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  • Total Flux Measurement Systems

    Gamma Scientific Inc.

    LED’s and Luminaires must be characterized and tested for brightness and color, for production quality control and also for R&D. The Gamma Scientific Total Flux Measurement System combines our accurate Radoma Spectrometer and an integrating sphere for total flux (total power) and color measurements of LED, micro LED and Luminaires. Measurement parameters include spectrum, lumens, total power, peak and dominant wavelength, CRI, CCT, FWHM and other optical properties.

  • Touchplate Combo Wrist Strap And Footwear Tester

    Botron Inc.

    Testing ESD Wrist Straps and ESD Footwear prior to entry on the fab floor, or ESD Protected Area is a simple, yet very effective means towards becoming ESD compliant and establishing proper ESD controls. This is a no-frills, “go-no-go” type tester. Meaning, you get either a green or red indicator upon passing or failing, respectfully. It is battery operated and the trimpot calibration make the lifetime overhead of this tester a cost effective choice.

  • Transimpedance Amplifiers

    Advanced Science and Novel Technology, Co., Inc.

    Broadband transimpedance amplifier for low noise receiver side applicationsFeatures automatic input offset control and a peak detector8GHz of analog bandwidth for limiting of input data60dB of transimpedance differential gain15pA/sqrtHz of input referred noise density (0.1 to 10GHz)CML output interface with 50 termination and 225mVp-p single-ended swingSingle +3.3V power supplyPower consumption: 250mWExhibits low jitter and limited temperature variation over industrial temperature rangeUnpackaged bare die

  • Transportation Embedded System

    Axiomtek Co., Ltd.

    Certified by the strict railway/vehicle/marine safety and EMC criteria, the transportation embedded systems (tBOX) are designed for transportation industry applications. The tBOX embedded systems feature wide operating temperature ranges, powerful computing performance, and high vibration resistance. The tBOX box PCs can work in various applications including fleet management, passenger infotainment systems, onboard and wayside surveillance systems, onboard device controls, gateway and dispatching systems, and more.

  • Turnkey Ultra-stable OEM Laser Diode Sources

    DTS0081 - OZ Optics

    Turnkey Ultra-stable OEM Laser Diode Sources (OZ-1000 & OZ-2000 Series). The OZ-1000, OZ-2000 are temperature stabilized, fiber coupled, laser diode delivery systems. The compact housings contain both the laserdiode and the temperature control, and are powered by a single 5 volt DC supply. Both designs have an operating temperature range of 10 -45?C, and hold the temperature variation of the laser diode to within less than 0.1?C.

  • Ultra High Speed Framing Camera

    SIM-D - Specialised Imaging Ltd.

    The Specialised Imaging Ultra Fast Framing Cameras offer the ultimate in ultra-high-speed imaging performance to scientists and engineers across all disciplines. The all-new custom optical design offers up to 16 images without compromising shading, or parallax. High resolution intensified CCD sensors controlled by state-of-the-art electronics provide almost infinite control over gain and exposure to allow researchers the flexibility to capture even the most difficult phenomena.

  • Under/Overvoltage Monitors

    Acopian Technical Company

    Contacts to control an external horn or light, or to signal your PLC are now available on independent accessories for any power supply. These modules can be used on power supplies with DC voltages from 5 to 125 Vdc. SPDT relay contacts switch if the power supply’s output deviates by:*1.0 volt or more (for 5 volt outputs)*2.0 volts or more (for 6 to 48 volt outputs)*3.0 volts or more (for 49 to 125 volt outputs)

  • Universal Test Machines - Up to 150 kN

    LD Series - Lloyd Material Testing

    Universal testing machines for testing applications such as plastic, rubber, wood, packaging, construction materials, metals and automotive parts. The powerful LD Series testing machines from Lloyd Instruments combine high performance, ease of use and superior flexibility. These universal materials testing machines are ideal for testing applications up to 100 kN (22480 lbf) and are designed for both routine quality control testing, automated testing and for performing complex multi-stage testing.

  • User-friendly Measurement of Porosity of Felts and Foams

    Porpos - Autoneum Holding AG

    The Porpos system measures the porosity (ratio of air to overall volume) of felts and foams on the basis of the so-called "air-based" method. Via a process of alternately compressing and decompressing air, the porosity of the sample under analysis can be derived from the resulting pressure changes. Owing to the user-friendliness of the measurement procedure, Porpos is suitable not only for experts as the measurement system guides the user through the entire procedure while the system software controls the measurement cycle and automatically evaluates the results.

  • Validation Tool for Media Local Bus Implementations

    MediaLB® Interface Test Bench - K2L

    MediaLB Interface Test Bench (MITB) facilitates the testing of the physical and link layers of MediaLB 3-Pin/MediaLB 6-Pin interface implementations. The test bench incorporates hardware, firmware and a data checker software for testing control, asynchronous and synchronous data transport. Predefined tests are included. A Graphical User Interface (GUI) is provided to display errors and to configure the generated test patterns. INIC Explorer and OSS Flasher are available to flash and configure the test bench.

  • Watchdog Timer and System Monitor Card

    PCIe-WDG-CSMA - Acces I/O Products, Inc.

    This multifunction Low Profile x1 PCI Express card contains a watchdog timer used to monitor the operation of your application program and operating system to initiate a system reset in case of a lockup. It can also monitor and control a variety of system hardware parameters. The card is 6.6 inches long and 2.535 inches seated height. I/O wiring connections are via a female DB25 connector on the card mounting bracket. Two models with increasing features are available.

  • WaveShaper

    A-Series - Finisar Corporation

    The family of A-Series WaveShapers contains all capabilities of the previous generation WaveShaper instruments. It provides a range of programmable optical filtering and switching solutions for optical R&D and production test applications. Based on Finisar's high resolution, solid-state Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) optical engine, the WaveShaper family delivers extremely fine control of filter characteristics including center wavelength, bandwidth, shape and, for WaveShaper 1000, 4000 and 16000, dispersion and attenuation.

  • Wide Band Filters (multi-octave)

    HF-ERF™ Series - Pole/Zero

    The HF-ERF™ is an internally switched 3‑band, low cost, miniature, high performance tunable filter. The HF-ERF™ was designed to have the best insertion loss and Q in the smallest package possible, 2.0” x 2.78” x 0.6”.  All HF-ERF™ filters are fully tested and aligned by Pole/Zero for convenience and ease of use. Both SPI and Parallel control interfaces are available in one filter.  Modified variants are available upon request.

  • Process Hydrogen Analyzer

    HY-OPTIMA™ 700B Series - H2scan Corp.

    H2scan’s HY-OPTIMA™ 700B series in-line, real time hydrogen-specific process analyzers are designed for ease of use, interface flexibility and true process control. The HY-OPTIMA™ 700B series is a solid-state sensor that is configured to operate in process gas streams with temperatures up to 60ºC. The HY-OPTIMA™ 700B series is ideal for hydrogen production and petrochemical applications where real-time measurements can enhance process plant efficiencies, diagnostics and maintenance management.

  • 64-channel Block Isolated Digital IO

    HTPXI4705 - Shaanxi Hitech Electronic Co.,Ltd.

    Digital I/O modules can be divided into industrial digital I/O and high-speed digital I/O according to their functions and uses. Industrial digital I/O modules are mainly used in industrial control or automated test systems. The input/output level reaches ±40V, and the channels are isolated. It can be directly connected to sensors or other electronic devices without level conversion. It is widely used in digital I/O modules. /O signal acquisition and control.

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