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  • PCRF Load Tester

    Polaris Networks

    The Polaris Networks LTE PCRF Load Tester is a comprehensive test solution for evaluating the performance and the stability of LTE Policy and Charging Rules Function. The PCRF Load Tester is ideally suited for manufacturers of PCRF equipment as well as operators deploying PCRF in an LTE network. The Tester can be used for testing both the Control Plane and the User Plane under various load conditions and for measuring the capacity and various key performance indicators of EPC nodes. The Tester simulates millions of Subscriber sessions with multiple bearers per Subscriber.

  • Radar Target Repeater

    Series 8000 - Eastern-Optx

    The Eastern OptX Series 8000 Radar Target Repeater is a portable, variable delay and propagation loss system designed for radar testing and alignment. The repeater may be remotely programmed in the field for dynamic operation. When connected to a user specified antenna the repeater can provide delays of up to 500 usec with a fixed delay, multiple discrete delays, or a progressive variable delay with amplitude control The Series 8000 features ultra wide bandwidth, low loss, high isolation, low noise figure, and high dynamic range.

  • PDS Motionscan Software

    Teledyne Marine PDS

    Allows a 3D Scanning sonar user to collect motion compensated 3D point clouds from a moving platform​Teledyne PDS MotionScan system allows a 3D Scanning sonar user to collect motion compensated 3D point clouds from a moving platform. The MotionScan system is comprised of: an RTK capable dual antenna GPS with precision heading output, a heave, pitch and roll sensor, a topside control console. In combination with a BlueView 3D Multibeam Scanning Sonar this creates a full survey package.​

  • PDS Multibeam Survey & Processing/Charting

    Teledyne Marine PDS

    Teledyne PDS for Multibeam Surveys provides the functionality for survey planning, data acquisition, data processing, editing, volume calculations and chart production. This turnkey solution offers the surveyor and helmsman a strong tool to carry out the multibeam survey efficiently. Progress is shown real time in top, profile, and 3D views using a color-coded digital terrain model (DTM). Various filter settings can be applied to the multibeam data online, thus providing real-time data processing. Quality control displays reassure the operators that the data is of the desired quality.


    ESPI sarl

    In the Wolrd where it is possible to produce a complex part in few minutes, is it sitll acceptable to wait several dozen of minutes or even hours to get measuring results used to set-up the machine-tool? Facing the increase of machine-tool complexity, how to simplify the tool wear compensation process to reduce the changeover time? With Dynamic Process Control (DPC), ESPI brings the relevant answer to these questions by offering Scanflash, an ultra-fast measuring machine and Tools’Driver, an automatic tool wear compensation software allowing to quickly set-up the machine tool.

  • Digital Mass Flow Controller

    SEC-N100 Series - HORIBA, Ltd.

    The SEC-N100 Series is suitable for a large variety of industries and applications. This mass flow controller can control a wide range of flows: from 10 SCCM to 1000 SLM. The SEC-N100 Series also has various types of communications available i.e. digital/analog, DeviceNet™, CC-Link®, PROFIBUS™, and EtherCAT®. The SEC-N100 Series offers high accuracy (+/- 1.0% S.P. *1) and high-speed response. This mass flow controller also has multi-gas/multi-range function emphasizing its' cost reduction capabilities in your process.

  • Motorized Force Test System

    MT Series - Qualitest International Inc.

    In the past, film extruders, paper producers, converters, and woven/non-woven fabric producers have had the choice of test stands and universal test machines which are either value-priced peak-force-only machines, or expensive computer-operated integral-load cell machines. Now you can have the best of both worlds in a single instrument. The series MT-1500, a simple to use computer operated tester, with Quality Control software for automatic calculation and graphical display of break, elongation, yield, modulus, and other, tension and compression force information.

  • 40Gb/s DQPSK Receiver

    Optoplex Corporation

    The integrated DQPSK receiver incorporates an optical phase demodulator (delay-line interferometer or DLI) with 2 pairs of balanced photo-diodes and 2 linear TIAs into a single butterfly package. Compared with the currently available discrete solution in which a separate DLI and a separate receiver are used, the integrated DQPSK receiver eliminates labor intensive fiber routing and coupling (between the DLI and the balanced receiver) as well as the skew control. Moreover, the integrated DQPSK receiver offers a smaller footprint suitable for today’s demanding high speed transponder applications.

  • Ultra Precision Mini Load Cell Universal/ Tension or Compression

    MDB SERIES - Transducer Techniques, Inc

    The MDB Series Load Cells was designed to help fill the growing need for a greater selection of high accuracy load cells for use in space limited applications. The anodized aluminum MDB's are compliant in tension and compression, therefore, a good choice for in line through zero applications, as well as single direction tension or compression. Applications may include load feedback for process control, low capacity tensile testing machines, robotics, or designed into your product. Give us a call, we would be pleased to discuss your application requirements.


    208163V - Carl E. Holmes Company

    Motorized Variable Transformer Controlled Power Supply, P/N 208163VInput power: 208 VAC, 6 Amps, 3 PH, 60 HzOutput: 0 to 120 VDC, 16 Amps max.Ripple: 5%Manual control with variable transformerCircuit breaker / ON OFF on the 208 VAC, 3 PH input lineProtection fuse provided on the outputPOWER ON lightIndoor enclosure: 24H x 20W x 9DVoltmeter and ammeter are installed to monitor the output.All input/output connections are available inside the enclosureSystem includes main unit and remote assembly.

  • Tower Light Monitor

    1750-TLM - Potomac Instruments, Inc.

    Designed with the Broadcaster in mind the 1750-TLM provides built in flexibility to simplify even the most complicated installations. It can even alarm for single bulb failures on towers with Beacons and Obstruction lights on a single circuit. Status oututs eliminate the worry of operator interpretation and provide definitive Good-Bad indications for the operator and your logging equipment. Don’t let tower light failures expose you to increased liability, the 1750-TLM is compatible with most existing control equipment and may well provide your best return on investment this year!

  • Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors


    The Bourns® IGBT discrete BID series combines technology from a MOS gate and a bipolar transistor, creating the right component for high voltage and high current applications. This device uses advanced Trench-Gate Field-Stop technology providing greater control of the dynamic characteristics while resulting in a lower Collector-Emitter Saturation Voltage (VCE(sat)) and fewer switching losses. In addition, this structure increases the robustness of the device and gives a lower RTH. The Bourns® IGBT solution is suitable for SMPS, UPS and PFC applications.

  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Services

    Intertek Group plc

    We help you ensure the reliability and safety of your products, equipment or plant assets with our world-class services in non-destructive testing (NDT), materials testing and welding quality. We understand the processes involved throughout the entire product cycle – from design and manufacture to operation and maintenance - and the frequent need for rapid turnaround times. Our Total Quality Assurance services can support production processes, quality control, and regulatory compliance as well as new construction, pipelines, plant maintenance and scheduled shutdown inspection.

  • Spring Stiffness Testing Machine

    STB Series - Jinan Testing Equipment IE Corporation

    STB Computer Control Spring Stiffness Testing Machine Under Axial and Lateral Load is to measure the displacement stiffness of spring under both axial and lateral load, complying with the standard EN13298 Railway applications - Suspension components - Helical suspension springs, steel. The Spring Stiffness Testing Machine measures both axial and lateral stiffness of spring, displacement for both lateral and axial, both loads, offset angle etc. The Spring Stiffness Testing Machine is an ideal testing equipment for spring of chuck and train.

  • Versatile and Robust Physical Identity Access Manager

    TrustManagerTM - CertiPath

    TrustManager is a Version 2.0 Physical Identity Access Manager, or PIAM. First-generation PIAMs struggled to support multiple credential types and did not achieve full technical interoperability with high-assurance credentials such as PIV-based smart cards. Most PIAM deployments became custom software engagements as vendors attempted to work through interoperability challenges with Identity Management Systems (IDMS), Credential Management Systems (CMS), and PACS. Today’s new PIAMs leverage the maturity of the identity and electronic access control spaces and bring fresh innovation to enterprise-class scale challenges.

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