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  • Inductive Load Banks

    L-Series - Hilkar

    L-series inductive load banks are devices which contain inductive loads, apply the load to an electrical power source and dissipate the reactive power of the electrical source. L-series load banks are designed for portable and fixed applications. Hilkar brand L-series load banks have robust design and are specifically designed for corrosive environments. Load banks can be controlled via local, remote, wireless remote or automatic control systems.

  • Infrared Camera for Methane and VOC Detection

    FLIR GF300 - Teledyne FLIR

    The FLIR GF300 detects methane, other hydrocarbon, and volatile organic compounds resulting from the production, transportation, and use of oil and natural gas. This camera can scan large areas and visualize potential gas leaks in real-time, so you can check thousands of components over the course of one survey. Designed with the user in mind, the GF300 is lightweight, offers both a viewfinder and LCD monitor, and has direct access to controls.

  • Infrared Camera for Methane and VOC Detection

    FLIR GF320 - Teledyne FLIR

    The FLIR GF320 detects hydrocarbon and volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from natural gas production and use. With this optical gas imaging camera, inspectors can check thousands of components and see potential gas leaks in real-time. The GF320 is lightweight, offers both a viewfinder and LCD monitor, and has direct access to controls. Embedded GPS data helps in identifying the precise location of faults and leaks, for faster repairs.

  • Integrated Receivers/Demodulators/Bit Synchronizers

    Lumistar Inc.

    Lumistar provides a wide variety of rack mount integrated receiver and diversity combiner systems. Some of these can be configured with multiple receivers, diversity combiners, and bit synchronizers depending on custom requirements. Lumistar does not manufacture any computers, but selects only the finest of the industrial machines available to provide a high performance package. Basic system setup, control, and display software is included with each of these systems at no additional cost.

  • Interface Adapter

    DMX-10 - Dimax

    DMX-10 is, all-in-one ready to use PCIEx to I2C/SPI/GPIO Interface adapter based on system with FPGA and 1x PCIEx PHY. DMX-10 converts PCIEx transactions into the I2C, SPI master or slave transactions and GPIO control functions. DMX-10 turns your PC running Windows, DOS, Linux, MacOS or any embedded OS with PCI support into comprehensive general purpose bus master or slave adapter.

  • IoT Gateway

    ADLINK Technology Inc.

    ADLINK embedded IoT gateway platforms fully support Intel® Gateway Solutions for Internet of Things (IoT) by integrating Wind River Intelligent Device Platform* (IDP) XT and McAfee* Embedded Control to provide a complete, pre-validated communication and security solution. But also includes ADLINK’s SEMA utility, which enables quick setup of remote data access and analysis through ADLINK's SEMA Cloud.

  • IR Carbon and Sulphur Analyzer

    LD-LCSA-A12 - Labodam

    IR Carbon and Sulphur Analyzer LCSA–A12 is a unit for determination of sulphur and carbon equipped with two treatment units including a high frequency induction burner and flexible temperature settings with automatic control. With an analysis time of 25 to 60 seconds and 10 to 30 °C, the multi-shielded isolation circuit prevents the machine for high frequency interference. High speed 32-bit sampling improves sensitivity and accuracy.

  • Laboratory Instrumentation

    Haydon Kerk Pittman

    Haydon Kerk Pittman has developed motion control systems used in: multi-axis sample management systems requiring high performance and reliability to meet high duty cycle requirements; microscopy stages demanding high precision positioning in multiple axis simultaneously; motion systems for automatic pipetting which requires very accurate motion for aspiration and dispense modes helping to eliminate manual pipetting errors.

  • LC Software

    LabSolutions GPC Software - Shimadzu Corp.

    GPC software has been added to the LabSolutions lineup. This addition enables control and use of GC and HPLC instruments, including a GPC system, for analysis with the same interface, which simplifies the management of analytical instruments in your laboratory. With its easy-to-understand analysis windows, the GPC software provides the optimal environment for molecular weight distribution calculations, as well as qualitative and quantitative analysis via multiple detectors.

  • Loudness Meters

    40-A Series - Dorrough Electronics

    The 40-A series Loudness Meters are considered the standard models with built-in power supplies. They are the large ARC-Style, three color LED display single channel meters. The Remote Control is now available for these units and will access the functions of phase correlation display, peak hold, sum/diff, and activate a reference mode allowing for accurate 0 setting within .1dB. A red LED notification alarm is present on the front of the unit.

  • Magnetic Resonance

    Bruker Corporation

    Bruker's product portfolio in the field of magnetic resonance spectroscopy includes NMR, preclinical MRI, EPR and Time-Domain (TD) NMR. In addition. Bruker delivers the world's most comprehensive range of research tools enabling life science, materials science, analytical chemistry, process control and clinical research. Bruker is also the leading superconductor magnet and ultra high field magnet manufacturer for NMR and MRI solutions.

  • Malware Communication Analyzer

    Malcom - tomchop

    Malcom is a tool designed to analyze a system's network communication using graphical representations of network traffic, and cross-reference them with known malware sources. This comes handy when analyzing how certain malware species try to communicate with the outside world. detect central command and control (C&C) servers. understand peer-to-peer networks. observe DNS fast-flux infrastructures. quickly determine if a network artifact is 'known-bad'.

  • Matrix Vapor Deposition System

    iMLayer - Shimadzu Corp.

    The iMLayer matrix vapor deposition system is sample pretreatment (application of matrix) in order to perform MALDI-MS imaging using an analysis system such as the iMScope imaging mass microscope or the MALDI-7090. With the iMLayer, the deposition method has been adopted as a pretreatment method to achieve high spatial resolution. By using this method, fine matrix crystal can be produced. Also, thanks to automated control, the coating thickness is reproducibly controlled as users configure.

  • Multi-Decoder

    ComTekk Engineering, LLC.

    CTCSS sub-audible tone decoder reveals repeater access tones DCS Digital-Coded Squelch decoding (requires receiver with discriminator or demodulator (unfiltered) output) DTMF "Touch-Tone™" decoder / logger Improved 2-tone decoding captures "stacked" pages Built-in Log Viewer / Player External serial port control to operate relay or PTT circuit Fully supports Windows XP, Vista / 7, 8, 10

  • Multiple Protocol Tool to Support Vehicle Bus

    neoVI Red - Intrepid Control Systems

    Intrepid Control Systems introduces neoVI RED; newest in our line of vehicle network development tools. neoVI RED fills the need for multiple CAN and LIN channels as well as giving you a 0-20 volt oscilloscope to troubleshoot physical layer issues with LIN and a logic analyzer for CAN. neoVI RED is a low cost, high value CAN and LIN bus interface that fits in your pocket.

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