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  • IR Carbon and Sulphur Analyzer

    LD-LCSA-A11 - Labodam

    IR Carbon and Sulphur Analyzer LCSA–A11 is a unit for determination of sulphur and carbon equipped with two treatment units including a high frequency induction burner and flexible temperature settings with automatic control. With an analysis time of 25 to 60 seconds and oxygen purity of 99.5 %, the multi-shielded isolation circuit prevents the machine for high frequency interference. High speed 24-bit sampling improves sensitivity and accuracy.

  • Isolated Digital Input/Output Cards

    PCI-IIRO-8 and PCI-IIRO-16 - Acces I/O Products, Inc.

    The PCI-IIRO-8 and PCI-IIRO-16 are low-cost, half-size cards that provide isolated input and output for PCI-Bus computers. The cards have eight or sixteen optically-isolated digital inputs for AC or DC control signals and eight or sixteen electro-mechanical relay outputs. PCI-IIRO-8 occupies four consecutive eight-bit registers in I/O space. PCI-IIRO-16 occupies eight consecutive eight-bit registers in I/O space.

  • Laser Measurement Systems

    The L. S. Starrett Company

    Starrett-Bytewise offers laser-based measurement systems that are employed on the factory floor for quality monitoring, process control and inspection. We are a vertical technology company with in-house resources for designing sensors, systems and software. We deliver products through our own sales and service network. Starrett-Bytewise is based in Columbus Georgia, USA, with offices in Europe and China, and is supported by independent sales and service representatives around the world.

  • LCD Power Meters

    Axe Technology Corp.

    Accuracy ±0.1% F.S. Measuring and display ACV/ACA/Watt/Var/VA/Power Factor/Frequency/KWH/DM(Demand) Input measurement network can be selectives(1P2W/1P3W/3P3W/3P4W) CT rate/PT rate can be modified(1 to 9999) Measuring ACV/ACA total harmonic distortion(THD),up to 35th harmonic(optional) Two alarm control function (optional) Two pulse output function (optional) Digit RS-485 interface function (Optional)

  • LinkExpert Software

    Teledyne LeCroy

    LinkExpert enables complete control and management of Teledyne LeCroy's family of Protocol Analyzer and Exerciser hardware. LinkExpert provides a convenient interface to run Compliance, Conformance and Validation tests on PCI Express (PCIe) and SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) links. The LinkExpert software interface is provided free of charge and includes as standard, several validation tests for PCIe Hosts (Root Complexes) and Devices (End Points).

  • Liquid Flow Controllers

    LC-series - Alicat Scientific, Incorporated

    The LC-series liquid flow controller uses Alicat’s patented laminar flow design to provide users with fast, accurate, and stable volumetric flow control for water or selected other liquids (see Quick Specs below). At the heart of Alicat’s LC-Series liquid flow controllers is an internally compensated, laminar differential pressure measurement technology that yields linear results over a wide flow range.

  • Low Power Comparators

    Analog Devices Inc.

    Analog Devices low power comparators provide a capable solution to demanding applications that must operate in the µA range. To cover a range of design needs, our low power comparators are available in commercial, industrial, and automotive temperature ranges, with feature such as noninverting inputs and inverting inputs. This portfolio supports applications such as Li-Ion monitoring, handheld instruments, LED/relay driving, control systems, and optoisolator driving.

  • Marine Gravimeter

    GT-2M - CMG

    The GT-2M marine gravimeter brings proven design and fully automatic operation to marine gravity measurement. Intelligent Platform Control and 4 programmable filters running simultaneously allow the collection of high quality data on vessels of any size through periods of high sea states. Proprietary software provides real-time relative free-air gravity values at a selectable recording rate for continuous data evaluation.

  • Measuring and Analysis Software


    With over 10 years of experience, IVS-KA6000 PV Test IV software has been developed by Enli Technology.  IVS-KA5000, the previous generation, has more than 500 users. IVS-KA6000 is evolved from IVS-KA5000 based on users’ feedback and experience. IVS-KA6000 can control a variety of SMUs and perform data collection of current and voltage based on setting parameters by users. The formulas and algorithms of IVS-KA6000 are …

  • Mechanically-linked AWD dyno

    MD-AWD-800 Series - Mustang Dynamometer

    Like all Mustang dynos, the MD-AWD-800 includes all of the advanced tuning capabilities that are included with the standard PowerDyne Software application such as constant speed, constant torque, step tests, and elapse time tests like 1/4 sprint all performed using Mustang''s patented Vehicle Simulation technology where the dyno automatically controls the loading to simulate actual "on-road" conditions.

  • Microphones

    Galaxy Audio Inc.

    The EDX Series is a dual channel wireless system. The EDX features 2 internal antennas (1 for each receiver), 16 selectable channels on each receiver, and IR Sync from receiver to transmitter. The EDX has 2 discreet male XLR outputs and 1 combined 1/4" output on the back of the unit. The output is controlled by a volume control for each receiver, located on the front of the unit.

  • Moisture Meter Digital Shopline

    MMC 205 - Wagner Electronics

    This moisture meter is designed for a smaller budget. Though this meter maintains the same accuracy level as other Wagner moisture meters, there is less precision displayed since MC is displayed in whole numbers only. The single button control can be more challenging to use than the dual buttons found on other meters. This moisture meter can be adjusted to accommodate different specific gravity settings between .30-.70

  • Moisture Pen + Flashlight

    FLIR MR40 - Teledyne FLIR

    The FLIR MR40 is a pocket-portable, rugged 2-pin, single-scale moisture meter with an integrated flashlight for wood and common building materials — ideal for builders, building inspectors, remodelers, moisture remediation technicians, pest control professionals, and residential roofing and flooring contractors. Providing reliable and accurate measurements offered at a highly affordable price point, MR40 is a quick and easy-to-use tool to find and quantify moisture content.

  • Odom eChart

    Teledyne Marine Odom Hydrographic

    Now full advantage can be taken of the Ethernet data produced by all new Teledyne Odom echo sounders. Odom eChart allows the user to control all of the parameters of the echo sounder, display the data in a number of formats (color and gray shades), even print and apply filters. Raw data is stored in .DSO format, a non-proprietary format that is easily compressed or converted to .XTF for additional processing.

  • Optical Identification

    ifm efector, inc.

    Application areas of the 1D/2D code reader range from product tracking and product control to product identification.The sensor can read 1D and 2D codes regardless of their position. Even if up to 25% of the code information becomes damaged or soiled, it is still read correctly. The reader can also be used for optical character recognition (OCR), e.g. in order to identify products based on type labels or serial numbers.

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