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  • Dial Strain Gauge

    DRK8093 - Shandong Drick Instruments Co., Ltd.

    This stress (birefringence) sources are due to uneven cooling or external causes such as mechanical action, which directly affect the optical glass, glass products, quality transparent plastic products. Therefore, stress control is optical glass, glass products, plastic products, such as transparency in the production process extremely important part. The strain gauge can be qualitatively or quantitatively by observing stress to identify products (DUT) quality, are widely used in optical glass, glass, transparent plastics industry for fast, a lot of testing. In fact, it can not be solved by math the complex problems.

  • Digital Digitizer

    MOS2 - Holding Informtest

    Mezzanine module (mezzanine) MOS2 is designed to convert instantaneous voltage values ​​of an electrical signal into a digital code, measure instantaneous voltage values. The mezzanine is intended for use in HF and microwave systems as a terminal device for digitizing intermediate frequency signals up to 200 MHz. Together with the frequency converter DOWNCONVERTER 10 GHz LXI manufactured by the holding "Informtest" MOS2 under the control of the common software shell ACM2 makes up a synthetic instrument - spectrum analyzer, a ready-made solution for testing microwave devices and radio reception channels.

  • Digital I/O Board

    P104-DIO-96 - Acces I/O Products, Inc.

    Each I/O line of this card is buffered and capable of sourcing 32mA, or sinking 64mA. The board simulates Programmable Peripheral Interface chips (PPI) to provide a computer interface to digital I/O lines. Each PPI supports two 8-bit ports (A, B) and two 4-bit ports (Chi, Clow). Each port can be configured to function as either input or output latches. The I/O line buffers (types 74ABT240 and 74ABT245) are configured automatically by hardware logic for input or output according to the PPI Control Register direction software assignment.

  • Digital Multimeters

    T3DMM Series - Teledyne LeCroy

    Teledyne Test Tools new T3DMM series are dual display digital desktop multimeters that provide a rich and powerful feature set. The design is easy-to-use from the front-panel and computer-based control via USB or LAN. Each model is equipped with a 4.3 inch TFT-LCD true color screen with 480 * 272 resolution for easy viewing. The T3DMM series also features numerical data display, histograms, trend charts, bar charts and statistics, in addition to the built-in arithmetic functions including Measurement statistics.

  • Diode Lasers

    6-Watt Blue Spot Creator - Advanced Photonic Sciences LLC

    *Simple Installation On X-Y-Z CNC Machines*Adjustable Focusing Lens to Create 50, 80, and 100 Micron Diameter Spots*Create High Intensities on Target*Self-Contained Fully Integrated Laser Module Including High Power Blue Diode, Active Cooling, Beam-Forming Optics, and Power Supply*Stable Output Power*Precision Engineering*Rapid Engraving, Etching, and Marking*Modulate Up To 250 kHz*Proportional Control in CW Mode Using 5V CW Signal*High Efficiency*Simple to Power Up and Operate

  • Diode Power probe


    The COMM-connect 3026 Diode based temperature compensated probe is designed for use with the COMM-connect range of Power Monitors. The probe will handle from 50µW to 100mW . Used with external couplers and the our measurement system application from 1W to 1MW, a high dynamic range can be configured. The 3026 Diode based probe gives excellent stable results along with the COMM-connect Power Monitor variants. This gives our customers a number of applications to monitor and control the last part of your RF network installation from transmitters to the antenna.

  • Director''s LCD monitor with wireless RF link

    EZ-ROAM D - Murraypro Electronics

    The highly portable "EZ-ROAM D" has been designed for life on the road, and is ruggedly constructed in an extruded aluminium case sealed to IP67, and tough enough to take every day knocks and bumps. Battery powered (and with an external dc input too), the EZ-ROAM D with it''s 7" LCD provides robust diversity radio reception, whilst the recessed controls offer selection between video inputs, 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratios, Horizontal & Vertical flip, and stereo audio monitoring. There is even an RX OP on BNC

  • DR software, for use with CT100 Series TDRs

    CT Viewer™ - MOHR Test and Measurement llc

    CT Viewer™ is a full-featured TDR waveform analysis software package for Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista PCs that lets you archive, manipulate, analyze, and compare TDR data acquired with CT100 Series Automated Metallic TDRs or any other TDR instrument, now with live internet streaming and remote control of CT100 Series TDRs. CT Viewer™ is included with CT100 Series TDRs. Read on to discover how CT Viewer™ will change the way you test cables.

  • Dual Gas Detector

    MGS-550 - Bacharach, Inc.

    Bacharach’s advanced MGS-550 Dual Gas Detector can utilize any combination of sensor technologies, including electrochemical, semiconductor (MOS), catalytic bead or infrared, in a single platform for unparalleled detection capability. It meets ASHRAE 15 and EN 378 requirements. The MGS-550 can easily be connected to any central control system using the current and volt analog output or the Modbus RTU interface. With three user assignable relays, it can also function as a stand-alone unit without the need to wire alarm devices back to a central system.

  • Electric Rotary Actuators

    SLG Series - Exlar Corporation

    The UL Recognized, Exlar SLG Series gearmotors offer you one of the highest power densities available in motion control. Currently the SLG gearmotors are available in three frame sizes, 60, 90 and 115 mm frames with 1, 2 or 3 stack lengths. Single and double reductions are availble in 4:1, 5:1, 10:1, 16:1, 25:1, 40:1, 50:1, and 100:1. Their unique design is especially valued in applications where weight or space is at a premium.

  • Electric Screwdrivers

    Mountz Inc.

    Faster than hand tools and more precise than air tools, electric screwdrivers are the smart choice for high-volume manufacturers who want to increase productivity. Brushless motors keep your tools on the line by reducing maintenance downtime which, in turn, maximizes your tooling ROI. Mountz electric screwdrivers simplify process control and regulatory compliance by interfacing with screw counters for automatic oversight. You can also meet special manufacturing needs, such as ESD-prevention or clean room requirements, with Mountz's complete lineup of electric tools.

  • Electronic Loads

    SLM DC Family - AMETEK VTI

    The DC models support operation in Constant Current, Constant Voltage, Constant Resistance or Constant Power mode as well as a short simulation. Engineers have ultimate control of current waveforms by using either the analog input or CC dynamic mode. An analog input (single input DC models) allows arbitrary current waveforms up to 20kHz with an external 0-10V signal. In dynamic mode, the pulse generator allows fast state switching between two programmed current levels with programmed slew rate and dwell times.

  • Emissions Dynamometers

    MD-ASM-150-AWD (4×4) - Mustang Dynamometer

    The MD-ASM-150-AWD (4×4) tests both axles of the test vehicle under the same imposed load; while at the same time providing for front-to-rear axle speed synchronization. Front-to-back roller speed synchronization protects AWD center differentials, provides for a means to safely test 2WD vehicles with traction control, and allows for testing to be performed under real-world load conditions. The MD-ASM-150-AWD (4×4) accommodates wheelbases from 86 to 128 inches (218 – 325 cm) without moving parts.

  • Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (ED-XRF) Spectrometer

    XEPOS - SPECTRO Analytical Instruments GmbH

    The new SPECTRO XEPOS spectrometer represents a quantum leap in energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence technology. It provides breakthrough advances in multi-elemental analysis of major, minor, and trace element concentrations. New developments in excitation and detection deliver outstanding sensitivity and detection limits yielding remarkable gains in precision and accuracy. The amazing SPECTRO XEPOS excels at critical tasks from rapid screening analysis to precise product quality control. Apply it for at-line processing in a variety of industries, for geology and mining, for environmental and waste monitoring, and for research and academia.

  • Engineering Services

    FEV Group GmbH

    FEV is expediting the evolution of the Diesel engines in this complex field with partially contrary requirements in two major ways. On one hand we develop cutting-edge innovations in advanced engine architectures, novel emission management concepts and innovative control functionalities. On the other hand we assist the entire development chain with the expansion of dedicated engineering services including advanced application and calibration tools. We apply methodologies to manage the additional efforts resulting from continuously increasing variabilities of prototype vehicles, testing resources and engineering effort.

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