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  • Carbon and Sulfur in Inorganic Materials by the Combustion Infrared Detection Technique

    844 Series - Leco Corp.

    LECO combined our customers' feedback with innovative engineering to develop the CS844, an elemental analyzer designed for wide-range measurement of carbon and sulfur content of primary steels, ores, finished metals, ceramics, and other inorganic materials using the combustion technique. Our exclusive MS Windows®-based software, coupled with a boom-mounted touch interface, gives you complete access to instrument control, analysis settings, diagnostics, reporting, and more—without sacrificing valuable bench space.

  • Carriers & Adapters

    ELMA Electronic, Inc.

    Carriers and adapters enable the use of PMCs or XMCs in a PCI based system. Designed to improve your system with additional I/Os. Key control signals on PCI fixed to ground to reduce signal undershoot. Carrier and adapter allowing you customization of your system platform with additional I/O mezzanine boards for your application needs. A 5 V to 3.3 V linear regulator provided. Carriers and adapters are available for different topologies like CompactPCI, CompactPCI Serial, OpenVPX, VME or VME64x.

  • Chamber Controller Software

    Crystal instruments

    EDC (Embedded Device Control) is specifically designed software for Sentek chamber system controllers running Temperature and Humidity environmental tests. The EDC software features an intuitive interface, a powerful data review function and live data viewing. The combined EDM controller software provides one central location to set up parameters and a schedule between all three environments, with or without a connected controller. The powerful import and export features allow users to easily transfer test configurations between computers.

  • Chemical Absorbance Systems

    StellarNet Inc

    UV-VIS & NIR systems for chemical absorbance measurements 190-2300nmSpectrochemistry Systems include a miniature spectrometer, light source, and sampling accessory such as cuvette holders, dip probes, & flow cellsSpectraWiz Software has built in features for ChemWiz Concentration Analyzer with multivariate chemometric optionsEpisodic capture for kinetics, time series analysis, & batch monitoringEasily convert to fluorescence or reflectance for multi applicationsGreat for Teaching Labs, Research, Process Control & much more!Also see details about our Fluorescence and Raman Systems

  • Coating Thickness Gauge

    MEGA-CHECK Pocket - List Magnetik GmbH

    The new MEGA-CHECK Pocket coating thickness gauges use digital measuring probes in which the analog signals are digitized directly in the probe and transmitted over the digital probe cable to the meter. This new technology is very trouble-free and allows for very accurate, repeatable measurements. The probe cable is both sides (control unit and probe) and is therefore extremely easy, because if a cable breaks, the cable must only be replaced in case. The practical format of the housing with rubber reinforced sides, is hardly bigger than the probe.

  • Coefficient Of Friction Tester

    COF-02 - Jinan Leading Instruments Co., Ltd.

    COF-02 Coefficientof Friction Tester is applicablein static and kinetic coefficient of friction tests of plastic films, sheets,rubber, paper, PP woven bags, fabric style, metal-plastic composite strips/belts for communication cable, conveyor belts, wood, coatings, brakepads, windshield wipers, shoe materials and tyres, etc. With the materialsmoothness testing, users can control and adjust material quality technicalindexes to meet application demands. Besides, this tester is applicable for thesmoothness measurement of cosmetics, eye drop and other daily chemistry.

  • Combo Tester

    750 - ACL Inc.

    The ACL 750 Combo-Tester measures electrical resistance of wrist straps and heel grounders simultaneously and individually. The ACL 750 can do what Pass/Fail testers cannot: Give actual resistance readings and store data. When the software is used, test results are stored on a computer which allows you to monitor and analyze test information and help manage your company?s static control program. Results can be stored from each test for up to one year in your computer.

  • Command Expert

    Keysight Technologies

    Keysight's Command Expert is no-cost software that provides fast and easy instrument control in many PC application environments. Download Command Expert 2017 Update 2 today! Learn about the new features in Command Expert 2017 Update 2Seamless integration with Excel, VEE, SystemVue, MATLAB, Visual Studio, Python, and LabVIEW Easy to find, use, and view full documentation for SCPI, IVI-C, IVI-COM, and IVI.NET commands Simplifies the process of retrieving measurement data from instruments

  • Compact Testers

    adaptronic Prüftechnik GmbH

    Adaptronic wiring testers of the compact class are available as low voltage testers and also as high voltage testers, as KT version with display and keyboard and as NT version with the grafical user interface NT Control. With max. 5120 test points (NT 600) adaptronic wiring testers of the compact class are predestined for voluminous testing jobs and large products to be tested. Whether with adapter cables, test tables, test consoles or adapter consoles - the wiring testers of the compact class can also be used everywhere.

  • Condition Monitoring


    Condition monitoring products help you keep your plant floor running productively by detecting potential equipment failures. We offer real-time protection modules, sensors, portable instruments, and surveillance software. Our XM® Series of intelligent I/O modules performs real-time processing of critical parameters used in assessing the current health and predicting the future health of industrial machinery. Apply our XM modules in standalone systems or with existing automation and control systems.

  • CT / PT Analyzer


    UDEY ‘CTPTA-504 is a comprehensive CT and PT analyzer. It’s constant voltage and current is highly stable. DSP system controls the constant voltage and current source output and amplitude. This source generates AC of 0-125V and or DC of 0-0.5A current to sample CT. The DSP system besides controlling the sources, also samples data and communicates with the internal computer. Display screen is large LCD with touch pad. The analyzer is highly accurate with high noise immunity and is very user friendly.

  • Data Collection And Analysis Software

    Mark-10 Corp.

    The MESUR™ software series expands the functionality of Mark-10 force and torque gauges, indicators, testers, and test stands. MESUR™ Lite is a basic data acquisition program included free with all Mark-10 products, while MESUR™gauge is a more advanced software package which also plots, calculates statistics, generates reports, and provides other analysis tools. MESUR™gauge Plus adds motion control of certain test stand models.

  • DC Power Supply (Series regulated system, CV/CC)

    PAD-LA Series - Kikusui Electronics Corp.

    The PAD-LA Series are renewal version of our long seller models "PAD-L Series" as known for high performance and high reliability of variable DC regulated power supplies used with excellent regulators. The PAD-LA Series has polished features and performance also it has improved the "easy to use" operation by adopting an advanced design and we aim to establish the "New Basic Power Supply" which can be used in all fields of application from the R&D , Quality Control to the Manufacturing site.

  • Digital-control DC Power Supply

    IT6700 Series - I-TECH Electronic Co., Ltd

    IT6700 series power supplies are the most economical power supplies, they have the widest voltage and current utilization, one power supply can replace multiple power supplies, widely used in various testing occasions. With the capacity of 100W, voltage output of 60V, current output of 5A, they can control the change rates of the voltage and current automatically. The power ratio can be up to 3 times. For instance, One IT6720 can subsitute previous 60V*1.6A/32/*3A/20V*5A 3 kinds of models to save your cost.

  • Drilling Mud Analyzer

    MudChecker - Salunda

    The MudChecker™ is the first electronic device to replace retort and titration, providing repeatable results in minutes. Drilling mud is critical to drilling and completion of oil and gas wells. Fluids remove cuttings as the drill bit moves through the formation, control well bore stability and provide information about geology. Retort and chemical titration has been used since the dawn of drilling to measure the composition of drilling fluids as part of a ‘mud check’. These methods can take over an hour, and can be inaccurate and hazardous.

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