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  • 2-Channel 400MHz DDS Signal Generator

    2940A - Novatech Instruments , Inc.

    The 2940A is a two-channel 400MHz DDS Signal Generator that generates two independent sine wave output frequencies simultaneously from 200kHz to 400MHz in 1Hz steps. A Clock Generator configuration with ECL or LVDS clock outputs is also available. The 2940A is lockable to an external frequency standard or is used with its internal TCXO. Optional internal amplifiers and 60dB step attentators available. Set all parameters with front panel controls and LCD display or by computer using the RS232 serial interface. All settings can be saved into non-volatile EEPROM memory upon power down. Windows software included.

  • 35/50 GHz 2/4 Port TDR/TDT Remote Sampling Head for the 86100D DCA-X

    N1055A - Keysight Technologies

    Bandwidth options: 35 or 50 GHz (upgradable)Edge speed (10-90%, typical): 18 ps (35 GHz) or 7 ps (50 GHz)Channel options: 2 or 4 per module (upgradable) with independent skew control and up to 16 channels per 86100D mainframe Ultra-thin remote head: 1.6 m phase-stable cable, 2.92 mm (35 GHz) or 1.85 mm (50 GHz) connectors, and integrated 67 GHz diode limiters for ESD/EOS protection TDR fixture de-embedding removes effects of fixtures, cables or probes connected between remote heads and DUT

  • 4K Autofocus MIPI NVIDIA® Jetson TX2 Camera Board

    E-CAM132_TX2 - e-con Systems Inc.

    e-CAM132_TX2 - 13MP Autofocus Jetson TX2 camera board is a 4-lane MIPI CSI-2 camera solution for NVIDIA® Jetson TX2 developer kit. This camera is based on 1/3.2" AR1335 CMOS image sensor with advanced 1.1µm pixel BSI technology from ON Semiconductor® and an integrated high-performance image signal processor (ISP) that performs all the Auto functions (Auto White Balance, Auto Exposure control). e-CAM132_TX2 is a two board solution consists of a base board and a 13MP autofocus camera board. This camera board is connected to the base board using 30 cm micro-coaxial cable.

  • 6MM High Resolution Articulating Fiberscope

    TFBS-6 - Titan Tool Supply, Inc.

    The new 17,000 element high resolution imaging bundle offers superior image quality. They feature an objective end tip that can be deflected 120 in either 2-way or 4-way articulation by using a control knob next to the eyepiece housing. This enables easier positioning around elbows and bends in the work piece, while enhancing the viewing area. The new Tungsten braid sheathing offers superior protection and abrasive resistance than standard sheathing. The TFBS-6 Series eyepiece now has a direct photo adaptable C mount, to connect directly to an industrial video camera, no need for an additional video coupler.

  • AC Voltage Detector

    Triplett Test Equipment & Tools

    high performance AC Voltage detector with adjustable sensitivity that has a wide measurement range of 25 to 1000ACV, Dual Color Tip to indicate low/high voltage, built-in flashlight and durable overmold. The high sensitivity allows it to detect low voltage AC wiring commonly found in doorbell circuits, thermostats, control circuits, and video surveillance camera power. The Sniff-It 3 is designed for industrial applications with its impact and drop resistance in a sleek ergonomic design, and the easy to use thumb wheel helps dial-in detection range. Includes (2) AAA batteries. CAT III safety rating.

  • Ambient Light Sensors

    ams AG

    The Ambient Light Sensor (ALS) products from ams provide measurements of ambient light intensity which match the human eye’s response to light under a variety of lighting conditions. Each device has a specific operating range of performance, from very low light up to bright sunlight. High sensitivity coupled with wide dynamic range make these ALS products ideal for operation behind dark inked glass. They enable consumer electronics device manufacturers to implement display dimming and brightness control functions, helping to reduce power consumption and extend battery run-time.

  • Automotive Ethernet Interface Device

    IVN-8561 / 786169-01 - NI

    2-Channel, 4-Port, 100BASE-T1 to 100BASE-TX Automotive Ethernet Interface Device—The IVN-8561 is an interface that converts 100BASE-T1 unshielded twisted pair (UTP) automotive Ethernet to standard 100BASE-TX Ethernet. It is ideal for developing applications that require automotive Ethernet to test and validate automotive electronic control units (ECUs). The IVN-8561 provides two channels to convert data between 100BASE-TX Ethernet and 100BASE-T1 Automotive Ethernet. Each 100BASE-T1 port can be configured as master or slave, using switches on the front panel. The IVN-8561 also provides LED on the front panel so that you can monitor the linkage and activity on the various ports.

  • Board cameras

    The Imaging Source, LLC

    The Imaging Source USB 3.1 (gen. 1) color board cameras combine the latest Sony Pregius and STARVIS CMOS sensor technology with the USB 3.1 reversible Type-C port connection to provide exceptional image quality and easy integration. These single-board cameras measure only 30 x 30 x 12 mm and offer maximum flexibility for a wide range of space-limited applications such as industrial automation, quality control, surveillance and medicine. The included software allows for the adjustment of gain, exposure, frame rate and white balance. Specific models are available with a variety of input, output, strobe and trigger options.

  • E-DRIV® Brushless Electric Screwdrivers

    HF-Series - Mountz Inc.

    The brushless electric torque screwdriver is built for precision torque control. The electric screwdriver ensures quality and reduces overall assembly failures. These durable power tools feature a Swiss Maxon brushless motor design, which reduces the common maintenance costs associated brush type electric screwdrivers. With almost no expendable parts and simple design, the brushless screwdriver life cycle is extended and maintains a clean working environment. The screwdriver requires less maintenance and part replacement and provides consistently reliable performance. Using a quality brushless electric screwdriver makes a safer world through accuracy and precision.

  • Eddy Current Dynamometer

    EC Series - Power Test, Inc.

    Specifically designed for small displacement diesel engines, the Eddy Current (EC-Series) engine dynamometer features in-line eddy current absorption units in a robust, compact frame. The air-cooled eddy current absorbers eliminate the need for an expensive water recirculation system and most engines being tested can be cooled with a standard closed-circuit radiator system. This compact air-cooled design results in a minimal environmental impact and the ability to be easily relocated with no need for a permanent installation. When combined with PowerNet LT, our fully automated dynamometer control system, all of your testing needs can be performed at the touch of a button.

  • Pneumatic Multipliers

    Mountz Inc.

    Fast and cost-effective, Mountz pneumatic torque multipliers provide dependable speed, safety, and control. Pneumatic torque multipliers help increase your production rate by setting up and applying torque more quickly than hydraulic ratchets, allowing you to finish more pieces every hour. Since they apply pressure continuously, unlike impact wrenches, pneumatic torque multipliers safeguard workers from muscle, bone, joint, and hearing-related injuries. Ideal for all types of heavy manufacturing, Mountz pneumatic torque wrenches offer smooth, safe power at an affordable price.

  • Pendulum Testers


    Instron pendulums are designed to meet the growing demand for accurate and repeatable impact testing on a wide range of materials. Used to determine the mechanical and physical properties of metals, polymers, composites, and finished products for both research and development (R&D) and quality control (QC), the pendulum family is capable of performing Charpy, Izod, and Tensile tests according to international standards. As uninstrumented systems, they provide the absorbed energy value. By fully instrumenting the pendulum, a more complete study of how the material reacts to impact can be gathered. This information is useful when evaluating the type of failure and the dynamic response of the material.

  • Machine Vision Systems

    Cyth Systems, Inc

    Machine vision solutions are typically used for automated inspection and process control across a wide range of industries. Due to the unique nature of machine vision solutions, they require a different form of thinking and problem-solving to implement accurate and repeatable results. From manufacturing quality inspection to cell and gene therapies, the Cyth team can help you determine the best technologies, architectures, and geometries to ensure your machine vision goals are met. Our machine vision lab enables us quickly prototype proofs of concept to demonstrate the feasibility of meeting your needs through a machine vision application.

  • Modulator

    SFT3301 - Hangzhou Softel Optic Co., Ltd.

    SFT3301 QAM modulator is a high performance modulator developed according to DVB-C (EN300429) standard which is the standard of the European broadband satellite telecommunication. It provides a more powerful receiving ability of various TS come from encoder, multiplexer, DVB gateway, scrambler and video server. In addition, the modulator also has the function of outputting RF, and simultaneously disposes the TS by RS encoding, convolution interlacing and QAM modulating. This device supports local and remote control through NMS software. For the field scope, it can be used for Broadcasting, Interactive Services, News Gathering and other Broadband satellite applications.

  • Modulator

    SFT3403F - Hangzhou Softel Optic Co., Ltd.

    SOFTEL SFT3403F is a high-performance modulator developed according to DVB-S2X (EN302 307-2) standard which is the standard of third generation of the European broadband satellite telecommunication. It is to convert the input ASI and IP signals alternatively into digital DVB-S/S2/S2X IF output. BISS scrambling mode is inserted to this DVB-S2X modulator, which helps to safely distribute your programs. It is easy to reach local and remote control with NMS software and LCD in the front panel. With its high cost-effective design, SOFTEL SFT3403F DVB-S2X IF modulator is wildly used for broadcasting, interactive services, news gathering and other broadband satellite applications.

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