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  • Vibration / Shock / Noise & Thermal Control


    We specialise in vibration damping and shock isolation solutions for electronics and other light load applications.Our soft gel vibration damping materials are designed for isolating very light componets and extreme temperature environments.Most of our products are held in stock to support engineers with urgent vibration damping, noise control, shock isolation and cushioning impact problems.Our shock and vibration solutions are currently in use in aerospace, rail, truck, bus and handheld applications.

  • Tester for Electromagnetic Clutches and Control Valves

    MS121 - MSG Equipment

    MS121 is a professional tester, a multifunctional device which successfully combines two functions: testing of electromagnetic clutches and control valves of vehicle air conditioners. Thanks to the color 4.3" TFT display and convenient menu, the device is user-friendly and possesses high-accuracy measurements. Testing can be performed either separately on the compressor or directly on the car. The tester has a metal case and is resistant to the effects of lubricants. The original topology of the tester board increases its reliability, the color marking of the diagnostic contacts minimizes the possibility of incorrect connection.

  • Direct Reading Attenuator with Remote Control

    DA2XE - Elmika

    DA2XE Millimeter-Wave Direct Reading Attenuator is a measurement instrument for signal level setting or loss measurements in waveguide networks. It also can be used for calibration of other attenuation measurement instruments. Direct Reading Attenuators have rotary-vane design. The value of attenuation is determined by rotation angle of resistive film with respect to the waveguide channel. Attenuation value does not depend on frequency. The attenuator has electronic control. The attenuator can be used in local or remote (via USB 1.1 or higher) operation modes.The Attenuators are provided in waveguide bands between 18 GHz and 225 GHz.

  • Modular System for Automated Quality Control

    TEST-9110-VXI - Holding Informtest

    The TEST-9110-VXI "Flight" system is a Russian modular system for automated quality control of harnesses and wiring. The system is built on the basis of the international VXI standard, and all its components are manufactured entirely in the Russian Federation by the Informtest holding. The advantages and simplicity of TEST-9110-VXI have already been appreciated by more than 50 leading Russian enterprises in various fields of production. Starting from 2007 and up to the present moment, “Polyot” is the most popular system of this class in Russia, which completely replaces similar import systems in its parameters.

  • Integrated Conditioning, Acquisition & Control System

    Series 6000 - Pacific Instruments, Inc.

    An innovative and fully integrated modular transducer conditioning, acquisition and control system, the Series 6000 has unparalleled performance and accuracy. From two to many thousands of channels, high & low speed, analog & digital, Series 6000 acquires measurement data from virtually all types of sensors and is fully customizable to fit the needs of any test facility. Large & small, AC & DC powered enclosures are available for nearly any test environment. Analog and digital I/O modules condition, amplify, filter and digitize signals from transducers. Turnkey and/or API software is available, helping facilities get up and running quickly.

  • Automated Excise Stamp Control System

    Kama - ViTec Co. Ltd

    The automated control (verification) system of excise stamps allows for blotting accounting of alcohol, dairy and other products (inspection of the readability of DataMatrix, PDF, QR, Barcode and other barcodes of excise or federal stamps) at a speed of up to 20 pcs / s. This visual inspection allows you to quickly identify defects in DM and PDF printing. The recognition system also analyzes gaps and doubles in a sequence of codes. The system has its own mechanism for rewinding a roll with a volume of up to 5000 marks. All types of stamps (old and new, large and small) are supported. Wide range of options for configuring scanning parameters and automatic generation of reports for the EGAIS department. Possibility of manual scanning (by hand scanner).

  • Acoustic Modem Option for Control Module

    Teledyne Marine Gavia ehf.

    ​Gavia AUVs can be fitted with the Teledyne Benthos ATM-900 Acoustic Modem. The ATM-900 Series Acoustic Telemetry Modem is the most advanced, multipath and noise tolerant, modem available. They are designed to meet both the high data rate requirements of commercial users, and the higher reliability, lower data rate requirements of the military. The modems employ two modulation techniques: phase shift keying (PSK), which provides the highest bit rate, and multiple frequency shift keying (MFSK), which provides reliability in a multipath environment, or when the modems are required to operate in a low signal-to-noise (SNR) environment. The ATM-910 Series can transmit data using PSK modulation for reception by a Gavia Modem Deckbox, but receives data using MFSK modulation only. MFSK modulation is a spread spectrum modulation process that transmits multiple tones simultaneously.

  • Advanced Data Acquisition And Control System

    ADACS - Leonardo DRS, Inc.

    This high-speed damage-control system was built around Arc Fault Detect and Continuous Thermal Monitoring (AFD/CTM) from the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory. When AFD/CTM detects dangerous arc faults — powerful discharges of electricity between conductors —  the ADACS system immediately cuts power to the affected circuit before it can damage equipment or injure nearby personnel. Altogether, the system prevents loss of life, preserves countless repair dollars and assures continuous readiness.

  • All-in-one Streamer Positioning & Control

    Nautilus® - Sercel Group

    ​Nautilus provides positioning as well as vertical and lateral steering in a unique node. Fully integrated with Sentinel, Nautilus is directly powered from the streamer providing a greater availability and enhanced safety with reduced number of workboat operations.

  • Analyse-it Quality Control & Improvement Edition

    Analyse-It Software, Ltd.

    Ideal for anyone involved in manufacturing products, managing processes, or implementing a Six Sigma programme.

  • Automated Marking Quality Control System

    Angara - ViTec Co. Ltd

    The machine vision system ASKKM "Angara" is designed to detect and reject defects in the marking of labels, excise stamps, boxes, vials, ampoules, bottles, etc., which have visual manifestations in the field of permanent or variable printing. It is installed on a conveyor or mounted in a labeling machine. Labels are checked before being applied to the product or marking on the package.

  • Automatic Impulse Generator Control system

    IMS-2001 - Shanghai Jiuzhi Electric Co., Ltd.

    IMS-2001 is made for high voltage testing laboratory operating environment, serious consider EMC hardware design, the system especially considering the impulse test characteristics used in most polluted areas, and it meet the standard such as IEC61083, IEC60060, IEEE1122, GB/T16896.1, IEC61000 and etc.

  • Channeling Decoder, Nav/Comm/Control Head

    RCD200 - Tech-Aid Products

    Designed to provide the Avionics shop a simple and expeditious method for testing general aviation radio tuning. Provided are front panel mounted LED's as well as a digital display to provide the quickest code recognition while testing. With this simple method of testing you will soon find yourself testing all your radios and finding those troublesome intermittents. This unit also decodes altitude and ARC 1000 serial data. Click on picture for larger view.

  • Computer Control Torsion Testing Machine

    NDW Series - Jinan Testing Equipment IE Corporation

    NDW Series computerized torsion testing machine provides loading and weighing capabilities in both rotation directions which enables it to determine conveniently not only the ultimate torque of a specimen, but also how the specimen behaves under conditions of continuous or intermittent torque loading in both directions. The computerized torsion testing machine is mainly used for the torsion test of metal and non-metal materials, as well as the torsion test for parts and components. The computerized torsion torsion testing machine is an essential instrument to measure torsion properties of materials for mechanical laboratories of aviation industry, construction industry, scientific research department, universities and industrial enterprises.

  • cPCI Control 3U Single Slot

    MV-GX7937-234096 - LXinstruments GmbH

    The Marvin Test GX7937 is a 1-slot embedded cPCI 3U controller for use with the Marvin Test Solutions GX7300 PXI chassis. The MV-GX7937 has a 2.3 GHz i7 quad core processor. In combination with the embedded storage peripherals of the GX7300 series chassis, it is the ideal solution for an integrated, high-performance PXI chassis/controller configuration.

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