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  • Anite Development Toolset

    Keysight Technologies

    Benefit from a comprehensive suite of tools that support all phases of wireless terminal development, from pre-silicon protocol module development through to systems integration and verificationGain easy access to parameters at lower layers to re-create tests in the very early stages of chipset and device developmentAccess an extensive LTE/LTE-Advanced technology roadmap including early 5G specificationsRemain in control of test designs through accessing Layer 1 and Layer 2 using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)Benefit from a high level of flexibility and control in terms of test creation

  • Automated Calibration

    ORION - A&D Technology, Inc.

    ORION automates the process of characterization and calibration of engines. It facilitates the calibration process by taking control of both the ECU calibration system and the test cell control system to run experiments as part of an automated calibration process.  With connectivity to IAV’s EasyDOE, Mathworks’ MBC Toolbox and other DOE tools, ORION provides an extremely powerful environment for mapping an engine and generating the Engine Management System calibration tables. The modular design means the product can be configured to a users’ specific requirements and work practices, rather than having to adhere to rigid methodologies dictated by prescriptive software.

  • Automation Screwdrivers

    Mountz Inc.

    Companies rely on Mountz automation screwdrivers for bulk productivity, first-rate process control, and efficient flexibility. The speed and low maintenance requirements of Mountz automation screwdrivers can give you an important edge in terms of production capability. You can quickly reconfigure Mountz automation systems, which means you can implement continual design improvements or switch projects at the snap of a finger. Plus, customized software documents each fastener for quality control, compliance, and R+D purposes. With Mountz automation screwdrivers, you can take your operation to the next level.

  • Booster and In-line Amplifier

    Amonics Ltd.

    Amonics' EDFA range adopts unique design to produce maximum signal gain and saturated output power while maintaining low noise figure, enabling test capabilities in system or component level manufacturing and characterizing processes, as well as facilitating highly demanding R&D applications. The compact turnkey benchtop or 19" rackmount unit incorporates a user-friendly front panel housing with a LCD monitor display, key switch, power control knob and optical connectors. An integrated RS232 computer interface enables easy control, diagnostic functions and data acquisition.

  • Chassis

    RSM/128-MF - Cytec Corp.

    These Chassis controls up to 16 8x1 modules, 32 4x1 modules or any combination or configuration such as a 16x8 matrix, 32x4 matrix or two 16x4 matrices. Matrix configurations are non-blocking and physical layer switches act like a cable connection with D connectors creating a one to one connection between D9, D15 or D25 connectors. All wires are switched as a group on each connector for easy programming. LEDs on the front panel show switch and power status. Add Switch Modules, Driver Modules and a Control Module to complete the system.

  • Corona Effect Camera

    CoroCAM 8 UAV - Amperis sl

    *High-sensitivity UV detector, which can detect UVc light at 2.05×10-18 Watt/cm2, this allows detection of the smallest corona discharges.*9Hz (or 25Hz optional) IR radiometric camera module*Control of a limited number of camera functions from a standard RC controller using PWM or SBUS.*Remote control of all camera functions from the laptop via an Ethernet link.*Soft sync or staggered zoom of the 3 channel cameras. The IR and UV channels are digitally zoomed in, which is visible...optically zoomed in to the minimum FOV, and then digitally zoomed out.

  • Custom Button Stations

    CueStation - Interactive Technologies, Inc.

    The CueStation family of button stations are attractive, sophisticated and customizable -- perfect for use in projects that require a small panel of buttons that can control automated lighting, audio, show playback and other similar actions.Available in many different configurations, CueStations can be customized to fit nearly any project. Pick from digitally networked stations or simple passive switches, different button styles, LED options, housing colors, engraving options and much more.Use CusStations as a remote control accessory for our CueServer lighting automation processors or your own custom projects.

  • Develop - Simulate - Validate JTAG / IJTAG based IP

    NEBULA - Intellitech Corp.

    You, your vendors and your customers being able to use one common interface to control and observe on-chip IP, resources and instruments. The figure below shows an example IC. The new IEEE 1149.1-2013 standard supports an init-data register for configuring the analog paramaters of I/O as well as controlling on-chip PLLs. The standard further extends this by defining in BSDL user test data registers or 'scan chains'. These registers enable the ability of generic software to control and observe mission mode IP and instruments simply by describing the register interface in BSDL.

  • Digital Reconfigurable I/O Device


    The Digital Reconfigurable I/O (RIO) Device features user-programmable FPGA for onboard processing and flexible I/O operation. You have complete control over the synchronization and timing of all signals and operations along with custom onboard decision-making that executes with hardware-timed speed and reliability. You can configure user-defined hardware for a wide variety of applications, such as custom digital DAQ, high-speed waveform generation, sensor simulation, hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) test, custom digital communications protocols, bit error rate testing, and other applications that require precise timing and control.

  • Flow Cytometer


    Nowadays, quality control is a key part of any industrial process, in line with dynamically changing standards, and creation of new standards and protocols in accordance to each industry. Flow cytometry is a widely used bioanalysis technique in a larger number of applications. Extensively used in fields like microbiology, the technology has also proven benefits in the food and agrifood industry. A potential application is the absolute somatic cells count in the milk. Flow cytometry can also be applied for environmental and sanitary microbiology for applications such as detection of bacterial cells in milk or water for quality control and assurance testing.

  • Goniophotometer for Traffic Signal Lamps

    LSG-1950S - Lisun Electronics Inc.

    LSG-1950S is a high automatic test system for luminous intensity distribution of luminaires and can be applied to quality evaluation and quality control for signal luminaires, luminaires for cars, motors, vessels and Retro-reflectors. LSG-1950S system is a goniophotometer which can measure all kinds of lamps and luminaires.• Rotations of test samples around both vertical axis (-90°~+90°) and horizontal axis (-35°~+35°) • Accuracy of angle: 0.1° • Resolution of angle: 0.01° • Photometer detector: CIE class A (standard class) accuracy • All software control, high intellectual faculties and simple operation

  • High-Definition Digital-To-Analog Converter & Monitor Controller

    TC Electronic A/S

    High-definition digital-to-analog converter and monitor controller gives you practical hands-on control and offers calibrated referencing and jitter-reduction technology. Self-contained desktop unit provides predictable, ultra-low-latency speaker and headphone control for your digital or analog setup so you can have instant and reliable command of sound levels whether you are using a computer or any other source. Calibrated listening for both speaker sets and your headphones plus user-definable reference levels give you reference-level monitoring across all your outputs at the push of a button.

  • Industrial Automatic Emissivity Measurement System

    Pyrofiber Industrial - Pyrometer Instrument Company

    The Pyrofiber® Industrial Automatic Emissivity Measurement System (AEMS) infrared thermometer uses the latest fiber optic sensor and pulsed laser technology to precisely measure the true target non contact temperature measurement. While all non contact infrared thermometer instruments measure a target radiance temperature, the Pyrofiber® Industrial dynamically determines a targets emissivity value resulting in unmatched temperature control accuracy to ±3° C. With the Pyrofiber® Industrial, laboratory precision temperature control measurement can be made in harsh industrial environments.

  • Leak Testing

    Marposs S.p.A.

    Leak testing is a non-destructive method to verify the presence of a leak in a component or device.It is implemented as a control methodology for monitoring production process and product quality control. Leak tests are used to find out possible leaks due to non-suitable material (porosity, blowholes, cracks), or in the machining process to find out machining errors or defective parts, and ultimately in assembly, to find out missing or defective gaskets, wrong positioning or assembly. The presence of a leakage could jeopardize the correct functioning of the component,  device or its life span, and can also be potentially dangerous for the environment and the safety of its user.

  • Mainframe or -E Expansion Chassis

    LXB/128-MF - Cytec Corp.

    These Chassis are preconfigured single or two pole matix systems. A single chassis can be a 16x8 matrix, two 16x4 matrices, a single 32x4 or a single 64x2 configuration. Chassis is modular so you may start with a smaller size and increase the configuration as your needs grow. LEDs on the front panel show switch and power status. A thumbwheel manual control is optional. Remote control is from 10/100 LAN, GPIB, RS232, USB or TTL. A variety of relays are available to handle almost any voltage. Connector options are BNC, Screw Terminal or Twinax.

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