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  • Hot Swap

    Analog Devices Inc.

    Hot swap products from Analog Devices perform all the housekeeping functions necessary to hot swap plug-in boards. These parts also integrate with industry-leading converter and amplifier cores for power monitoring and control with patented circuitry delivering unmatched ±0.3% monitoring accuracy. These devices safely and accurately monitor the power usage in a typical server rack system, which enables operators to remotely monitor each rack individually thus saving energy and minimizing system downtimes.

  • Impact Specimen Preparation Equipment

    Jinan Testing Equipment IE Corporation

    DWCT Low Temperature Chamber for Impact Specimen in Drop Weight Testing is specially designed according to ASTM E 208& equivalent ISO Test Method for DWTT of Ferrite Steel Materials. The Low Temperature Chamber adopts multiple compressors, cooling technology and utilizes the heat balance principle and cycle stirring method to realize the constant cooling to impact specimen. With digital display and automatic control temperature, the Low Temperature Chamber is an ideal equipment for cooling and keeping constant temperature.

  • Integrated Development Environment for the Creation and Execution of IEEE1641 Test Programs

    SigBase - Spherea Technology Ltd.

    SigBase is an Integrated Development Environment for the creation and execution of IEEE 1641 test programs. It supports the development of tests using flow-charting techniques and the graphical design of signals using newWaveX. It includes fully integrated compilation and signal path allocation software that determines the appropriate instrument and switch path for each signal and test. The run-time system, which is also available as a separate product for use on multiple test stations, controls the operation of the ATS and can provide test results in ATML format.

  • Interface Level Transmitter

    Desalter - AMETEK Drexelbrook

    The Drexelbrook Desalter Interface Level Transmitters accurately measure the electrical interface in the emulsion, even in upset conditions.DesalterThe Drexelbrook Desalter interface level transmitter provides an excellent solution for control of vessels that use electrostatic grids to accelerate separation.This reliable level transmitter is specially designed to maximize the throughput of oil/water separators and accurately measures the electrical interface in the emulsion even in upset conditions. This measurement is critical because the separation vessel operates at maximum efficiency when the electrostatic grid is close as possible to the interface.

  • Ionizers

    ESD - ElectroStatics, Inc.

    Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is the release of static electricity when two objects come static control ESD IT-7000 Tabtop ionizerinto contact. Familiar examples of ESD include the shock we receive when we walk across a carpet and touch a metal door knob and the static electricity we feel after drying clothes in a clothes dryer. A more extreme example of ESD is a lightening bolt. While most ESD events are harmless, it can be an expensive problem in many industrial environments.

  • Isolated Watchdog Board


    The board ADDIMULTI APCI-035 is equipped with 4 watchdogs allowing the simultaneous monitoring of multiple processes. Watchdog N? 1 works with 2 alarm levels and can be set to 1 of 4 different time bases (µs, ms, s, min). Level 1 alarms the PC cntrol and/or the monitored device. Level 2 resets the PC and/or the monitored device after a defined time. The alarm control can be accessed through 1 trigger channel and 4 different time bases.

  • KiBox To Go

    Kistler Instrument Corp.

    KiBox is a complete system for combustion analysis from data acquisition through to evaluation.It delivers detailed information on combustion quality in each individual cylinder, and makes all the relevant key data for engine development available in real time synchronized with other measurement data and ECU control variables. KiBox is designed for users who need information on injection valve actuation, ignition and combustion but it can also be used as a standard standalone system for engine indication in vehicles or on the test bench.

  • Lab-Type Environmental Stress Screening Chambers

    ESS5/11 SERIES - ESPEC North America, INC.

    The ESS5/11 Series provides the unique capability of stress screening products in a small, lab-type chamber. Pre-qualification for ESS, troubleshooting, and small scale ESS programs would all benefit from high air flow, high change rate testing in this compact design. This series can accommodate up to six product drawers from our standard ESS systems. Other features include non-CFC/HCFC design, and wide variety of control systems, refrigeration system sizes, and product fixturing options.


    TEST-901 - Beijing GFUVE Electronics Co.,Ltd.

    TEST-901 primary current injection test set adopts ARM Chip to control its output process and large capacity of toroidal transformers. It is equipped with LCD display and current meter; it can show primary current value, second current value, turn ratio and the action time. Packing is used as aluminum alloy body with PC panel. TEST-901 is mainly applied to CT turn ratio testing in the power system and contact resistance test which need large current.

  • Laser Analyzing Telescope

    Duma Optronics LTD

    The LAT (Laser Analyzing Telescope) is a powerful measuring instrument enabling direct measurement of laser beams or other light sources.The LAT will analyze and display the angular direction of incoming laser beams with resolutions down to 1 micro-radian and accuracy of 1 millidegree (~20 micro-radian).The built-in back Filter Slider allows control of the laser level impinging the detector area. Moreover, a special version will allow angle measurement of cross-like collimated targets to be examined.Results are clearly displayed by the provided software.


    Laplace Instruments Ltd.

    Power amplifiers that are universally used for radiated immunity testing either cover the range below 1GHz or the range above 1GHz. This means that if the test requirement extends both sides of this 1GHz point, the power amplifier needs to be changed over. Genrally, this involves three connections... The LETIS handles all these connections automatically. Each is switched via a high performance RF relay under the control of a USB interface. Software issued with the Laplace Synthesisers automatically detects the presence of a LETIS and handles the switching automatically.

  • Level Monitoring

    Kobold Instruments, Inc.

    Magnetic level switches are used for the monitoring and control of liquid level in tanks. These level switches are specifically manufactured to customer specifications. The float switches are manufactured with a hermetically sealed contact which is located within the guide tube. The float sliding on the tube contains a ring magnet which activates the sealed contact in a non-contacting fashion. The sealed contacts are available as SPST (N/O or N/C) or SPDT (N/O + N/C). The float sliding up and down on the guide tube is the only moving part on the M-series magnetic float switches.

  • Load Cells

    Force Logic UK Ltd

    Force Logic UK provides high-quality load cells, load indicators, and force measurement systems for a variety of industries. All our load cells are manufactured in the UK, and have passed through rigorous quality control standards for precise and accurate measurement, load monitoring systems, and industrial weighing applications. They are suitable for the measurement of static loads and dynamic forces in tension or compression, our load cells cover a wide range of mechanical forces, from 1kg to 1000 tonnes.

  • Loop-Powered Transmitters and Drivers

    4-20mA - Riverhawk Company

    Loop-Powered Transmitters convert the output from proximity probes, seismic sensors, into a 4-20mA DC current, which is proportional to the input being measured. The transmitter converts the displacement or vibration signal to DC voltage and/or current for a DCS or PLC system. They control a 4-20mA current loop for a specified vibration range (ex. 0-5 mils peak-to-peak). The transmitters have a two-wire hook-up, powered solely by the loop current and have a power supply range of 15 to 36 volts.

  • Loss Tangent M in Dielectric Oil

    TAND220A - Amperis sl

    The measuring instrument type TAND220A complies with the international standard IEC 61620. The instrument is based on the so-called "low-amplitude, low-frequency alternating current square wave method" and allows accurate measurements of conductivity and relative permittivity. Conductivity measurement in the range of 0.01 pS/m to 20,000 pS/m allows the use of this instrument for quality control of high resistivity liquids even at room temperature. The TAND220A works with a low test voltage and also with a low test current so that it does not represent a danger for the operators.

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