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  • Vibration Testers

    Guangzhou Amittari Instruments Co.Ltd

    The Vibration Tester can display the parameters of “Displacement”, “Velocity” and “Acceleration” simultaneously; Applied to the periodic motion measurements to detect moving mechanical imbalances and misaligned. Designed for on-site measuring various mechanical vibration, for quality control, running time and prior equipment maintenance data. Selection of high-performance accelerometers to achieve accurate, replicable measurement It has a bearing condition measurement function.

  • Universal Scan 9.4f

    Universal Scan

    Provides a simple and inexpensive debug technique where you can monitor and control the pins on JTAG enabled devices from your PC in real time without having to setup test vectors, test executives, CAD data, etc. Includes; Debugging - Scripting - Chain testing - BSDL Validation - Package Builder - SPI Flash Programmer - Parallel Flash Programming

  • Fully Automatic Rubber Tensile Testing System

    Shimadzu Corp.

    Compactly Integrating Functions Required for Quality Control of Rubber Shimadzu Fully-Automatic Tensile Testing System This system provides full automation, from measurement of specimen dimensions, supply to the testing machine, and fixing of chucks to measurement of extension between standard lines and data processing. The system can be used for continuous nighttime testing, which helps save labor costs.

  • MEMS Microphone Test

    Cohu, Inc.

    The market is driving the need for improved voice recognition for security, automobile infotainment control, VoIP, accurate language translation, voice-activated consumer devices and high precision hearing aids. The latest next-generation microphones require highly accurate precision testing with SNR tests up to 78 dB with high parallelism, high UPH, in a high volume production environment.

  • Pulse Oximeter Simulators

    Pronk Technologies Inc.

    Take control of all your simulations with the next-generation SpO2 pulse oximeter simulator, OxSim Flex. The world’s smallest SpO2 tester now provides complete flexibility in selecting saturation, pulse rate and perfusion index. Users can create customized Preset Simulations for faster testing of oximeter performance and for alarm testing without having to change the monitor’s alarm settings!

  • World Class Laser Instrumentation

    M Squared Lasers

    Already proven in the field, Ice Bloc is the first system that is fully Ethernet-connected and controlled entirely from a web browser or using any popular programming language, giving you more control over your experiments and data. Designed to exacting standards, whichever Ice Bloc you choose, you’ll benefit from state-of-the-art specifications and usability.

  • Sub-Micron Probe Positioner

    QP150 Series - Quarter Research and Development

    Quater’s new QP150 sub-micron probe positioners are designed to significantly reduce mechanical crosstalk between axes resulting in fast and accurately placed probe touchdowns with zero pad or trace damage from unwanted needle deflections. Overall ergonomic design places micrometers within a compact zone allowing users to precisely control needle direction and speed.

  • Centrifugal Nanoparticle Analyzer

    Partica Centrifuge CN-300 - HORIBA, Ltd.

    With a measurement range of 10 nm - 40 μm, the Partica CENTRIFUGE CN-300 applies centrifugal force of up to 30,000g and uses temperature control to produce accurate measurement results for a variety of samples.Developed based on customer feedback and improving upon existing and new HORIBA technologies, the result is an analyzer that provides safe and reliable operation while also being easy to use.

  • Vapor Concentration Controller

    VCC-100 - HORIBA, Ltd.

    One of the gas delivery methods from liquid and solid is bubbling. Bubbling is widely used in the Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) process. By applying the NDIR technology and the valve technology HORIBA has been developed for long time, the VCC-100 can maintain a constant concentration at a downstream of a bubbler in order to meet industry requirements from the advanced process control era.

  • Digital Light Monitor

    LMC-20 - Eddy Co.

    The LMC-20 functions not only as a light monitor for coating thickness, but also allows control of multi layer/multi material coating processes. Up to 2000 individual layers in a coating are possible, by using 40 program banks of 50 layers each. The characteristics of up to 99 different coating materials can be input as well. Final thickness can be calculated to 1% of a quarter wave.

  • Signaling Software Solutions

    Adax inc

    For over 35 years, Adax has built a reputation for providing customers with network control, signaling, throughput, TDM switching equipment and security solutions with its range of hardware products. This is now complemented by its extensive software product line that supports cellular IoT applications to address connectivity, traffic and security issues faced by the industry as the market continues to grow.

  • Mass Flow Controller

    SEC-E Series - HORIBA, Ltd.

    This general purpose mass flow controller has a reliable thermal sensor and solenoid valve, allowing you to achieve high-level control of gas flow. A versatile component, the mass flow controller sec-e series can be used in a wide range of industries.Gas flow through the mass flow controller can be controlled over a range of flows: from 10 SCCM to 200 SLM.

  • Signal Conditioners & Measuring Transducers

    Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG

    Signal conditioners and measuring transducers ensure interference-free signal transmission in measurement and control technology. From highly compact 6 mm signal conditioners and measuring transducers through signal conditioners with functional safety to signal isolators for intrinsically safe circuits in the Ex area: our signal conditioners and measuring transducers ensure interference-free signal transmission in MCR technology.

  • Rotational Rheometer

    ARES-G2 - TA Instruments

    The ARES-G2 is the most advanced rotational rheometer for research and material development. It remains the only commercially available rheometer with a dedicated actuator for deformation control, Torque Rebalance Transducer (TRT), and Force Rebalance Transducer (FRT) for independent shear stress and normal stress measurements. It is recognized by the rheological community as the industry standard to which all other rheometer measurements are compared for accuracy.

  • Viscosity Analyser Range

    Perten RVA - Calibre

    The RVA models are cooking, stirring viscometers with variable shear capability and programmable temperature ranges from -10°C up to 140°C. Developed for testing a wide range of rheological properties in grain, flour, starch, hydrocolloids, gelling systems and foods. They can be used to characterise viscosity development or degradation and ingredient functionality within the finished product and to optimise formulation control.

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