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  • Electrical Circuits Control Device

    ZET 452 - ZETLAB Company

    ZET 452 is an automated module for electrical circuits parameters control that is used for electrical circuits impedance and insulation resistance monitoring in automated mode. The monitoring is performed in accordance with the set participation and without participation of an operator. ZET 452 allows to reduce the time necessary for verification procedure more than in 20 times if compared with the standard measurement instruments normally used for these purposes.

  • Remote Indicators and Control Panels

    Bender Inc.

    Alarm indicator, operator and display panels form the link between personnel and installed technology. Bender offers innovative operating concepts for safe power supply. From a simple display panel through foil-laminated panels to Control Panels, all modules for providing visual and acoustic information can be integrated into a comprehensive solution and adjusted to the customer's requirements.The portfolio contains solutions tailored to the needs of specific sectors, such as hospitals and medical locations.

  • Two Way Monitoring and Control

    AMETEK Drexelbrook

    The Drexelbrook 560 DRX Series wireless products feature 900KHz frequency hopping, spread spectrum technology to provide a reliable, license free, wireless link between the field instrument and the control room.These wireless interface products provide a cost effective alternative to expensive hard wired connections.Using Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology, a robust signal is provided that is virtually free from disruption due to interference.

  • Transmitter Control Subsystem (TCS)

    Loran C Accufix 7500 - BCO, Inc.

    USCG Loran Transmitter Control and Display stations modernized and upgraded to state-of-the-art processor controlled technology. Fully redundant system with comprehensive built-in performance monitoring. Automatic switchover upon detection of error, high single point failure tolerance. Long distance communications link supports remote station operation on a continuous basis. Built-in fault detection and monitoring enables dynamic re-allocation of failed subsystem modules, and fault isolation to major replacement assemblies.

  • Control Board For Testing PCBs

    TCC 1800 - TEST-OK BV

    The TCC1800 Test Controller Card is a generic control board for production testing of printed circuit boards (PCBs). The board is controlled by a command language on a PC to which it is connected via a galvanically separated USB interface. The TCC1800 is designed to work with positive voltages up to 24V. All inputs and outputs are protected against higher voltages however. The card provides basic IO: Analog and digital interfacing, counters, PWM outputs, bidirectional I/O, Serial (UART) and I2C interfacing.

  • Crossing Control Bypass Switch

    XCBS - Green Switch Innovations

    The XCBS is permanently wired into each crossing warning system, and can be configured with either a removable or non-removable bypass key. Simply connect the crossing control circuits to the designated terminals on the XCBS. The rotating "knife switch" on the left side of the XCBS allows the crossing warning system to be controlled for manual test purposes. To prevent unnecessary operation of the crossing warning system, insert the key and select "bypass", rotate the knife switch to "bypass" and the crossing is disabled. The non-removable bypass key adds an additional level of security for the Bypass function. Optional hookup can be made to the auxiallary terminals to include the activation of a strobe or event recorder input when the XCBS is placed in the "bypass" position.

  • GPIB Instrument Control Device

    GPIB-RS485 / 779733-04 - NI

    Serial, RS485/RS422 GPIB Instrument Control Device - The GPIB‑RS485 is an IEEE 488 controller device for PCs with RS485 or RS422 ports. You can use this device to integrate an instrument into your system using GPIB. This device transforms a computer with an RS485 or RS422 … serial port into a talker, listener, or controller on the GPIB bus. It can also interface RS485 and RS422 instruments and peripherals to the GPIB bus. It can implement the physical and electrical specifications of the IEEE 488, RS485, and RS422 standards, as well as interpret and execute high-level commands from the serial port, including serial‑to‑GPIB, and GPIB‑to‑serial protocol conversions. This device is IEEE 488.2 compatible. The device includes a license for the NI‑488.2 driver software, providing maximum reliability for connecting to third-party instruments with GPIB.

  • Burner Control Flame Sensors

    SPECTRA BC11 IR and BC11 UV - Ametek Power Instruments

    The SPECTRA™ BC (burner control) sensors are extremely robust, compact, solid-state optical flame sensors that offer a host of features and provide maximum performance and reliability. SPECTRA flame sensors feature IR or UV detectors making them suitable for a wide variety of fuels, including coal, oil and gas. These units are 100% solid-state which enable the SPECTRA BC11 to be among the most compact industrial flame sensors available. There are no tubes or shutters to fail. Installation is simplified as the loop powered design only requires a single twisted pair cable for wiring connections. The 4-20 mA analog output provides direct connection to burner management systems eliminating the need for separate signal conditioners. High-temperature electronics enables the sensor to function at elevated operating temperatures.

  • Control panel for USB oscilloscopes

    EA500-0 - ETC

    The compact size and simple data transfer and storage of an USB oscilloscope could be an important advantage when using a computer or notebook as the basic tool. Especially if you work outside the laboratory, you may not have enough space for notebook and for comfortable mouse manipulation.

  • Control Software IPad App

    Compass Go - Meyer Sound Laboratories Inc.

    Combining the key functionalities of the Compass software and the simplicity and mobility of the iPad, Compass Go makes system setup and tuning much easier and more intuitive.

  • Control System Development Platform

    MicroLabBox - dSPACE GmbH

    MicroLabBox is an all-in-one development system for the laboratory that combines compact size and low system costs with high performance and versatility. 2 GHz dual-core real-time processor and user-programmable FPGA. More than 100 channels of high-performance I/O with easy access via integrated connector panel.

  • Data Acquisition and Control System

    PMX - FiberSensing

    PMX is our accurate, reliable and flexible measurement instrument used to process high data volumes for multi-channel applications.

  • Electromechanical Relay Assembly Control

    ViTec Co. Ltd

    The system is based on two miniature industrial cameras from the Basler ace series, positioned at 90 ° to each other.According to the signal from the optical sensor for the presence of an object, two images are simultaneously captured in the frontal and lateral planes.The images are sent to a personal computer via the Gigabit Ethernet interface, where they are processed.The speed of the system is about 20 items per second.

  • Enhance Secure Control Applications

    MachXO3D - Lattice Semiconductor

    *Simplifies implementation of hardware security by integrating Root-of-Trust in your platform’s first on, last off device*Supports security throughout the product lifecycle including device manufacturing and transport, platform manufacturing, installation, operation and decommissioning

  • Four Zone Control Module

    IN042 - MSA

    The IN042 is a four zone input module designed for use with two-wire field devices such as smoke or heat detectors, pull switches and manual callpoints. It is designed to monitor these devices and provide both status indication and fault / alarm outputs for each zone.

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