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  • UX Usability Testing Tool

    Indigo Studio - Infragistics

    Your complete solution for collaborative prototyping and usability testing with video replays. Fast, code-free prototyping for today's most popular platforms. Design for mobile, web, or desktop using Indigo Studio’s built-in controls and platform environments - complete with touch and swipe gesture support. Run your prototype from any device with a web browser. Import designs from Sketch, and create reusable, interactive UI components.

  • Video Borescope

    Hawkeye® V2 Deluxe - Research Electronics Intl.

    The Hawkeye® V2 Deluxe Videoscope Kit contains a bright, high-resolution, and durable camera that delivers sharp, clear photos and videos in a wide range of demanding inspection applications. The large 5″ LCD screen provides detailed close-up views, includes a 2x zoom functions, mirror image capability, and easy-to-use intuitive controls. This allows teams to quickly and easily inspect difficult and hard-to-reach areas.

  • Video Borescope TVSG 4.5MM & 6.4MM

    TVSG - Titan Tool Supply, Inc.

    The New Titan Tool Supply, Inc. TVSG Series Videoscope comes in both a 4.5m and 6.4mm diameter and both 1.5m and 3.0m lengths. It is a economical videoscope with full 360 Degree joystick articulation control, 5X zoom function, uses 4 AA batteries and the ability to record both still images and video on the supplied SD card. This makes an invaluable tool for your remote inspection needs.

  • Vigilant Aircraft Hygrometer

    137 - Edgetech Instruments

    The Edgetech Instruments Model 137 Vigilant Aircraft Hygrometer is a rugged, shock mounted military qualified instrument used for the primary measurement of dew point in flight or in installations with existing flow, such as wind tunnels.It features a miniature remote dew point sensor employing a platinum resistance thermometer, and has 15 feet of interconnecting cable to the control unit. Precision calibration units for the linear analog outputs are included.

  • WAV Trigger

    SparkFun Electronics

    The WAV Trigger is a unique high-fidelity polyphonic audio player with surprising capabilities. Supporting up to 2048 uncompressed 16-bit, 44.1kHz wav files – the same quality as an audio CD – the WAV Trigger can play and mix up to 14 stereo tracks simultaneously and independently, with very low latency. Tracks can be controlled via 16 programmable trigger inputs, or by using a native serial control protocol or even MIDI.

  • WDXRF Spectrometer

    Axios FAST - Malvern Panalytical Ltd

    Do you need non-destructive analysis of chemical composition in seconds because of time-critical process control or running sample high-throughputs? With up to 28 elements measured simultaneously in concentration ranges from ppm to 100%, the Malvern Panalytical Axios FAST simultaneous WDXRF spectrometer is the ideal solution. Accurate and robust analysis, ease of operation by less-experienced staff and high uptime go hand in hand with a low cost of ownership.

  • Waters Laboratory Informatics Software

    Waters Corporation

    Waters Laboratory Informatics Software provides a powerful suite of solutions for instrument control, scientific data management, scientific search, network integration, and compliance management to streamline analytical laboratory operations. Our Informatics solutions have helped leading pharmaceutical, environmental, food & beverage, and chemical materials organizations reduce costs, accelerate decision making, improve laboratory effectiveness, and get products to market faster.

  • Suite Of Data Analytics Software

    Umetrics® - Sartorius AG

    The Umetrics® Suite of data analytics software gives you access to powerful yet easy-to-use tools to optimize your manufacturing processes and bring quality products to market faster. Use the data analytics software to develop robust, high-quality products, continually improve processes and maintain control during manufacturing. These tools support regulatory compliance, enable digital transformation and facilitate quality by design.

  • Universal Switch

    34980A - Acery Technologies

    34980A Universal Switch Module 34937A, 34938A can be used to send signals or control other devices in the application. The 34937A is a versatile universal switch with 28 channels capable of switching up to 1A. In addition, there are four can switch up to 5A of the A-channel. The 34938A has 20 5A channels of type A topology. Each type A general-purpose switch can withstand up to 150W of power per channel, suitable for power switching.

  • Thickness Tester

    CX-Series - Qualitest International Inc.

    The Thickness Tester - CX-1000 combines our patented capacitance sensor with industry-leading software to give you plastic film thickness profiling resolution to one micron. This gauge can be run as a stand-alone bench unit, or can be connected to a computer for RS-232 operation by our Thickness Tester - CX-1100 Quality Control Software. Capacitance measurement is industry-recognized as the best choice for off-line, high resolution, continuous gauge profiling for plastic films.

  • HEX-COM-CAN VAG-COM for 504.1

    V480 - UIF TECH

    COM  connector plugs into most modern laptops!  Compatible with the latest cars which require a direct CAN connection for diagnostics including all Golf-5 platform cars and latest Audi A3, A6 and A8.  Protocol timing indistinguishable from a real VAG/VAS tool.  Works reliably even with "difficult" control modules such as the 1991-1994 1Z Audi TDIs and the 1993-1994 Audi 2.6L with Hella ECU. 

  • Engineering Consulting

    Cyth Systems, Inc

    Leveraging our experience in Automation, Control, and Machine Vision across many industries, we can bring your project a depth and breadth of design proficiency into applications we’ve never done before, or in ways you might not have considered.   Bring us your tricky projects and challenges – we love to join your design team and can offer ideas, technologies, and questions that just might make a project into a reality.

  • IP Reuse

    IC Manage, Inc.

    IC Manage Global Design Platform (GDP & GDP-XL) includes an open platform for maximizing IP reuse. Design and verification teams can use the system to rapidly publish and integrate IP into existing flows, and to trace bug dependencies. Internal and third party IP can be imported or linked with IP Central from multiple commercial and open source design management systems, as well as internal revision control systems. ”

  • 16-Channel, ±30 VDC, 8 Sink/Source Inputs, 8 Relay Outputs (150 V), Isolated Digital I/O Device

    PCI-6521 / 779312-01 - NI

    The PCI-6521 is an industrial digital I/O module with high channel isolation and industry-standard 24 V logic levels. If a computer or application fault occurs, the PCI-6521 can use … digital I/O watchdogs to switch to a configurable safe output state to ensure detection and safe recovery from fault conditions. It also features programmable power-up states, digital filtering, and change detection for optimal control over your application.

  • 1.33 GHz Dual-Core CPU, 2 GB DRAM, 4 GB Storage, -40 °C to 70 °C, Artix-7 A100T FPGA, Extended Temperature, 4-Slot CompactRIO Controller

    cRIO-9055 / 787043-01 - NI

    1.33 GHz Dual-Core CPU, 2 GB DRAM, 4 GB Storage, -40 °C to 70 °C, Artix-7 A100T FPGA, Extended Temperature, 4-Slot CompactRIO Controller - The cRIO-9055 is a rugged, deployable controller for data acquisition and control applications. It offers Intel Atom dual-core processing, an … Artix-7 FPGA, and four slots for C Series modules. It runs the NI Linux Real-Time operating system with access to the I/O through NI-DAQmx drivers or with the LabVIEW FPGA module. The controller provides precise, synchronized timing and deterministic communications over the network using TSN, ideal for distributed measurements and control. This controller offers two Gigabit Ethernet ports, one USB 3.1 host port, one USB 2.0 device port, a trigger line, and a μSD card slot for storing data locally. The registered trademark Linux® is used pursuant to a sublicense from LMI, the exclusive licensee of Linus Torvalds, owner of the mark on a worldwide basis.

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