mounted on the end of a flexible steel pipe, the ultrasound sensor can access any hard-to-reach location. Bend, twist and curve your Flex.US to suit your inspection. Safely scan electrical cabinets and behind machinery guards without putting your hands in danger. To ensure comfort, the volume control is quickly adjusted when very loud ultrasounds are encountered. This sensitivity provides a high level of precision making leak detection a pleasure, not a chore.

  • Powerful In-Circuit Production Flash Programmer

    CYCLONE FX - P&E Microcomputer Systems

    P&E Microcomputer Systems' Cyclone FX programmer is is a powerful in-circuit, stand-alone programmer that supports a wide range of ARM Cortex and NXP® processor families. It's a versatile tool that offers on-board storage of programming images, provides power to the target, supports manual or automated programming, and has an easy-to-use touchscreen interface. Programming may be launched by a single button press without a PC or automatically from a PC via the automated control SDK. The Cyclone may also be used as a debug probe during development.

  • Power Quality Analyzer

    PQM-702 - Sonel S.A.

    *Power to the analyzer is supplied from tested mains (internal power supply) and is used in all types of networks from 64 V to 760 V.*With particular emphasis on measurements at low voltage poles, due to the ease of connection.*Has an independent power supply socket, especially suited for voltage measurements for transformers and DC circuits.*Remote control and data transfer through a built-in GSM modem (GPRS).*Anti-theft feature - SMS notification in the event of position change - built-in GPS receiver.*Real-time clock synchronized to GPS protocol.

  • Precision Pressure Transducers

    Mensor Corp.

    Precision pressure transducers convert pressure into an analog or digital signal proportional to the pressure being sensed. Precision pressure transducers (sometimes called transmitters) are used to monitor and or control sensitive pressure processes. They can also be used as high accuracy transfer standards or as a factory working standard for testing or calibrating a variety of pressure measuring instruments. With an accuracy as high as 0.008 % of reading, these pressure transducers can be found in laboratories or in production environments where a high degree of precision and accuracy are required. Each transducer is calibrated in Mensor's 17025, A2LA certified laboratory.

  • Precision Programmable Attenuator

    RCDAT-30G-30 - Mini-Circuits

    Mini-Circuits’ RCDAT-30G-30 is a precision programmable attenuator covering an extremely wide bandwidth, from 0.1 to 30 GHz. Its unique design allows attenuation settings to be programmed from 0 to 30 dB, in 0.5 dB steps with monotonic attenuation change per dB, even at the highest frequencies and attenuation settings. The attenuator can be controlled via USB or Ethernet, allowing control directly from a PC, or remotely over a network. VHF / UHF / L / S / C / X / Ku / K band testing.

  • Precision Voltage and Current Sources

    VI-700 - IET Labs

    The VI-700 Voltage and Current Source is a versatile precision dialable or remotely programmable voltage and current source. Its three ranges provide up to 20 V full scale (200 V with the HV option), and down to 100 mV resolution; and 20 mA full scale down to 0.1mA resolution. Both voltage and current outputs are available simultaneously. The output is set by a range selector and thumbwheel switches in the LOCAL mode, or by a digital input at the rear panel. The REMOTE mode control can be a RS232 or IEEE-488 interface.

  • Preset Torque Screwdrivers

    TLS Pro - Mountz Inc.

    The new TLS Pro torque screwdrivers are an upgrade to our reliable and trusted cam-over torque technology. It's designed to enhance the user experience during the fastening process. The new screwdriver offers the same performance, same quality, same torque results as the old dependable TLS screwdriver. The preset screwdriver (internally adjustable) delivers precision torque control and prevents a fastener or bolt from being under and over tightened. Using a quality torque screwdriver makes a safer world through accuracy and precision.

  • Primary Injection Test Set

    PI-6000 - ETI Precision

    The PI-6000 is a rugged & durable primary injection test set capable of testing circuit breakers up to 6,000 amperes frame size. It incorporates an output transformer with dual primaries to facilitate its use on power sources of 480 VAC as well as 208-240 VAC. The unit also includes dual secondaries to provide optimal impedance matching to a wide range of circuit breaker sizes. An internal voltage sensor automatically configures the AC control power section to be energized only when properly configured for the applied voltage.

  • Programmable Electronic AC Loads

    ELP / ACP 3250 series - ET System Electronic GmbH

    *The 3250 series AC & DC load modules are suitable for sine, square and step wave tests*Each AC & DC load has its own control and display field, which can be plugged into the 3302C or 3300C*CC, Linear CC, CR and Crest Factor Modes.*Dual 4 1/2 V / A / W / VA meters on each module.*Memory for the last setting on each module.*Five memories on the mainframe.*GO / NG limit value test.*Protection against V, I, W and ℃.

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