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  • High Power DC Electronic Load(1250V)

    36300E Series(50KW/60KW) - PRODIGIT ELECTONICS CO.,LTD.

    36300E Series has its own control and display panel, CC / CR / CV / CP / Dynamic modes, 150 sets Store / Recall memory which provides load set-up more efficiently, also can be remote controlled via GPIB、RS232、USB and LAN interface.SHORT time setting and SHORT_VH, SHORT_VL setting function, also can measure Short Voltage and Current.

  • High Power DC Electronic Load(1250V)

    34300E Series(5KW~40KW) - PRODIGIT ELECTONICS CO.,LTD.

    34300E Series has its own control and display panel, CC / CR / CV / CP / Dynamic modes, 150 sets Store / Recall memory which provides load set-up more efficiently, also can be remote controlled via GPIB、RS232、USB and LAN interface.SHORT time setting and SHORT_VH, SHORT_VL setting function, also can measure Short Voltage and Current.

  • High Power Noise Sources

    NS-7001 - Innovative Technical Systems

    The NS-7001 is high-power noise source specifically designed to operate in the 2.11-2.17 GHz UMTS band. It features flat output power that is regulated over a wide temperature range with high rejection outside the operating band of interest. Logic control is provided to enable/disable the noise source and an internal BIT function continuously monitors the output power. Other frequency bands and power levels are available.

  • High-Voltage Power Amplifier

    Model PZD2000A - TREK, INC.

    The Trek Model PZD2000A is a wide bandwidth high-voltage power amplifier used for precision high power applications. This new addition to the Trek power amplifier product line is designed to provide precise control of output voltages in the range of 0 to ±2 kV DC. Features include an output current range of 0 to ±400 mA and an excellent large signal bandwidth capability.

  • High Voltage Switch

    6TL Engineering

    FastATE technology: Modular, scalable and top flexible approach Minimum wiring and easy maintenance 19” rack, 1U, 2U, 4U or 6U depending on number of Channels Ideal for Hipot test, dielectric strenght test, High value resistors measurement. CE compilant, ESD safe CAN Control (or Ethernet with Ethernet to CAN Gateway) Drivers dll & VIs available

  • HiL Simulators

    NovaCarts Battery - MicroNova AG

    Exact cell simulation for validating battery management systems (BMS). "NovaCarts Battery" represents one of the most powerful and precise cell simulation systems on the market. This is leveraged by the modular and scalable HiL system to create optimum conditions for developing new battery management functions such as state-of-charge (SoC) and state-of-health (SoH) controls, active cell balancing and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy.

  • HPGe Detectors & Spectrometers

    Baltic Scientific Instruments, Ltd

    Baltic Scientific Instruments produces gamma- and X-ray spectrometers based on HPGe coaxial or planar detectors with liquid nitrogen and electric machine cooling. The spectrometers are used for radionuclide analysis and for monitoring of activity in the nuclear industry and related environment monitoring. HPGe detectors have additional applications in scientific research and technology development as well as in various spheres of industry including security and border control.

  • Hydraulic Testers

    Ashcroft Inc.

    Deadweight testers provide a precise means for generating pressure with high accuracy that can be used as a primary calibration standard. The unit's built-in shuttle valve provides the means to control the rate of pressure increase, while precision adjustment is accomplished with an integral micro vernier displacement valve. An ideal product that offers a rugged field ready primary standard, certified to yield consistent accurate results.

  • Imaging Spectrocolorimeter

    RM200QC - Pantone, Inc

    The X-Rite RM200QC Imaging Spectrocolorimeter bridges the gap between color appearance and material color from incoming material batches to outgoing product shipments in an elegant, portable unit that fits comfortably in your hand. The RM200QC is designed to provide stable color comparisons for materials and products wherever color control Is important. Here are just a few of the industries where RM200QC makes a difference:

  • Immunochromato-Readers

    Hamamatsu Photonics K.K.

    The C10066-10 Immunochromato-Reader makes rapid, high sensitivity, quantitative measurements of color intensities for red/blue-based immunochromatographic reagents. Since measurement data is saved as a CSV file, it can be analyzed on commercially available spreadsheet software, and calibration curve and time-course graphs then easily drawn. The C10066-10 Immunochromato-Reader is an optimal tool for R&D work as well as quality control of immunochromatography reagent kits.

  • In-Circuit Test Applications

    RNS International

    With decades of experience developing test fixtures, we are the recognized industry leaders for solid and reliable quality as well as our outstanding customer service. We fully support our products locally and worldwide for maintenance, repair, and ECO work. Also, 100% wiring verification is part of our Quality Control process, by utilizing automated verification machines for GenRad/Teradyne and HP/Agilent fixture.

  • Innovative Open Standard

    PROFINET - Anybus

    PROFINET is the innovative open standard for Industrial Ethernet, development by Siemens and the Profibus User Organization (PNO). With PROFINET, solutions can be implemented for factory and process automation, for safety applications, and for the entire range of drive technology right up to clock-synchronized motion control. PROFINET is standardized in IEC 61158 and IEC 61784. Profinet products are certified by the PNO user organization, guaranteeing worldwide compatibility.

  • Inorganic Elemental Analysis

    Elementar Analysensysteme GmbH

    The elemental composition of a material determines its properties. Elemental analysis is therefore essential for the characterization and quality control of materials that need to meet certain requirements.Elementar's user-friendly inductar® series for inorganic elmental analysis uses the high-temperature combustion method to determine elemental concentrations of carbon, sulfur, oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen and is the ideal solution for R&D, routine, and high-throughput laboratories.

  • In-Sight Explorer Software

    Cognex Corporation

    Ease-of-use is built into the heart of In-Sight vision systems starting with easy to use but powerful vision tools and In-Sight Explorer software interface. A spreadsheet view makes the user experience very simple for maximum control over your optical inspection applications. The In-Sight Explorer software also includes an EasyBuilder configuration environment for deploying reliable applications quickly, with no programming required.

  • IP-Parallel-BA1 "IP-Tape"

    Dynamic Engineering

    The IndustryPack compatible IP-Tape design adds 48 digital parallel IO lines to one slot of your carrier board. The IO is dedicated to a DTC interface. Other interfaces can be implemented. The DTC interface has 22 Address, 16 Data plus Parity, 4 control and 5 status lines. Parity is automatically generated in write mode and checked in read mode.

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