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  • 6 Digits Process Meter

    A6-PR - Chuan Sheng Electronics Co., Ltd.

    A6-PR 6 Digits Process Meter has been designed with high accuracy measurement, 6 digit display, flexible I/O functions and communication port for process measuring application.There are also build in 4x External Control Inputs, and can option 4x Relay outputs, 1x Analog output and 1x RS485 (Modbus RTU Mode) communication port with multi-functions such as control, alarm, re-transmission and communication for a wide range of industrial applications.There was designed the zero tracking and stable tracking function in programming level.According to the application, user can set the function to get the suitable reading.

  • Anite Development Toolset

    Keysight Technologies

    Benefit from a comprehensive suite of tools that support all phases of wireless terminal development, from pre-silicon protocol module development through to systems integration and verificationGain easy access to parameters at lower layers to re-create tests in the very early stages of chipset and device developmentAccess an extensive LTE/LTE-Advanced technology roadmap including early 5G specificationsRemain in control of test designs through accessing Layer 1 and Layer 2 using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)Benefit from a high level of flexibility and control in terms of test creation

  • Booster and In-line Amplifier

    Amonics Ltd.

    Amonics' EDFA range adopts unique design to produce maximum signal gain and saturated output power while maintaining low noise figure, enabling test capabilities in system or component level manufacturing and characterizing processes, as well as facilitating highly demanding R&D applications. The compact turnkey benchtop or 19" rackmount unit incorporates a user-friendly front panel housing with a LCD monitor display, key switch, power control knob and optical connectors. An integrated RS232 computer interface enables easy control, diagnostic functions and data acquisition.

  • Automation Screwdrivers

    Mountz Inc.

    Companies rely on Mountz automation screwdrivers for bulk productivity, first-rate process control, and efficient flexibility. The speed and low maintenance requirements of Mountz automation screwdrivers can give you an important edge in terms of production capability. You can quickly reconfigure Mountz automation systems, which means you can implement continual design improvements or switch projects at the snap of a finger. Plus, customized software documents each fastener for quality control, compliance, and R+D purposes. With Mountz automation screwdrivers, you can take your operation to the next level.

  • Multi Channel Analyzer

    BOSON - Baltic Scientific Instruments, Ltd

    Spectrometric device BOSON acquires and displays spectra with overlapping by energy up to 1000 timesNo resolution deterioration at operation in the beginning of spectrum energy rangeStable operation with preamplifiers of TPR type with output voltage swing up to +/- 10 V and reset duration up to 250 usAutomated P/Z adjustmentImproved dead time correctionSoftware-based spectrum stabilizationSetting and control of all parameters using colour LCD display with touch screenComplete remote control of Boson via software on PCAuto BLRAnalogue time dependent shapingSpectrum stabilizationDead time correctionOperation with preamplifier TPR

  • Motorized Polarization Scrambler

    UC8340 - UC Instruments, Corp.

    The UC INSTRUMENTS UC8340 Motorized Polarization Scrambler is a program motorized control polarzation scrambler. Its polorization controlled capability enhances measurement speed, accuracy, and overall productivity. The continuous length of fiber enables high power and ultra-low insertion loss. This design offers a wide range of AutoScan rates and high incremental angular resolution. Four fiber knob loop design has proven to provide excellent control with ultra-low power variations(PDL). This reliable design allows for a wide range of applications from component testing to PMD related activities.

  • Flow Cytometer


    Nowadays, quality control is a key part of any industrial process, in line with dynamically changing standards, and creation of new standards and protocols in accordance to each industry. Flow cytometry is a widely used bioanalysis technique in a larger number of applications. Extensively used in fields like microbiology, the technology has also proven benefits in the food and agrifood industry. A potential application is the absolute somatic cells count in the milk. Flow cytometry can also be applied for environmental and sanitary microbiology for applications such as detection of bacterial cells in milk or water for quality control and assurance testing.

  • SparkFun LED Driver Breakout

    TLC5940 (16 Channel) - SparkFun Electronics

    The TLC5940 is a 16 channel PWM unit with 12-bit duty cycle control (0-4095), 6 bit current limit control (0-63), and a daisy chainable serial interface. This breakout board is a good way to take full advantage of this useful IC. All 16 PWM channels are broken out to standard 0.1" headers, which run alongside convenient voltage and ground rails. Also, because the TLC5940 can be daisy-chained, the breakout is designed to support that feature. On the left-hand side of the board all serial inputs are broken out to 0.1" headers and likewise with output on the right-hand side.

  • Develop - Simulate - Validate JTAG / IJTAG based IP

    NEBULA - Intellitech Corp.

    You, your vendors and your customers being able to use one common interface to control and observe on-chip IP, resources and instruments. The figure below shows an example IC. The new IEEE 1149.1-2013 standard supports an init-data register for configuring the analog paramaters of I/O as well as controlling on-chip PLLs. The standard further extends this by defining in BSDL user test data registers or 'scan chains'. These registers enable the ability of generic software to control and observe mission mode IP and instruments simply by describing the register interface in BSDL.

  • CO2, CO2 and Temperature Transmitters

    HD37… - Delta OHM S.r.L.

    The transmitters of the HD37… series are used mainly in air quality control by measuring CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) in the ventilation systems. This allows you to vary the number of air change per hour according to ASHRAE and IMC norms.

  • Computer Safe Automotive Logic Probe

    TE6-0718 - Hangzhou Tonny Electric & Tools Co., Ltd.

    *For use on 6V, 12V and 24V DC systems*Tests high and low voltages on all vehicle circuits, including computerized engine and body controls*Dual color LED indicates red for power and green for ground

  • Controllers

    Techna-Tool Inc.

    All BK Mikro controllers utilize the latest technology for the most flexibility and programming options. The compact, din rail mounted control unit mounts easily in the electrical cabinet and provides a full line of advanced functions.

  • DC Power Supplies


    Single, dual or triple output models with power from 30 watts up to 1200 watts. Linear, Mixed-mode or PowerFlex regulation. Remote control models with variants of Analog, USB, RS232, GPIB and LAN interfaces.

  • DC-Stable High-Voltage Power Amplifier

    Model 601C - TREK, INC.

    The Trek Model 601C is a DC-stable, high-voltage power amplifier designed to provide precise control of output voltages in the ranges of 0 to ±500 V, 0 to -1 kV, or 0 to +1 kV DC or peak AC

  • Development Test for Electric Motors with Power Electronics

    Vogelsang & Benning

    Test bench for electric machines and inverters in hybrid applications*Control of mechanical parameters*Verification of electrical properties*Checking the LL characteristics*Short circuit measurement*Recording the performance process*Noise measurement*Temperature measurement

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