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  • Phased Array Corrosion Mapping Software

    Concerto - The Phased Array Company

    Concerto is a UT acquisition and analysis software specially designed for Phased Array corrosion mapping. For the tough field conditions that operators deal with Concerto features no menu, less than 18 icons, and few controls so that operators can easily work and not be bothered by complex GUIs.  Concerto is simple and easy to work with yet WT, Surface, and back wall C-scan can still be analyzed and setting can be changed using the same acquired data.

  • PIC Instruction Set Simulators

    Verocel, Inc.

    Test developers create requirements-based tests written in the C programming language and the Verocel PICSIM is linked as a library. The program-under-test is loaded into the Verocel PICSIM and executed under the control of the test. Test developers can directly call functions in the software-under-test, monitor all memory accesses (reads andwrites), alter data fetched or stored dynamically, and collect structural coverage data during testing. The software-under-test need not be altered.

  • Plunger Tester

    PL2003 - Ektron Tek Co., Ltd.

    Designed and manufactured in accordance with ASTM F414, DOT571.109, F870 & JIS D4230 standards. New generation of PL-2000X series Plunger Testers, equipped with servo-hydraulic system to control the testing speed, are available fpr customers to select the suitable model. Test functions including Radial elasticity test, Tread footprints test, Tire dimension test, Bead unseating test, Lateral elasticity test and Pressure distribution analysi for Footprints.

  • Portable High-Current Test Set

    PI-250B - ETI Precision

    The PI-250B Portable Current Power Supply provides unequaled capability in a portable package. The PI-250B generates continuous current of 250 amps with peak maximum output 750 amps through a breaker and 1000 amps into a short, all on 120 VAC supplies. The unit weighs no more than 35 pounds, allowing easy mobility. Basic operation is very simple, and the proven instrumentation provides optimal output control and measurement.

  • Precision Pressure Measuring Instruments

    WIKA Alexander Wiegand SE & Co. KG

    Precision pressure measuring instruments are electrical measuring systems which convert pressure into an electrical signal and optionally visualise it. Precise pressure transmitters and process transmitters are used for the monitoring and control of particularly sensitive processes. Due to the low, DKD/DAkkS certified measurement uncertainty of down to 0.008 % of the entire measuring chain, the particularly accurate instruments find their primary applications as a factory/working standard for testing and/or calibrating a variety of pressure measuring instruments.

  • Profibus-DP I/O Modules

    900PB Series - Acromag, Inc.

    Each module provides a direct network interface for your I/O signals. Unlike "block I/O" devices that combine large, expensive processor blocks with snap-on I/O terminal blocks, 900PB modules handle the network interface and I/O processing in one, compact multi-channel module. This space-saving approach is very cost-effective for systems that need to add a small quantity of I/O channels at existing control sites or network to new remote sites.

  • Programmable Industrial USB 3.0 Hub (8 Ports)

    Acroname, Inc

    The USBHub3+, an 8-port programmable USB 3.0 Hub. Designed by engineers for engineers - connect the USBHub3+ with confidence to expensive lab or production equipment. Enable/Disable any Downstream Port. Maintain selectable control of data, SS lines, power lines for any port. Monitor Voltage and Current on any/all ports. Supply up to 2.5A per port. Set Current Limits on any port. Select between two (2) Host Connections.

  • Proximity Sensors

    Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH

    Inductive proximity sensors are the preferred choice for the majority of applications requiring accurate, non-contact detection of metallic objects in machinery or automation equipment. As a pioneer and market leader, Pepperl+Fuchs offers innovative, high quality inductive sensors to meet the needs of the worldwide automation and process control markets. Our experience, flexibility and customer focus continues to allow us to offer custom designed solutions for the most unique and demanding applications.

  • QC-ET Extended Tuning DFB Source

    Alpes Lasers sa

    QC-ET Extended Tuning DFB Sources use a dual current control to extend the mode-hop free tuning to more than 0.4% of the central wavelength (>6 cm-1 at 1270 cm-1). While the first laser input allows direct intensity modulation in the same manner as standard DFB lasers, the integrated heater current IT allows to offset the wavelength much faster than the temperature change of the heatsink temperature would do.

  • Quadrature Signal Generator


    The TE5100 is a 100MHz Direct Digital Synthesized Signal Generator available in a 3U, CompactPCI or straight PCI format. The TE5100 generates Sine and ACMOS/TTL output signals simultaneously up to 100MHz in 1 µHz steps. Sweep, FSK, Chirp and Single Tone are generated on board. The virtual panel allows control up to 100MHz of all parameters. The TE5100 is equipped with a ±1ppm on-board TCXO clock and can accept an external clock source.

  • Real-Time Heating Value Gas Analyzer

    MAX100-BTU - Extrel CMS, LLC

    The MAX100-BTU provides a rapid, high precision measurement of heating value and gas composition for optimal combustion control and environmental compliance. The MAX100-BTU uses cutting-edge quadrupole mass spectrometer technology to deliver a continuous online analysis of fuel gas and vent streams containing hydrocarbons, H2, CO, CO2, H2O, H2S and other gases. It has the speed necessary to analyze the total composition of the sample and report the Heating Value in seconds.

  • Reflectometer

    T-510 - Techno Instrumentation (India) Private Limited

    Pulse Echo, Impulse current and Decay methodprovided to get the distance to almost all typesof faults.Laptop based 15 inch display with user friendlyinterface for easy operation.Online support of experts to review fault graphs.Comparison feature of any 5 graphs for reviewand analysis to get more accurate results.Velocity of propogation(VOP) control makes iteasy to precisely pre-locate faults in cables withdifferent velocity.Automatic storage of more than 10,000 faultgraphs.

  • Resistance Grounded Systems (HRG/LRG)

    Bender Inc.

    Neutral Grounding Resistors (NGRs) are used to limit the maximum ground-fault current. Restriction of fault current lowers hazards and reduces damage done to equipment. High Resistance Grounding (HRG) systems are often used on industrial and critical power applications to maintain system uptime during a first ground fault. HRG systems are also used in tripping applications to help control touch potential on portable loads and improve personnel safety.

  • RH / Temperature Duct Probe with Integral Transmitter

    RDP-20C - TEGAM Inc.

    TEGAM''s Humitran duct probes provide a reliable, accurate, and low cost method for monitoring relative humidity plus temperature. Solid state sensors supply excellent sensitivity, fast response and long term stability. Simple hook up and linearized output permit interfacing with most display or control devices. Model RDP-20C outputs a 4-20 mA current loop for long virtually unlimited cable distances.

  • Rigid Borescope

    55 Series - Titan Tool Supply, Inc.

    The Titan Miniature #55 Series Rigid Borescope is a simple, inexpensive borescope series with an unusually large field of view. It comes complete with a flashlight handle and a 5.5mm diameter (.217") optical tube in two lengths 6 1/4" and 12" long. This series is an ideal shop scope. It is inexpensive in price and can be used in any viewing application in quality control, machine shop or aircraft maintenance as well as motor repair and locksmith applications.

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