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  • CAN Interface Module

    NI-9853 / 780178-01 - NI

    2-Port, High-Speed C Series CAN Interface Module—The NI‑9853 is a high-speed Controller Area Network (CAN) interface for developing FPGA-based applications with the NI‑RIO driver on CompactRIO. The NI‑9853 is ideal for low-level FPGA‑based control and triggering applications that are programmed using the LabVIEW FPGA Module. The NI‑9853 is ideal for byte-level manipulation of CAN frames using the LabVIEW FPGA Module. The NI‑9853 is only compatible with CompactRIO systems.

  • AUTOGRRAPH Precision Universal Tester

    AGX-V Series - Shimadzu Corp.

    At Shimadzu, our aim is to develop instruments that provide the highest level of test results. To this end, we created the AGX, the highest class of testing machine in the industry. It features a high rigidity frame; multi processors, high-speed sampling and high-accuracy automatic control; an intelligent crosshead; stroke limit switches; a high degree of safety; a smart controller equipped with a progressive user interface; and software that supports the creation of test conditions and data processing with intuitive operability.

  • Linear Load Tester

    M.E.A. Testing Systems Ltd.

    *Measures time-load-distance with high-accuracy.*Measures speed characteristics in the work piece loaded.*Measures propulsive characteristics in the work piece in its excited state.*Measures cogging torque characteristics in the work piece not in its non-excited state.*Adopting in-house load cell and a linear scale of 1-micrometer resolution, the system enables high-accuracy testing of load vs. distance of linear movement.*It performs load control and force detection in both forward and backward directions.

  • Aggregates Testing Equipment

    ELE International

    Aggregates are one of the most important construction materials, used as a composite material in concrete and asphalt, and as a base material in foundations, roads, and railways. The high hydraulic conductivity of aggregates also makes them ideal for drainage applications and as filter media. With so many different applications, ELE’s range of aggregate testing equipment performs a vital role in checking performance characteristics against specifications, quality control, new source assessment and the prediction of in-service behaviour.

  • Process Hydrogen Analyzer

    HY-OPTIMA™ 700B Series - H2scan Corp.

    H2scan’s HY-OPTIMA™ 700B series in-line, real time hydrogen-specific process analyzers are designed for ease of use, interface flexibility and true process control. The HY-OPTIMA™ 700B series is a solid-state sensor that is configured to operate in process gas streams with temperatures up to 60ºC. The HY-OPTIMA™ 700B series is ideal for hydrogen production and petrochemical applications where real-time measurements can enhance process plant efficiencies, diagnostics and maintenance management.

  • NEXYGENPlus PET Testing Software

    AMETEK Sensors, Test & Calibration

    The NEXYGENPlus PET testing software can control the barrel temperature, display test graphs and automatically calculate the required test results, e.g. IV, degradation factor and MV. User specified pass/fail limits can be set for the IV, degradation factor and/or MV and the software will indicate which samples have passed or failed. When several tests have been performed, the batch statistics can be viewed either as a data table, an X-bar range chart or a histogram.

  • Portable Temperature Calibrators

    Mensor Corp.

    Portable temperature calibrators (dry-well calibrators) are electronic controllers which automatically, quickly and dryly supply a temperature. Due to the high reliability, accuracy and simple operation, portable temperature calibrators are particularly suitable as a factory/working standard for the automatic testing and/or calibration of temperature measuring instruments of all types. A major advantage is offered by the large sleeve diameters and the fast, stable temperature control, since, as a result of these characteristics, the time for calibration can be used very effectively.

  • 2.2 Megapixel High-Speed USB 3.1 Gen 1 CMOS Camera

    Lt225 - Teledyne Lumenera

    Lumenera’s Lt225 enclosed digital camera is built for rugged 24/7 use. A proven high resolution 2/3” CMOS sensor with a fully electronic global shutter that captures excellent quality, high-speed images with zero blur. The industrial-grade version of this camera is ideally suited for applications that include traffic monitoring, Automatic License/Number Plate Recognition (ALPR/ANPR), high-speed inspection, light UAVs and motion control. This camera can be customized to suit OEM designs and is available in a scientific-grade.

  • Starvis Rolling Shutter CMOS USB3 Camera

    Lt-C/M3840 - Teledyne Lumenera

    Highlights and shadows can be difficult to image in outdoor conditions because of variations in the lighting and can cause vital image data to be lost. The key to ensuring images keep clarity in such conditions is high dynamic range. The Lt-C/M3840 camera with its high dynamic range retains image data without losing image quality. This makes it ideal for applications such as toll management, speed and red light enforcement, HOT lane enforcement, and parking validation access control.

  • Mini Camera System

    vCamMX-2 - Vivax-Metrotech Corp

    The vCamMX-2 all-in-one mini inspection system gives you the flexibility to cover a range of inspections including indoor drain lines, residential plumbing, indoor commercial lines, and lateral lines up to four inches in diameter. The vCamMX-2 control module is designed and manufactured with the plumbing contractors’ needs in mind. The latest technology in imaging and recording are packaged in a rugged ABS injection molded housing mounted to the stainless-steel frame is made specifically for harsh conditions.

  • TPS Thermal Conductivity Tester

    SKZ1061C - SKZ Industrial Co., Ltd

    It can be used for various heat conduction properties of different types of materials testing. Transient Plane Source method is to study the thermal conductivity method, the latest one, which makes measurement technology to a whole new level. In the study of material capable of fast and accurate measurement of thermal conductivity for the enterprise quality control, material production and laboratory studies provide a great convenience. The instrument is easy to operate, simple to understand, will not cause damage to the sample.

  • Digital Potentiometers

    DigiPOT - Analog Devices Inc.

    Analog Devices portfolio of digital potentiometers provide uncompromising performance across a wide range of industrial temperatures. Sometimes called digital pots, RDACs, or digiPOTs, these compact devices can be used to calibrate system tolerances or dynamically control system parameters. DigiPOTs such as the AD5123 and AD5143 offer a nonvolative solution for 128-position/256-position adjustment applications, with low resistor tolerance and the low temperature coefficient simplifying open-loop applications and those that require tolerance matching.

  • Digital E-Gun Sweep

    XYC-20 - Eddy Co.

    The XYC-20 E-beam evaporation controller is in a class by itself. The unit can be calibrated by the user to their specific system and e-gun. An algorithm determines the beam error from front to back and side to side within the pocket, eliminating pocket overshoot and burn-thru. The pattern control is effectively made linear saving time in programming and setup. Beam dwell time can vary at each location to compensate for variation in beam density. Six pocket sizes and two shapes can be selected.

  • Touchplate Combo Wrist Strap And Footwear Tester

    Botron Inc.

    Testing ESD Wrist Straps and ESD Footwear prior to entry on the fab floor, or ESD Protected Area is a simple, yet very effective means towards becoming ESD compliant and establishing proper ESD controls. This is a no-frills, “go-no-go” type tester. Meaning, you get either a green or red indicator upon passing or failing, respectfully. It is battery operated and the trimpot calibration make the lifetime overhead of this tester a cost effective choice.

  • Indicators

    VPG Transducers

    Weighing indicators and controllers are used for a range of applications, from simple weight displays and data collection to control of an entire automated process. These instruments may add precise amounts of multiple ingredients to a batch recipe formulation, turn on a motor, start a conveyor, or provide data for inventory management and traceability. Programmable software is usually included. VPG Transducers also offers a wide range of junction boxes, which are an integral part of any weighing system.

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