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  • Calibration And Verification Instruments

    ViTec Co. Ltd

    The system of automatic calibration and verification consists of a computer of the operator's workplace and a control controller with a calibrator connected to it and a verified device. The device under test can have 4 to 16 working channels with a complicated circuit for connecting different types of signals: voltage, current, thermocouples, thermoresistance. The system allows a change in the set of operating ranges during calibration and calibration. The software development system used the LabVIEW development environment with the Real-Time module.

  • Cam-Over Wrenches

    Mountz Inc.

    When under- or over-torquing puts your products at risk, Mountz cam-over wrenches deliver the accuracy you need. Relied on by leaders in aviation, automotive, and electronics-all industries in which process control is critical-our cam-over wrenches use an internal clutch mechanism to reduce the risk of operator error by disengaging when the right level of torque is reached. We offer internally or externally adjustable models designed to help you optimize productivity.

  • CANbus Controller for VMEbus

    VME360 - AcQ Inducom

    The VME360 CANbus controler is a 6U VMEbus board based on four SJA1000 CANbus controllers. Each SJA1000 provides an interface to the popular CANbus that supports both standard (11-bit) and extended (29-bit) identifier fields. Front panel LEDs provide diagnostical network information. The VME360 provides four CANbus interfaces. The CAN network is a serial communication protocol which efficiently supports distributed control with a high level of reliability.

  • Closed-Loop Motor Controller

    MS332 - Electro-Sensors, Inc.

    Modes include zero-cumulative-error Ratio-Follower (electronic gearing) and zero-cumulative-error Index-Follower (mechanical event/phase synchronization). Features include Forward-only and Forward/Reverse settings for uni/ bi-directional control, multiple setpoints and many programmable contact-closure input and NPN output functions. Builds numerous machine synchronizing / follower processes. Works with quadrature incremental shaft encoders (all modes) and prox, photo-eye and other presence/event sensors (Index-Follower mode).

  • CL+ PX8 Full Frame Grabber

    Xcelera-CL+ PX8 Full - Teledyne DALSA

    The X64 Xcelera-CL+ PX8 Full has been built within Teledyne DALSA’s Trigger-to-Image Reliability technology framework. Trigger-to-Image Reliability leverages Teledyne DALSA’s hardware and software innovations to control, monitor and correct the image acquisition process from the time that an external trigger event occurs to the moment the data is sent to the host, providing traceability when errors do occur and permitting recovery from those errors.

  • Color Pattern Generator

    CG-971 - Texio Technology Corp.

    * Analog video signal/Audio signal output * Conformity with NTSC,PAL,PAL-M and TNSC-4.43 * Selectable sync level * Available for various and output patterns by system file* Each staircase level in step pattern settable by voltage * Natural image and Monoscope pattern output * Max. 24 pattern installation * Auto sequence mode * GP-IB, RS-232C, and Digital IF (TTL) for remote control * Half rack size of 19 inch EIA 2U

  • Compact EMC Test System

    Multi-CE5 - Hilo Test

    The Multi-CE5 includes an Electrical Fast Transient Generator (EFTG), a Combination Wave Generator (CWG) and a Coupling-/Decoupling Network (CDN) for single-phase power supply lines. The software program CE-REMOTE allows full remote control of the test generator via Ethernet light guide as well as recording, evaluation and documentation of test results, according to IEC 17025. To record the wave shape of impulses, it is equipped with an Impulse Recording Function (IRF).

  • Data-logger

    11250 - M. C. Miller Company

    Comes loaded with M. C. Miller's Test Site Survey application• Integrates with ProActive, M. C. Miller's corrosion control data management application• Data-types are customizable for each of your test sites and each test site can be GPS position stamped • High-resolution date/time stamped photos can be taken at your test sites during a route and recorded images are posted directly to the ProActive database • Sub-meter GPS position resolution

  • Differential Scanning Calorimetry

    Nano DSC - TA Instruments

    The Nano DSC differential scanning calorimeter is designed to characterize the molecular stability of dilute in-solution biomolecules. The Nano DSC obtains data using less sample than competitive designs. Solid-state thermoelectric elements are used to precisely control temperature and a built-in precision linear actuator maintains constant or controlled variable pressure in the cell. Automated, unattended continuous operation with increased sample throughput is achieved with the optional Nano DSC Autosampler.

  • Digital Gauge Pressure

    ZET 7012-I VER.3 - ZETLAB Company

    Digital gauge pressure ZET 7012-I VER.3 (open membrane) is used for fast and simple overpressure measurements and measured values data transfer in digital format via RS-485 or 4-20 mA interface. ZET 7012-I VER3 digital gauge pressure meter is intended for integration into various technological processes automated control systems. Open membrane type enables sensors operation in viscous, pasty and rapidly polymerizing environments.

  • Digital StroboTach 115VAC, 60Hz

    461830 - Extech Instruments Corporation

    The Extech 461830 is a digital StroboTach tachometer. Freeze motion and analyze rotating objects without contact. Checks and analyzes motion and speed by simply aiming and synchronizing its flash rate (FPM) with a rotating object. Ideal for measuring the speed of moving gears, fans, pumps, motors and other equipment used in general maintenance, production, quality control, or laboratories. Complete with 6 ft power cord, handle and can be tripod mounted.

  • Doppler Generator

    Series 5000 - Eastern-Optx

    Eastern OptX introduces moving target generators covering radar frequencies from 1 – 18 GHz. These compact systems provide target generation with speeds from 0 to 3000 MPH, and allows the user to set target and radar source speeds and directions. Systems may be operated remotely using wireless control with scenario generator features including flight path replication, moving source and targets, and multiple target options.

  • Driver for Controlling Teledyne Princeton Instruments Cameras

    PICAM Driver - Teledyne Princeton Instruments

    PICam is the driver for controlling all Teledyne Princeton Instruments cameras and is the platform on which LightField software is built. Teledyne Princeton Instruments also offers the PICam API, which can be used to directly automate any Teledyne Princeton Instruments cameras using the C run-time. This, alongside the PICam SDK, provides efficient and direct control of all cameras. It is available for 64-bit Windows and Linux systems (see Hardware Requirements for details).

  • Dual Voltage Detector / Maintenance Tester

    MicroPhase I - Hachmann Innovative Elektronik

    MicroPhase I is an easily operated phase comparator, dual voltage detector and maintenance tester. Its automatic, thorough self-test ensures reliable function. The permanently enabled interface-testers warn against defect interfaces. The integrated "Universal Phase Comparator" compares two different interface signals, even if they are of different interface type or voltage. A unique error control avoids switching errors caused by erratic or unfeasible phase comparison.

  • E-DRIV® Electric Screwdrivers

    K-Series - Mountz Inc.

    The K-Series are low voltage DC electric screwdrivers. These rugged assembly tools increase productivity and enhance product quality through precision torque control and user comfort. The electric screwdrivers automatically stop when the preset torque has been reached. The K-Series electric screwdrivers are NRTL certified from TUV America, Inc. The certification ensures manufacturing companies that they are purchasing and operating a quality and safe tool for its operators.

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