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  • Vision System With LGA1151 Socket 7th/6th Gen Intel® Core™ I7/i5/i3 & Celeron®, Intel® Q170, 4 PoE, 4 USB 3.0, And Real-time Vision I/O

    IPS962-512-PoE - Axiomtek Co., Ltd.

    The IPC962-512-PoE meets the increasing requirements for maximum quality and flexibility in modern production plants. It features flexible expansion capacity, camera communication interfaces, real-time vision-specific I/O with microsecond-scale and LED lighting control. This machine vision controller is powered by the LGA1151 socket 7th/6th generation Intel® Core™ (codename: Kaby Lake/Skylake) and Celeron® processors (up to 65W) with the Intel® Q170 chipset. The IPS962-512-PoE comes with a full range of isolated I/O interfaces and real-time controls essential to machine vision applications, including trigger input, LED lighting controller, camera trigger, as well as an encoder input for conveyor tracking. The real-time vision system PS962-512-PoE enables a fast and high accurate inspection to ensure that the desired quality is achieved with no manufacturing defects. It supports four IEEE802.3at PoE LAN ports and four USB 3.0 ports for connection with industrial cameras. Operating over a wide temperature range from -10°C to +55°C, the IPS962-512-PoE provides reliable and stable performance within severe environments. Its easy setup and compact design are ideal for space constrained environments. Moreover, one PCIe x16 and one PCIe x4 expansion slots allow quick installation of I/O cards and graphics cards. Two easy-swappable 2.5" HDDs are available for extensive storage needs.

  • Resistance Meter - Portable, Precision Resistance Measurement from 0.10 to 1.00 x 10^12 Ohms

    PRS-812B - Prostat Corporation

    - Wide Range Resistance: 0.10 Ω to 1.00x1012 Ω- Accuracy of ±2% from 1.00 Ω to 9.99x1010Ω- Constant Test voltages 10V and 100V for specification measurements to meet international and domestic ESD measurement standards- Auto Resistance Range Control- Auto Test Voltage Control- Uses a Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack- Takes Approximately 8,000 Measurements on a Single Charge (480 hours typical)- 120 Data Set Internal Memory- Uses Standard USB Cable for Charging- Charges in 2 Hours- 2-year Limited Warranty on Main Instrument

  • 40Gbps Ethernet Tester

    APG208 - Axtrinet

    Full wire rate Ethernet Packet Generator with Capture. 2 x 40GbE QSFP+ & Direct Attach Cables supported. 8 x 10GbE SFP+, 1GbE SFP & Direct Attach (also supports 10GBase-T SFP+ & 10/100/1000Base-T ). 8 x user configurable independent streams per port. Packet transmit rate control (IPG, packets/sec, %) up to line rate. Transmit burst control (single, multiburst, continuous). Easy to use Graphical User Interface plus scripting for integration into automated test systems. Automated RFC testing.

  • Digital Reconfigurable I/O Device


    The Digital Reconfigurable I/O (RIO) Device features user-programmable FPGA for onboard processing and flexible I/O operation. You have complete control over the synchronization and timing of all signals and operations along with custom onboard decision-making that executes with hardware-timed speed and reliability. You can configure user-defined hardware for a wide variety of applications, such as custom digital DAQ, high-speed waveform generation, sensor simulation, hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) test, custom digital communications protocols, bit error rate testing, and other applications that require precise timing and control.

  • Leak Testing

    Marposs S.p.A.

    Leak testing is a non-destructive method to verify the presence of a leak in a component or device.It is implemented as a control methodology for monitoring production process and product quality control. Leak tests are used to find out possible leaks due to non-suitable material (porosity, blowholes, cracks), or in the machining process to find out machining errors or defective parts, and ultimately in assembly, to find out missing or defective gaskets, wrong positioning or assembly. The presence of a leakage could jeopardize the correct functioning of the component,  device or its life span, and can also be potentially dangerous for the environment and the safety of its user.

  • 4-20mA Current Loop D/A Converters

    Analog Devices Inc.

    ADI integrated solutions combine both the D/A converter and driver in one chip to provide the required output directly from the digital domain. Analog Devices’ portfolio of leading industrial D/A converters and drivers provides a range of programmable output ranges from standard 4 mA to 20 mA for current loop communication to ±10 V for actuator control. ADI industrial converters offer considerable control functionality and advanced on-chip diagnostics to maximize system uptime, as well as eliminate the need for costly calibration routines needed by some traditional discrete architectures.

  • Test Stand Auxiliary Power Plant Stationary System

    ViTec Co. Ltd

    The automated control system based on the measuring system implements the following main functions:control and management of the units of the test stand;measurement and recording of parameters related to the APU tests and characterizing the operation of the test bed units;blocking the start and emergency stop of the APU in accordance with the specified conditions;control of calibration / calibration processes of metering channels and calculation of metrological characteristics in accordance with verification methods;formation of text test reports;the formation of graphic protocols;the formation of an archive of test reports, graphical protocols for changing parameters during testing, and calibration / calibration protocols for measuring channels.

  • Automated Calibration

    ORION - A&D Technology, Inc.

    ORION automates the process of characterization and calibration of engines. It facilitates the calibration process by taking control of both the ECU calibration system and the test cell control system to run experiments as part of an automated calibration process.  With connectivity to IAV’s EasyDOE, Mathworks’ MBC Toolbox and other DOE tools, ORION provides an extremely powerful environment for mapping an engine and generating the Engine Management System calibration tables. The modular design means the product can be configured to a users’ specific requirements and work practices, rather than having to adhere to rigid methodologies dictated by prescriptive software.

  • Goniophotometer for Traffic Signal Lamps

    LSG-1950S - Lisun Electronics Inc.

    LSG-1950S is a high automatic test system for luminous intensity distribution of luminaires and can be applied to quality evaluation and quality control for signal luminaires, luminaires for cars, motors, vessels and Retro-reflectors. LSG-1950S system is a goniophotometer which can measure all kinds of lamps and luminaires.• Rotations of test samples around both vertical axis (-90°~+90°) and horizontal axis (-35°~+35°) • Accuracy of angle: 0.1° • Resolution of angle: 0.01° • Photometer detector: CIE class A (standard class) accuracy • All software control, high intellectual faculties and simple operation

  • Test System

    LB303 - Computer Gesteuerte Systeme GmbH

    The test system features the durable G12 receiver from the Virginia Panel Cooperation for the adapter interface. The LB303 is equipped with a power supply of max. 6 kW and can control up to 2 load boxes (in an external rack).

  • 2-way Radio Signaling Test Software

    Tone Generator - ComTekk Engineering, LLC.

    The new PC-based test software for RF communications engineers and technicians. Flexible, accurate code synthesizer for simulation and testing of 2-way radio systems, repeaters, remote control, ANI, Paging and more.No external hardware required.

  • Blackfin Embedded Processors

    Analog Devices Inc.

    Blackfin® 16-/32-bit embedded processors offer software flexibility and scalability for convergent applications: multiformat audio, video, voice and image processing, multimode baseband and packet processing, control processing, and real-time security.

  • AC and DC Electronic load

    63800 series - Chroma ATE Inc.

    The Chroma 63800 Loads can simulate load conditions under high crest factor and varying power factors with real time compensation even when the voltage waveform is distorted. This special feature provides real world simulation capability and prevents overstressing thereby giving reliable and unbiased test results. The 63800's state of the art design uses DSP technology to simulate non-linear rectified loads with its unique RLC operation mode. This mode improves stability by detecting the impedance of the UUT and dynamically adjusting the load's control bandwidth to ensure system stability. Comprehensive measurements allow users to monitor the output performance of the UUT. Additionally, voltage & current signals can be routed to an oscilloscope through analog outputs. The instrument's GPIB/RS232 interface options provide remote control & monitor for system integration. Built-in digital outputs may also be used to control external relays for short circuit (crowbar) testing.

  • Omni-λSeries Imaging Spectrograph

    Omni-λi - ZOLIX

    Zolix Imaging Spectrometer includes different focal length 320mm, 500mm, 750mm; ◆Manual micrometer adjustable slits for precision control of incoming light. Motorized Slit and fixed slit is optional. • More than 100 gratings for the best spectral range, throughput and dispersion to meet your application◆DSP controlled stepping motor scanning system provides superior precision and repeatability of wavelength positioning◆Optional internal shutter or six-position filter wheel for experiments requiring background removal or signal attenuation◆Installation and set-up through USB 2.0 computer interfaces • Stand-alone Omni Series monochromator control software for basic scanning and calibration. Also includes utilities for grating updates and communications◆ Active X control support Visual Basic, C++ and Delphi drivers allow users to design their own acquisition programs◆ZolixScan data acquisition software provides a simple user interface for easy data acquisition and experimental set-up

  • LTE Networks

    PBE Group

    PBE offers secure and reliable wireless solutions for critical mining and tunnel construction operations. Complete end-to-end private LTE networks provide unified infrastructure for underground applications with different QoS, bandwidth and latency requirements.PBE private LTE allows customization of the capabilities of public cellular LTE networks and scale it according to the size and requirements of the particular mine. P-LTE networks provide both human and machine communications on a single, seamless and extendable network that offers long ranges of propagation. In addition to the standard telemetry (air quality monitoring, ventilation management, pump control, belt control, fire suppression, evacuation alerting stations, etc.) LTE networks provide a gateway for:- Voice Communications (VoLTE, VoIP, Push-to-Talk)- Video Communications- CCTV- Internet Access- LAN Access- Real Time Machine Control- Fleet/Asset Management- Access Control/Localization- Automation- Collision Avoidance- Remote Diagnostics

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