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  • Mobile Vehicle Surveillance System

    MVSS - Teledyne FLIR

    The MVSS is a rugged, multi-spectral mobile surveillance system that provides rapid deployment and unmatched maneuverability. Multiple sensor packages along with command and control software are integrated into an industry tested vehicle, transforming the cab into the command center. Available in multiple range configurations, MVSS can also network its sensors with other Teledyne FLIR vehicles and command and control nodes. It's the most trusted mobile, long-range perimeter security system available.

  • Modbus Plant Simulator

    Avista Realtime Systems, LLC

    If you are an Industrial Control engineer or technician dealing with Modbus RTUs, PLCs, Drivers and SCADA servers, you must have Modbus TCP Plant Simulator is your toolbox. With this tool, you can test and verify your SCADA tag names, IO Server mappings, Modbus addresses, alarms, visualization displays, historians, reports, data communication channel throughput, controls, and more without deploying even one RTU or PLC.

  • Off-Line Base Test Platforms

    6TL Engineering

    To configure your Base Test Platform, the following parts can be added to the 6TL-19 bare half-rack:– Test Rack Manager, to control the test station.– Power Distribution Unit.– Uninterruptible Power Supply– Industrial PC or NI PXI to control the platform– 19’’ Monitor and keyboard with trackball– VPC Mass Interconnect Receiver (6 or 12 slots)– YAV Modules– Accessories: Beacon, Air inlet Pneumatic kit…– Any 19’ Instrument

  • Phoenix LVDS Frame Grabber (PE1)

    AS-PHX-D36-PE1 - Active Silicon

    Phoenix-D36 is a PCI Express board for the acquisition of digital data from a variety of sources, including digital frame capture and line scan cameras. It has 36 bits used for input data, with 4-bits for control. This provides support for a single 12 bit RGB or 32 bit mono data source, including multi-tap cameras. The 4-bit control inputs are dedicated as Frame Enable, Line Enable, Data Enable and Pixel Clock.

  • Programmable Controllers

    Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems Europe GmbH

    The Panasonic product portfolio comprises both low-cost compact programmable controllers with little space requirement which are suitable for many basic tasks and high-end PLCs like the flagship FP7.A multitude of useful functions has been successfully integrated into the compact PLCs so that they offer many of the advantages of a modular high-end PLC such as analog control, network communication, and positioning control. All Panasonic PLCs offer an outstanding price-performance ratio.

  • Programmable Industrial PC

    HyperPAC - MKS Instruments

    The HyperPAC Industrial PC programmable control solution delivers top of the line performance with reliable operation for a variety of control and automation tasks. Compared to standard IPCs, the HyperPAC provides a highly compact, fanless solution, with existing expandable IO via PCIe, along with flexibility to expand and configure the system. The HyperPAC is a flexible, scalable solution for numerous applications and project requirements which enables IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) integration.

  • Solid State

    AMETEK Drexelbrook

    The B/W Controls solid state relays are designed for controlling a wide variety of high and low resistance liquids, moist bulk materials, and general purpose use in applications requiring a low voltage control circuit.Supplied as compact package units, they combine performance-proven solid-state printed circuitry with an electromechanical load relay that features isolated double pole / double throw contacts for energizing pump motors, valves and other operating equipment.

  • Spectral Sensitivity Measurement

    Bunkoukeiki Co., Ltd

    It is a device which measures the spectral sensitivity characteristics and quantum efficiency of various solar cells by irradiating solar cells with monochromatic light of constant energy and constant photon without wavelength dependence. We are constantly monitoring irradiation light quantity with our real real time light quantity monitor control system and are not influenced by fluctuation of light source, so it is a well-established control system with excellent measurement stability and measurement reproducibility.

  • Stability Chambers

    PH Series - Darwin Chambers Company

    The Darwin Chambers PH Series Stability Chambers are designed for performance specifications exceeding FDA and ICH requirements. For GMP studies, ultrasonic humidification provides excellent humidity control and avoids hot spots during mapping. Thermoelectric cooling provides more stable temperature control than equivalent refrigeration systems. All PH series chambers incorporate inherent cooling redundancy, quiet operation, simple serviceability and excellent reliability.

  • Stereoscopic Zoom Microscope Automation

    SZ-2000 - Applied Scientific Instrumentation

    Based on ASI's proven DC servo motor technology, the SZ-2000 automates stereo zoom microscopes. The unit can be configured for motorized focus only, motorized focus with automated zoom control, or motorized focus with automated zoom control and an automated XY translation stage. The Z axis focus resolution varies slightly depending upon the model of the microscope, with 0.8 microns being the smallest step size available on a Nikon SMZ800.

  • Switch & Router Modules

    Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions

    Our highly engineered networking cards provide systems integrators with a fast and powerful way to interconnect chassis, cards, and CPUs through switched Gigabit, 10 Gigabit, and 40 Gigabit Ethernet. Operating at wire-speed, Ethernet switching and routing can be used to architect the infrastructure for unified (Ethernet only) or hybrid (Ethernet control and other switched data-plane fabric) networks for transferring IP-based control and data packets within advanced military systems.

  • Time History Recording to Throughput Disc

    M+P International

    For the most critical tests time history data can be recorded in parallel with vibration control with no reduction in control performance. The real-time throughput data capture function of the m+p VibControl system allows you to record all selected channels continuously in the time domain on the embedded data server (“throughput to disc”) irrespective of the channel count and the frequency range utilized. This means that you can always access all the original data for analysis purposes.

  • Vibration Controllers

    Data Physics Corp.

    The 900 Series vibration controllers incorporate Data Physics’ renowned shaker control algorithms with a modern software interface and new hardware. The 900 Series controller can quickly be set up to control any shaker – while the 900 series platform offers advanced features such as auto-aggregation of data from all test stands, custom Word-based reporting, unlimited expandability, concurrent data recording and signal analysis, intrinsic safety, and more.

  • Wireless HDMI Video Transport

    1B-HDMI-W-TX/RX - QuestTel

    QuestTel''s long range wireless HDMI Transmitter/Receiver kit fully compliant with HDCP, extends high definition audio and video to any HDTV display up to 650 feet (up to 200 meters). It supports HD resolutions up to 1080p. Wirelessly transmit the HDMI signal to any HDTV over the AIR, it also supports IR remote control function to control source device content from long distance.

  • Wireless Personal Audio Mix Performance Monitors

    AS-1400 - Galaxy Audio Inc.

    Galaxy Audio’s highly acclaimed line of Wireless Personal Monitors, offering high end features and performance at a very affordable price. The transmitter features stereo XLR/1/4" inputs, headphone output with volume control, input level control, and LCD display for channel and input level. The Receiver features Mixed Mono Mode for your own personal mix, volume, and an LCD display with channel, battery level, and RF level.

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