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  • Centrifugal Nanoparticle Analyzer

    Partica Centrifuge CN-300 - HORIBA, Ltd.

    With a measurement range of 10 nm - 40 μm, the Partica CENTRIFUGE CN-300 applies centrifugal force of up to 30,000g and uses temperature control to produce accurate measurement results for a variety of samples.Developed based on customer feedback and improving upon existing and new HORIBA technologies, the result is an analyzer that provides safe and reliable operation while also being easy to use.

  • Vapor Concentration Controller

    VCC-100 - HORIBA, Ltd.

    One of the gas delivery methods from liquid and solid is bubbling. Bubbling is widely used in the Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) process. By applying the NDIR technology and the valve technology HORIBA has been developed for long time, the VCC-100 can maintain a constant concentration at a downstream of a bubbler in order to meet industry requirements from the advanced process control era.

  • Digital Light Monitor

    LMC-20 - Eddy Co.

    The LMC-20 functions not only as a light monitor for coating thickness, but also allows control of multi layer/multi material coating processes. Up to 2000 individual layers in a coating are possible, by using 40 program banks of 50 layers each. The characteristics of up to 99 different coating materials can be input as well. Final thickness can be calculated to 1% of a quarter wave.

  • Signaling Software Solutions

    Adax inc

    For over 35 years, Adax has built a reputation for providing customers with network control, signaling, throughput, TDM switching equipment and security solutions with its range of hardware products. This is now complemented by its extensive software product line that supports cellular IoT applications to address connectivity, traffic and security issues faced by the industry as the market continues to grow.

  • Mass Flow Controller

    SEC-E Series - HORIBA, Ltd.

    This general purpose mass flow controller has a reliable thermal sensor and solenoid valve, allowing you to achieve high-level control of gas flow. A versatile component, the mass flow controller sec-e series can be used in a wide range of industries.Gas flow through the mass flow controller can be controlled over a range of flows: from 10 SCCM to 200 SLM.

  • Signal Conditioners & Measuring Transducers

    Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG

    Signal conditioners and measuring transducers ensure interference-free signal transmission in measurement and control technology. From highly compact 6 mm signal conditioners and measuring transducers through signal conditioners with functional safety to signal isolators for intrinsically safe circuits in the Ex area: our signal conditioners and measuring transducers ensure interference-free signal transmission in MCR technology.

  • Rotational Rheometer

    ARES-G2 - TA Instruments

    The ARES-G2 is the most advanced rotational rheometer for research and material development. It remains the only commercially available rheometer with a dedicated actuator for deformation control, Torque Rebalance Transducer (TRT), and Force Rebalance Transducer (FRT) for independent shear stress and normal stress measurements. It is recognized by the rheological community as the industry standard to which all other rheometer measurements are compared for accuracy.

  • Viscosity Analyser Range

    Perten RVA - Calibre

    The RVA models are cooking, stirring viscometers with variable shear capability and programmable temperature ranges from -10°C up to 140°C. Developed for testing a wide range of rheological properties in grain, flour, starch, hydrocolloids, gelling systems and foods. They can be used to characterise viscosity development or degradation and ingredient functionality within the finished product and to optimise formulation control.

  • Transducers

    Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration A/S

    Transducers have been a core part of Brel & Kjr's business for more than 70 years. The quality of our transducers is world-renowned. It is the result of our vast experience and knowledge, backed up by meticulous testing and quality control. Furthermore, all transducers are calibrated individually before shipping. In turn, this ensures that you always receive the performance and durability you expect.

  • Testing & Quality

    Ecoprogetti srl

    The solar simulator, electroluminescence and hi-Pot testers are the main machines used to test photovoltaic modules. These machines can be positioned at the end of the production line and along the production chain to keep the quality and efficiency of the photovoltaic modules under control after the most sensitive production phases. Each machine uses the best technologies in order to guarantee the best and most accurate measurements.

  • Pre-compliance Testing

    Silent Solutions LLC

    SILENT offers pre-compliance testing for products with planned distribution to commercial and industrial markets in the US and overseas. This includes testing to ensure that emissions, immunity, and circuit-to-circuit interference problems are discovered early and immediately brought under control. We use the most advanced EMC and RF test & measurement equipment and diagnostic software available from leading suppliers.

  • ADB Bearing Sensor Tester

    4B Components Ltd.

    The ADB Sensor Tester (ADBT) has been designed to test 4B adjustable depth bearing (ADB) style temperature sensors in the field. During planned maintenance or periodic testing, the ADBT can be used as a diagnostic tool to verify the alarm and shutdown sequences of the control unit are functioning as expected. The unit operates in two testing modes, direct (heated) and indirect (simulated).

  • MIMO Vibration Controller

    Spider-80M - Crystal instruments

    The Spider-80M platform is based on the efficient Spider-80Xi architecture and is dedicated to MIMO VCS control and MIMO structural testing applications. Each Spider-80M chassis features 8 outputs capable of carrying out 6-degree of freedom MIMO testing. One Spider-80M chassis and multiple Spider-80Xi chassis can chain together to form a very large system with up to 504 input channels.

  • SIMRC - Carrier Enclosure

    1050-901 - Pickering Interfaces Ltd.

    The SIM Relay Carrier 1050 simplifies the custom integration of SIMRC switching modules. No additional PCB design is necessary. Due to the Eurocard format the carrier can be fitted into a standard case or can be mounted in a 19” rack with side rails. Plug in standard SIM Relay Cards and control your switch application with the provided Soft Front Panel without any additional programming

  • Interior Wiring Testing

    Jackmark Engineering Ltd.

    With automotive interior designs becoming more luxurious, cabin space features such as ambient lighting and seat / steering wheel controls have increased the demand for interior wiring testing. Jackmark Engineering has years of experience supplying test equipment for instrument panel manufacturers and have increased their portfolio to include all aspects of interior wire harness testing.

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