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  • Low Profile PCI Express 8-Port

    7803ec - Sealevel Systems, Inc.

    The 7803ec low-profile PCI Express serial interface provides eight RS-232 serial ports. All modem control signals are implemented for maximum compatibility with a wide range of serial peripherals. Each serial port features an ultra high-speed UART, flexible clock prescalar, and large 256-byte Tx/Rx FIFOs allowing the adapter to support the widest range of standard and non-standard baud rates to 230.4 Kbps. These features make the 7803ec ideal for data-intensive applications that require reliable, fast throughput rates.

  • MIPI SLIMbus

    Arasan Chip Systems, Inc.

    A typical mobile device has many low-speed/bandwidth peripherals connected to the host processor, which include microphones, speakers, sensors and many others. There is a need for a standard bus that enables multiple audio channels, peer-peer communications and lower pin count on the host processor. The MIPI alliance has defined the SLIMbus specification which provides a standard, robust, scalable, low-power, high-speed, cost-effective, two wire multipurpose interface that supports a wide range of digital audio and control solutions for mobile terminals.

  • Multi-Channel PCM Processing and Recording System with UDP Streaming

    LS-68-M - Lumistar Inc.

    The Lumistar LS-68-M Modular Multi-Channel processing and recording Telemetry Processing System offers an ultra-small, low-cost, high-performance, multi-channel COTS solution for PCM data synchronization, decommutation and simulation applications. Building on the legacy of the Lumistar LS-45, LS-50, LS-55 and LS70 series of products, the LS-68-M enhances the feature sets of each of these product lines and supplies them in a format requiring no hardware drivers in an “OS-less” environment. The LS-68-M utilizes a highspeed Gigabit Ethernet interface for primary controls and data streaming.

  • Multicore Digital Signal Processor

    SI-C667xDSP - Sheldon Instruments

    Sheldon Instruments offers a complete portfolio of hardware products for a wide spectrum of real time applications in measurement and digital control systems. Our hardware range includes carrier boards that combine DSPs and FPGAs for various PCI/PCIExpress form factors such as slotted/desktop PCI/PCIe, PCI-104/PCIe-104, PMC/XMC, CompactPCI, as well as stand-alone embedded solutions. The DSP-FPGA carrier hardware is complemented by high performance analog and digital I/O modules as well as all necessary accessories like cables and terminal blocks.

  • NanoSpectralyzer

    NS1 - Applied NanoFluorescence, LLC

    ANF offers the NS1 NanoSpectralyzer®, a unique automated fluorimetric analyzer based on the most advanced research in nanotube spectroscopy. This patent-pending instrument combines a specialized optical system with custom software to enable efficient, turn-key analyses of bulk SWNT samples. The NS1 NanoSpectralyzer is valuable for tuning the process conditions in SWNT growth reactors, for quality control, for guiding nanotube sorting and separation methods, and for a wide range of research applications that require detailed compositional data on a rapid time scale.

  • Network, Server, Application & Log Data Monitor

    Minder - Mindarray Systems, Inc.

    Minder is an IT performance management suite for businesses and organizations to monitor and analyze performance across multiple applications and network resources. Minder helps you take control of your dynamic IT infrastructure by cross-domain monitoring, multiple product support, SLAs, forecast analytics and other impressive features. Driven by innovation, Minder is built from the ground up to provide next generation IT management. Minder is cost effective management solution can be deployed in less than hour and are designed to avoid dependence on any server host.

  • Noise Dosimeter

    doseBadge5 - Cirrus Research plc

    The doseBadge5 is the next generation doseBadge noise dosimeter from Cirrus. It provides all of the unique features of the original doseBadge such as no controls, cables or displays with a range of new functions and features allowing it to be used for compliance with any occupational noise standard. Wireless communication to the dBLink App (for Android and iOS) or the doseBadge5 Wand allows the instrument to be configured and controlled without user intervention. Measurements can be scheduled to start, pause and stop automatically with the timer functions allowing the doseBadge5 to be deployed quickly and easily.

  • Non-Enclosed, 2-Port, C Series Vehicle Multiprotocol Interface Module

    sbRIO-9860 / 787325-01 - NI

    Non-Enclosed, 2-Port, C Series Vehicle Multiprotocol Interface Module - The sbRIO-9860 is a hardware-selectable HS/FD controller area network (CAN) and/or local interconnect network (LIN) interface for developing CAN and/or LIN applications. As part of the NI-XNET product line, the … sbRIO-9860 works well for applications requiring high-speed manipulation of hundreds of frames and signals while performing low-level FPGA control and embedded monitoring in the same CompactRIO Single‐Board Controller. Non-enclosed modules are available for OEM applications.

  • Operator Interfaces

    Watlow Electric Manufacturing Company

    Watlow offers reliable, affordable, easy-to-use interfaces for machines and systems. The Silver Series EM touchscreen operator interface terminals feature e-mail, USB, data logging, password security and multiple languages. The EZ-ZONE RUI remote user interface fits in tight spots, its EZ-Key reduces repetitive tasks to one touch and the gateway options connect EZ-ZONE products with other automation equipment and software. Paired with Watlow controllers, these interfaces are the perfect solution for process and machine control applications.

  • Osprey Probe Card

    MPI Probe Card Technology

    The Osprey probe card is MPI’s solution to demand for ever finer pitch. It is designed for smaller Al pad, and is ideal for tiny pitch application with peripheral and full array pattern. With precise alignment and better planarity control, Osprey can reach higher productivity by multi-DUT design.  The forming wire (FW) type needle produced with MPI’s own micro fabrication process not only delivers high-quality performance but also allows easy needle replacement and shortens maintaining cycle time.

  • Ozone Gas Delivery Systems

    MKS Instruments

    MKS ozone gas delivery systems provide field-proven, high concentration, ultra-clean ozone generation for advanced thin film applications such as Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD), Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), Tetraethyl Orthosilicate (TEOS)/Ozone CVD (HDSACVD), contaminant removal and oxide growth. Gas delivery models have integrated ozone concentration monitoring, flow control, and power distribution. Additional system options include safety monitoring, status indicators and ozone destruction capability.

  • Particle Size Analyzers

    NanoBrook Series - Brookhaven Instruments Corporation

    Rapid and accurate protein & nanoparticle size distributionsMultimodal & unimodal size distribution softwareISO 13321 and ISO 22412 compliant resultsRange: < 0.3 nm to 10 mThree measurement angles: 15, 90, and 173Ideal for fast, routine sizing applications in research or quality controlHigh power 35 mW diode laserDynamic light scattering at 173 and 90Temperature control, -5 C to 110 CCompact bench top unit, USB connectionMolecular weight determination (relative and absolute through Debye plot)

  • Parylene Deposition Equipment

    Specialty Coating Systems

    SCS offers Parylene deposition systems that range from a portable laboratory unit to production models for high-volume manufacturing applications. SCS Parylene deposition systems are designed for accurate and repeatable operation, featuring closed-loop monomer pressure control, which ensures deposition of the polymer film at a precise rate. Whether researching new coating applications or developing structures out of Parylene in the laboratory, or coating components in a production environment, SCS leads the industry with its state-of-the-art Parylene deposition systems.

  • Pattern Generator


    * Intelligent functionality. * With 162 MHz pixel frequency. * Support total 38 timings. (up to UXGA) * Support Sync Type: H/V (TTL), SOG. * Low cost. * Single interface easily use. * Portable design, working time up to 8 hours by inside Re-chargeable battery. * Auto Power-off on Battery mode. * Provide total 34 patterns, Include: Color bar, Gray, Grid, Block¡K * By 16x2 Character LCD and key buttons, easily control.

  • PC/104+ Card with 4 IP Slots

    PC104p4IP - Dynamic Engineering

    If you want to use IndustryPack modules with your PC/104+ or PC/104-Plus system, the PC104p4IP is the choice for you. The PC104p4IP combines features you need with simplicity and speed. Up to 4 IP modules can be installed. Standard 16 bit IPs plus 32 bit, and double wide modules fit right in. Each slot has independent operation - control, clocking, IO, power filtering and protection. The PC104p4IP is highly integrated with the PCI and IP interfaces closely coupled within the same FPGA. 

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