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  • Air Data Calibrator

    ADC-2500 - TestVonics, Inc.

    TestVonics ADC-2500 Air Data Calibrator is a high accuracy pitot static calibrator. The ADC-2500 is capable of controlling and measuring Altitude and Airspeed pressures with the highest degree of accuracy. The control and measurement range of the test system can meets or exceed requirements for both commercial and military application. The ADC-2500 is currently used by all USAF PMEL organizations as well as various other commercial and military organizations worldwide.

  • Air Jet Erosion Tester

    AJ-1000 - Rtec Instruments

    The state of the art Rtec Air jet erosion tester AJ-5000 allows to test repeated impact erosion test that delivers a stream gas with abrasive particles. The tester comes with close loop temperature control upto 900C. The tester is used to rank erosion of various materials, coatings etc. across a wide range of abrasive particle materials, shape, size at various temperature and impact speed.

  • Airspace Security Platform

    DroneTracker - Dedrone Inc.

    The airspace security platform that detects, classifies, and mitigates all drone threats.​ DroneTracker aggregates sensor information about potential threats, recognizing and classifying drones of all kinds. Its web-based interface shows live threats, real-time drone flight paths, and records forensic details including video evidence. The RF Sensor detects drones and remote controls by their radio frequency (RF) signatures.

  • Alarm Monitor

    Selco USA, INC

    In industrial process control, an Alarm Monitor and Annunciator panel is a system to alert operators of alarm conditions in the plant. Multiple back-lit windows are provided, each engraved with the name of a process alarm. Lamps in each window are controlled by hard-wired switches in the plant, arranged to operate when a process condition enters an abnormal state (such as high temperature, low pressure, loss of cooling water flow, or many others).

  • Altitude Digitizer Test Set & Simulator

    ATS-400 - Trans-Cal Industries, Inc.

    Test & Simulate Altitude Encoder Parallel and Serial I/O all in One Rugged Test Set! The TCI Model ATS-400 is designed to test, display and simulate the output of Altitude Reporting Equipment, which conform to the ICAO Standard for SSR Pressure Altitude Transmission. In accordance with the U.S. National Standards for I.F.F. Mark X (SIF)/Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon System SIF/ATCRBS.

  • Ammunition Handling Systems

    Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions

    Ammunition handling systems are a critical component onboard many of today's military programs. Our ammunition handling and loading systems enable non-stop performance with highly reliable loading cycles and increase the safety of crew members by eliminating the manual handling of ammunition. Flexible in their design, we can bring the benefits of our high-speed precision motion control systems to a wide variety of platforms, spaces, and locations.

  • Analyzers

    LC Series - Battery Metric

    The LC Series machines are low current, low power devices configured for management of low capacity batteries. These devices offer very high input resistance and have current control as low a 0.25 micro Ampere. These machines also offer 3 current ranges. Select the device that has the current ranges required for the intended application. Other voltage and current configurations are also available.

  • Area Scan Camera


    Area Scan Cameras provide high-performance and high-resolution options that offer excellent image quality and many sensor options. They can connect over a variety of interface standards such as USB3 Vision, GigE Vision, and Camera Link. Models offer high frame rates and rolling or global shutters. Area Scan Cameras are well suited for a variety of applications, such as automated inspection, smart machine control, and factory automation.

  • Automotive Radar Transceivers


    Driver assistance systems use radar sensors in various counts and configurations. The data provided by the radar sensors is used in applications such as blind-spot detection, autonomous emergency braking, and adaptive cruise control, to increase safety by enabling vehicles to identify and avoid potentially dangerous situations. Radar systems in conjunction with other sensor systems will contribute to increasing automation levels right up to the completely autonomous vehicle.

  • Bar Code Verifier

    Accubar™ - Nordson Adhesive Systems

    Reliable bar code scanner validates symbol accuracy directly on the production line, enhancing efficiency and quality control. The Nordson Accubar bar code verifier monitors and validates symbol accuracy in high-speed packaging and converting operations. Unacceptable codes can trigger an alarm, machine stop, ejector or marker. Your product quality is protected against faulty codes and mixed lots that can increase operating costs.

  • Basic Pulsed-RF Measurements

    S93025A - Keysight Technologies

    The S93025A basic pulsed-RF measurements enables four internal pulse generators that can be used to control the internal pulse modulators (N522xB/N524xB Options 021 and 022), and it provides an integrated pulse application that uses the wideband-detection method. The pulse application provides an easy way to set up point-in-pulse measurements with pulse width as narrow as 200 ns, and pulse-profile measurements with 50 ns minimum timing resolution.

  • Benchtop Power Meter

    JW3201NS - Shanghai Joinwit optoelectronic Tech,co.,Ltd

    JW3201NS benchtop power meter is a high precision and wide range equipment designed by Joinwit. It has intelligent microprocessor control with automatic range switching. The photodetector PIN tube is linearized in 8 sections in the whole range of measurement, which eliminates the error caused by the non-linear response of the PIN tube to power value at the same wavelength and different power. It greatly improves the accuracy and reliability of equipment detection.

  • Bus Differential System

    B30 - GE Digital Energy

    The B30 features integrated protection, control and metering for MV, HV and EHV busbars, providing cost effective, feature-focused busbar protection. Use the B30 to protect busbars with up to 6 feeders with up to two three phase differential zones. The B30 is a cost effective alternative to high impedance schemes, ideal for breaker-and-half bus schemes, with integrated feeder backup protection and metering

  • Chassis

    United Electronic Industries, Inc.

    Two independent Gigabit (1000/100/10Base-T) Ethernet InterfacesOne port for Control, the second for diagnostics orBoth ports bonded/teamed for redundant network accessCompact: 2.7" x 4" x 4.1"Over 60 different I/O configurationsRugged: 100 g shock, 5 g Vibration, −40 to +70 °C, 0 – 70,000 feetReal-time: 1000 I/O scans in < 1 millisecondInter-device sync interface

  • Closed-loop Ionizer Controllers For Multichannel Voltage Detection

    Novx 3352/3362 - SIMCO-ION, Technology Group

    Simco-Ion’s Novx brand of Passive (Model 3352) and Active (Model 3362) Multi-fan Closed-loop Ionizer Controllers provide the capability to simultaneously detect, measure, record and monitor electrostatic voltages in multiple locations. The versatile antennas used with these systems allow their use in a variety of applications including monitoring sensitive workstations, in-tool voltages, or ionizer performance with the option of closed-loop control to select ionizer products.

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