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  • Software

    ASYMTEK Fluidmove - Nordson Corporation

    Fluidmove software offers multiple layers of process controls and many different features for Nordson ASYMTEK's dispensing systems, including fiducial finding capabilities, Iterative Dummy Dot dispensing, and support for ASYMTEK's wide range of system options such as Tilt Dispensing, Auto Dual Simultaneous (ADS), Monocle™ Vision Package (MVP), and more. New enhancements for Fluidmove software are regularly being developed; sign up for the customer newsletter to be notified when new features are available.

  • System Integration

    Sri Comm Instruments Sdn Bhd

    The provision of a basket of services for Auditoriums such as audio-visual systems, stage lighting, stage rigging, building control systems, communication systems and information technology systems. A proper understanding of the various disciplines involved is the key to successfully integrating the diverse component parts. The final solution must perform as one unit with a high degree of simplicity to the end-user. The result will be a solution that, while extremely complex, appears simple, logical and easy to use. Sri Comm has successfully designed, installed and commissioned several projects of this nature.

  • Complete System for Inline Color Measurement

    QuickMatch - PREMOSYS GmbH

    The color measurement and metering control on the plasticized molding compound in the extruder minimizes the color deviation of the product during the manufacturing process and requires a sensitive measuring system that is suitable for the environmental conditions in the area of ​​the extruder die. The QuickMatch measures the homogeneity of almost all liquid, molten and powdery media up to 350 °C. For inline color measurement outside the extruder special optics are still available. In addition to exact color values, it is also possible to monitor the homogeneity of the colors and thus the process stability.

  • 5000 AMP DC Rectifier - Air Cooled, P/N 6037C1

    Carl E. Holmes Company

    Air Cooled SCR Controlled Power Supply, 50 KW, P/N 6037C1Input: 480 VAC, 60 Amps, 3 PH, 60 HzOutput: 6 to 10 VDC, 5000 Amps maxContactor and overload relay are installed for protectionStart / Stop capabilityEPO capabilityManual voltage control and current limitOutput voltage and current are displayed on the voltmeter and ammeterIndoor enclosure, 68″H x 65″W x 36″DAll input/output connections are inside the enclosuresEstimated weight: 1000 lbs.

  • Modular Hydrostatic Test System

    Hydraulic Technology, Inc.

    Our modular hydrostatic test chambers are designed with open ends to accommodate the connection to similar units for the purpose of lengthening the enclosed test area. The modular test system starts with a base unit with complete pump system, gauges and controls mounted on the 60” x 24” x 18” test chamber. If longer test lengths are required, simply add another test chamber to double, triple or quadruple the test length area. Specify your particular requirements at our Customization Page.

  • ADAQ Data Systems

    Atec, Inc.

    Atec’s Data Acquisition and Control System (ADAQ™) is a modern, full-featured, highly integrated hardware and software solution that is applicable for use with most commercial and military turbine engine test cell applications. Built upon National Instruments’ respected LabVIEW platform, ADAQ™ is robust, versatile, user friendly, and specifically designed to handle the demanding requirements of engine testing. It links seamlessly to digital engine modules (FADECs, DEECs, EECs, ECUs) as well as legacy analog and mechanical controls. Users can create, remove, calibrate and display channels, as well as generate custom calculations, screens and reports. Beyond the most impressive manual throttle control and operation available, Atec’s ADAQ™ additionally offers the option of fully automated testing.

  • Solid State Relays for AC Power Switching Applications Requiring High-Rel and High Safety

    Series KA/LA - Teledyne Defense Electronics Relays & Coax Switch

    Series KA/LA solid-state relays are designed for use in AC power switching applications where safety and reliability are primary concerns. They are ideal for resistive and reactive loads with power factors as low as 0.2. Inverse parallel SCRs are configured for zero-​voltage turn on. The relays are available with thermal protection and thermal trip status.MSL 1 Available options include:KA58HF 2Arms, 250Vrms Load; 3.8-32Vdc bias voltage, 250µA CMOS Control;​ includes thermal protection & thermal trip statusLA00HL 2Arms (7.5Arms with heat sink), 250Vrms Load; 3.8-32Vdc bias voltage, 250µA CMOS Control​; LA58HL 2Arms (7.5Arms with heat sink), 250Vrms Load; 3.8-32Vdc bias voltage, 250µA CMOS Control​; includes thermal protection & thermal trip status​

  • PXI Signal Insertion Switch Module


    PXI Signal Insertion Switch Modules, also known as fault insertion units (FIUs), provide a set of feedthrough channels, which make the switch transparent to the system when closed. You can open or short these channels to one of two fault buses, allowing you to simulate open or interrupted connections as well as shorts between pins, shorts to battery voltages, and shorts to ground on a per-channel basis. When controlled with the LabVIEW Real-Time Module, the PXI Signal Insertion Switch Module can validate the integrity of control systems including engine control units (ECUs) and full authority digital engine controls (FADECs). You can also use the FIU models for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) applications and electronic reliability tests.

  • SPD AC & DC Thermal Stability Test Equipment

    Shanghai Guantu Technology Co., Ltd.

    1. Computer control measurement, PLC control;2. Equipped with sudden voltage capability, suitable for thermal stability tripping test under high current conditions;3. Increase the high-power resistance box;4. The interface is friendly and beautiful, and can reflect the running status of the system in real time; .5. Automatically draw voltage, current and temperature curves;6. The system performs multi-point temperature detection in real time;7. Timing sampling and recording function, which is convenient for users to view temperature values ​​at different times and compare data;8.2 times Uc leakage current test function to check the tripping reliability of the product;9. Built-in test box;10. RS232 communication interface, can realize remote control.

  • Vehicle Test Chambers

    Russells Technical Products

    Our dynamometer chambers feature dependable mechanical refrigeration, superior air flow, and expansive control systems. Our dynamometer drive-in vehicle test chambers are designed to integrate directly with a dynamometer system, while simultaneously exposing vehicles to a wide variety of environmental conditions including temperature and/or humidity, rain, wind, and more. Our control systems allow for precise temperature and humidity testing while meeting your exact specifications.

  • RF Amplifiers up to 6000 MHz

    Empower RF Systems, Inc.

    Includes RF and microwave amplifiers covering the band from 500Mhz to 6000Mhz in a single module with either GaN or GaAs devices. Custom and standard power amplifiers available with high linearity, low noise figure, and very low error vector magnitude (EVM). Our rack systems and select modules include Automatic Gain Control (AGC), Automatic Level Control (ALC), and peak/pulse/average detection useful in OTA, MIMO, and CTIA testing.

  • Multifunction Reconfigurable I/O Device


    Multifunction Reconfigurable I/O Devices feature a dedicated A/D converter (ADC) per channel for independent timing and triggering. This design offers specialized functionality such as multirate sampling and individual channel triggering, which are outside the capabilities of typical DAQ hardware. You can customize these devices with the LabVIEW FPGA Module to develop applications requiring precise timing and control such as hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing, custom protocol communication, sensor simulation, and high-speed control.

  • Testing System

    OpTest™ MTF - Optikos Corporation

    The Optikos OpTest™ MTF Testing Equipment is the most flexible and complete system for characterizing the optical performance of optical elements, lens assemblies and optical imaging systems in Infinite Conjugate, Finite Conjugate and Afocal configurations spanning the UV, Visible, NIR, SWIR, MWIR and LWIR spectral regions . OpTest™ software drives Optikos hardware, is easy to use and controls all motion control, image acquisition, configuration set-up and data reporting.

  • Voltage Transformer Testing System

    KVTS - Knopp Incorporated

    The Knopp Voltage Transformer Testing System is designed to measure the accuracy of instrument transformers having 120 volt secondaries and up to 14,400 volt primaries (special order for up to 36,000 volt primaries is available). The system includes a control console which contains the control circuitry, ANSI standard burdens, and the Knopp Automatic Transformer Comparator. The Knopp precision and loading transformer set is also included (as pictured) and is connected to the console via a special cable.

  • 19 Inch 6U CAN Bus ServoPusher Module

    H71006000 - 6TL Engineering

    precision servo pusher H7100 6000 is the recommended solution for PCB test systems combining Functional, In-Circuit, and Hipot Test in one fixture.It is available as a 19″ Rack atonomous module, including all drive, control and safety components for easy integration in automatic test systems using standard Mass Interconnection Receivers.Includes a servo motor with numerical control driving a precision gearbox, and two robust linear guides for pusher frame travel.

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