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  • Multifunction Module for 34970A/34972A

    34907A - Keysight Technologies

    The Keysight 34907A module for the 34970A/34972A Data Acquisition/Switch Unit allows great flexibility for a variety of sense and control applications. It combines two 8-bit ports of digital input and output, a 100 kHz gated totalizer, and two 12V analog outputs - all on a single earth-referenced module. The digital inputs and totalizer input may be included in a scan. Alarm limits for the digital and event counter inputs are evaluated continuously, capturing and logging alarm conditions even between scans.

  • Multimode Data Controller

    PK-232SC - Timewave Technology Inc.

    Timewave’s customers swear by their DSP filters and PK-232 owners love the flexibility and reliability of the most popular data controller ever built. Now with the addition of a built-in sound card, rig control, computer isolation and total USB connectivity, the PK-232SC rolls it all into one! The PK-232SC brings a new level of performance to the legendary PK-232 with sharp, accurate DSP filters for all its internal data modes and dual transformer isolation for sound card data modes.

  • Multi-Sensor Measuring System

    iNEXIV VMA-2520 - Nikon Metrology, Inc.

    The iNEXIV VMA-2520 is a new multi-sensor measuring system that's lightweight and compact enough to be used in the factory on the bench top, with fast, fully automatic and high accuracy features that make it ideally suited for a wide variety of industrial measuring, inspection and quality control applications. The iNEXIV is designed to measure 3D workpieces, is touch probe ready, integrates the latest imaging processing software and incorporates a new 10x optical zoom system and Laser Auto Focus option.

  • Network Interface Controller

    SPIDAR® - Sensors and Software Inc.

    User interface and data acquisition embedded on the NIC:1. Any device with Wi-Fi can be used to change settings or view data collection2. No data collection interruption or data loss occurs if connection to PC or device is interrupted. No reduction in speed compared to running a single system. Daisy-chain NICs to deploy any number of GPR systems simultaneously; build Multi-frequency systems or Multi-channel Array systems Advanced timing control to ensure no interference between GPR systems

  • NiZn Battery Charger

    1001-0013 - Ansmann AG

    Many manufacturers recommend using their devices (e.g. measuring equipment, remote controls, watches, cameras) only with 1.5V alkaline batteries and not with NiMH batteries since their voltage of 1.2V might be too low for proper operation.With NiZn batteries, which have a voltage of 1.6 V per cell, such devices can be operated safely and without hesitation. Thanks to this smart NiZn battery technology, there is no need to buy alkaline batteries ever again. This will benefit the environment and your wallet.

  • Non-Contact High-Precision Proximity Measuring System

    KD-2446 - Kaman Fuzing & Precision Products

    * Outstanding precision: static resolution to 12 microinches* Excellent performance with ferrous targets* Variable voltage input from 12 to 24 volts DC* Compact rugged electronics and sensors* Adjustable gain for up to 22 volts output (with 24 Vdc input)* Temperature tolerant sensors (to 400°F)* High speed (10 KHz) level adjustable switched output for process control* Very low switching hysteresis, < 1% on ferrous targets* RoHS compliant

  • O Band Tunable Laser Source

    CA9812 - UC Instruments, Corp.

    The CA9812 O Band tunable laser integrates a widely tunable laser with a semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA). The tunable laser is electronically tuned and can address any wavelength from 1265.00 nm to 1365.00nm. The integrated SOA facilitates flexible control of the output power and acts as a shutter when reverse biased, enabling dark tuning between channels. The device is packaged into a standard module box package, with an ternal optical isolator and a polarization maintaining fiber output.

  • Osprey /SX Co Processor

    9775 - Strobe Data Inc.

    Successor to Osprey 18B, EISA/ISA bus compatible, it occupies one PC slot. Writable control store FPGA implementation of PDP-11 architecture with 4 MBytes of tightly coupled, zero wait-state memory. Performance equivalent to DCJ11. Rapidly processed "virtual" I/O instructions makes this card ideal for Osprey/PC applications where all applicable I/O devices are emulated on the PC by Osprey software. Includes MS-DOS compatible support software. Windows/NT environment support available.

  • PCI Data Acquisition Boards

    Ultraview Corporation

    Ultraview''s PCI data acquisition add-in cards are complete data acquisition (A/D) and control (D/A) systems on a single PCI Bus card. Ranging in speed from dual 14 and 12-bit 1-25MSPS boards up to 1500MSPS 8-bit boards with 8GB/16GB of on-board RAM. All cards come with graphical waveform viewers, example user programs (source code included) and device drivers for Linux or Solaris, allowing users to quickly prototype and develop their applications.

  • PCI/DSP Module

    PCI-4pack-2 - ALPHI Technology

    The PCI-4pack module provides a high performance flexibleI/O scheme, that supports industry standard IndustryPacksÔ. For application requiring low cost, high density I/Oor unique combinations, the PCI-4pack is the perfectsolution. The Local DSP can be used to simply move data toand from the CPCI bus or provide pre processing functionssuch as local PID controls, FFT’s, digital filtering, etc.Custom application software can be downloaded to the DSPvia the PCI bus. Windows 95 and WinNT drivers arestandard

  • PCI D/S, S/D, I/O & Comm Board

    76CS3 - North Atlantic Industries

    NAI’s 76CS3 is a PCI/PCIe multifunction I/O and communication board designed for applications requiring Digital-to-Synchro/Resolver (D/S) and Digital-to-LVDT/RVDT (DLV) stimulus output, as well as I/O and communication functions. This full-slot board contains five independent, function module slots. The board can be configured for 6 separate D/S channels, or for D/S in combination with I/O and communication modules. Using multiple DSPs, the enhanced motherboard enables higher processing power and dedicated pre-processing control for each module.

  • PD Monitoring Systems

    Power Diagnostix Systems GmbH

    The ICMmonitor is an instrument for continuous on-line monitoring of partial discharge activity in high voltage equipment. The instrument tracks changes in key discharge quantities for storage in trending diagrams and for triggering user-settable alarms. TCP/IP, Modem, fiber optic or direct serial links enable remote access and full remote control. The latest version of the ICMmonitor comes with spectrum analysis function (formerly know as SPECmonitor), acoustic signal detection, and a conventional partial discharge measurement circuit.

  • Permanent Noise Monitoring System

    831-NMS - Larson Davis, Inc.

    The Model 831-NMS permanent noise monitoring system is designed for long term monitoring around airports, industrial facilities, motorsport complexes, wind farms, mining operations, and within the general community. Many required accessories are integrated through the INT docking station. Two way remote communication is available for monitoring and control from a central station. Larson Davis provides the hardware, software and open interface to allow this system to be customized for any application or purpose.

  • Polarimeter

    ADP400 Series - Xylem Analytics UK ltd.

    The ADP400 Series from Bellingham + Stanley are single wavelength polarimeters suitable for sugar, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. These polarimeters are available with or without XPC - Xylem's patented internal Peltier temperature control system. Both models use standard polarimeter tubes with a maximum length of 200mm. For fast performance in the Peltier controlled version, stainless steel tubes should be used. Low volume samples are also catered for with the addition of stainless steel, luer taper tubes.

  • Power Bus

    MS 1606 - Meltronics Systemtech

    The PowerBus is used to service printed circuit boards, instruments and systems, which has Micro controller / Microprocessor. The PowerBus has RS232 Communication for PC interface. The PowerBus connects to the UUT through the microprocessor / micro controller socket. The UUTs microprocessor / micro controller is removed from the UUT and it is replaced by the PowerBus. The Power Bus adapts microprocessor specific function as pin layouts, status / control function, interrupt handling, timing and memory and I / O addressability.

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