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  • Cable Fault Locator

    TX4000 - BI Communications

    Auto Fault Location Rugged Palm-Top design Weighs less than 350g (12oz) 11 Measurement Ranges up to 4000m 25, 50, 75 & 100ohm Selectable Cable Impedance User Variable Gain Control Built in Tone Generator for Pair Tracing and Identification Suitable for testing all Communication and Power Cables Environmental Protection IP54 CE Approved Soft bag & Test Leads

  • Carbon Strips Quality Tester

    MR12SPX - Schuetz Messtechnik GmbH

    The MR12SPX and its measuring probe are used for inspection and quality control of carbon strips of current collectors used by electrical powered trains, electric trams, trolley buses and similar vehicles. Here the current collectors are preferably roof mounted. Due to the often pairwise mounting of the carbon strips, there is little space between the lowered collectors. Therefore the measuring probe itself is very small. The design can be modified for your needs.

  • C-Band Single Channel FGA Fixed Gain EDFA

    HSA4400 (With SNMP) - Hangzhou Huatai Optic Tech. Co., Ltd.

    Huatai HSA4400 series is a fixed gain EDFA which is designed specifically for single wavelength optic transmission system. The EDFA adopts excellent optical performance and advanced electric transient control technology, which can efficiently restrain the input optical power change that caused by amplifier, create large transient change of output optical power, so that to protect optical detector and other optical devices in high-speed network.

  • Charged Plate Monitor

    Model 158A - TREK, INC.

    The Trek Model 158A Charged-Plate Monitor is the premier instrument to evaluate the performance of air ionization systems. It features a user-friendly large 7 inch screen that is active through either touch-screen control or corresponding function keys. The compact design supports superior data collection and data storage capability. The data is displayed in color and may be stored internally or can be easily transferred to a USB flash drive or other USB device.

  • Chart Recorder & Data Acquisition

    MRC7000 - Partlow

    The MRC7000 Recorder/Controller is a microprocessor based circular chart instrument capable of measuring, displaying, recording and controlling up to two process variables from a variety of inputs. Record and control functions, alarm settings and other parameters are easily configured via the keys on the front cover and self-prompting displays. All user entered data can be protected against unauthorized changes via the MRC7000 Enable Mode security system.

  • Component Test


    Our innovative multi-function Electrical Component Testers have advanced functions such as voltage power control feed to activate components like radiator fan, headlights, horn, actuators, etc. and the sensor simulator can provide simulation of voltage signals, frequencies, square waves & duty signals with varying intensity to test the feasibility of good sensor signals in comparison to bad ones when troubleshooting vehicle electrical faults.

  • Concrete Cover Meter NOVOTEST Rebar Detector


    Concrete Cover Meter NOVOTEST Rebar Detector (rebar locator) is designed in accordance to EN 12504-4, ASTM C597-02, ISO 1920-7:2004, IS13311, CECS 21 standards and is intended for operational monitoring of reinforced (searching rebars inside building structures) concrete products and structures for process control in the factories and building sites, surveys buildings and structures. The device measures the protective layer of concrete by magnetic method.

  • Contrast Sensors

    SICK Sensor Intelligence

    Contrast sensors are primarily used in packaging/printing machines for the detection of printed or control marks. SICK's line of KT contrast sensors detects even the smallest contrasts at the highest speeds, such as print marks on foils or packaging. They detect minute grayscale variations between the mark and the background on matte, shiny or transparent surfaces. A variety of device types with different contrast resolution methods and teach-in versions are available to meet wide-ranging requirements.

  • Crane Safety Monitor

    CSM - Gigasense

    PIAB CSM Crane Safety Monitor is an electronic control unit to be used in overload protection systems. The PIAB CSM evaluates and computes signals from force transducers and can be set for alarm at preset alarm limits. By installing the PIAB CSM, hazards for personnel and material are avoided. The PIAB CSM will also record the operation of the hoist. The PIAB CSM is designed both for indoor and outdoor operation in aggressive and demanding industrial environments.

  • Creaform

    AMETEK Inc.

    Creaform develops, manufactures and sells 3D portable measurement technologies and specializes in 3D engineering services. The company offers innovative solutions such as 3D scanning, reverse engineering, quality control, non-destructive testing, product development and numerical simulation (FEA/CFD). Its products and services are intended for industries such as the automotive, aerospace, consumer products, heavy industries, health care, manufacturing, oil & gas, power generation and research & education.

  • D3S Drone Radiation Detector

    Kromek Group plc

    The D3S Drone radiation detector is designed for gamma and neutron activity mapping. Using a lightweight drone designed to be easily carried and quickly deployed to provide CBRNE Homeland Security or civil nuclear workers. The D3S Drone is with a way to map radiation hotspots and patrol a large area quickly. The operator receives the real-time data transmission (counts per second) to a six-inch screen separate to the drone flight control screen.

  • Data Acquisition and Analysis Software

    Omega Engineering, Inc

    OMEGA Enterprise Gateway is a tool designed to help you gain optimal control and insight into your process. This software runs 24/7 on a Windows® server to provide uninterrupted data service to access your data anywhere, anytime. With this data, you'll be able to perform analyses that would allow you to troubleshoot issues as they arise or simply review your historical data to continuously improve upon your process.

  • Data Acquisition System - 3U 5-Slot

    DAQ-35CP0G - North Atlantic Industries

    is a preconfigured rugged system ideally suited to support a multitude of military/aerospace data acquisition applications that require "SBC-less" remote Gig-E command and control of high-density, multichannel programmable ARINC 429/575; Dual-Redundant, Quad Channel MIL-STD-1553B; CANBus (CAN 2.0 A&B or J1939); A/D Conversion; RTD Measurement; RS-232/422/485 Serial Communications; Thermocouple Measurement; Discrete I/O; Differential Transceiver and Dual-Port Gig-E Ethernet.

  • DB-9 PockeTester™

    Model 51 - Patton Electronics Co.

    The Patton Model 51 DB-9 PockeTester™ monitors the seven most important async EIA-574 (RS-232 on a DB-9) data and control lines. The Model 51 uses seven tri-state LEDs to indicate the presence of the following signals: TD, RD, DTR, DSR, RTS, CTS and DCD. A red light = Mark, a green light = Space and no light indicates no signal on the line. No AC power or batteries required..

  • DC Bench Power

    XDL Series - AMETEK Programmable Power, Inc.

    The Sorensen XDL series II represents the "next generation" of high performance laboratory power supplies. The XDL provides multiple ranges for increased current capability at lower voltages and uses pure linear technology. Unlike other digitally controlled units, the XDL series II provides both numeric and rotary control while the illuminated keys and display legends provide instant confirmation of settings and status.

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