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  • Condition Monitoring


    Condition monitoring products help you keep your plant floor running productively by detecting potential equipment failures. We offer real-time protection modules, sensors, portable instruments, and surveillance software. Our XM® Series of intelligent I/O modules performs real-time processing of critical parameters used in assessing the current health and predicting the future health of industrial machinery. Apply our XM modules in standalone systems or with existing automation and control systems.

  • Electronics Functional Test

    Bloomy Controls, Inc.

    Functional test for productive manufacturing. Manufacturers of products enabled by electronics must assure proper operation prior to shipment. Bloomy’s line of universal test systems are ideal for functional test of your PCBAs and subassemblies, from the simplest to the most complex. The UTS family of products combines high-performance test instruments, switching, power control and mass-interconnect hardware with our robust UTS software suite into a low-risk, cost-effective and powerful test solution for your device under test (DUT).

  • Film Frame Handler

    FH-1200 - MCT, Inc.

    Universal testing capabilities for film mounted strip handling. It works with semiconductor test devices including QFN, BGA, CSP and WLP to assure the highest first pass yields available by enabling increases from 1% to 10%+ through precise contactor alignment and device positioning accuracy. Supported by a cutting-edge data management system and analysis software, FH-1200 includes Smart-Track and Smart-EM – your “Virtual Process Engineer” – to handle electronic strip mapping, process control and data management.

  • Flow Battery Test Stations

    Greenlight Innovation

    Greenlight's turn-key flow battery test systems include load/power supply modules, automated control of flow, pressure and temperature of electrolyte fluids, cell voltage monitoring, 3-level safety system and computer with Emerald dynamic automation software. All Greenlight flow battery test systems come with a our standard 1 year warranty. Our customer service team is available to travel to your facility for commissioning and training.Greenlight''s Automation Division also offers flow battery assembly equipment.

  • Gasmet Portable FTIR Ambient Air Gas Analyser

    DX4040 - Quantitech Limited

    The Gasmet DX4040, the only truly portable FTIR gas analyser in the world, is a lightweight battery operated system capable of measuring multiple gases (both organic & inorganic) at low concentrations simultaneously in real-time. The system has been developed based on the highly successful Gasmet DX4030 and shares the same optical components and internal hardware. Significant advances have been implemented to the operating software and control apparatus to make the Gasmet DX4040 one of the most versatile gas analysis solutions available.

  • Integrated Development Environment for the Creation and Execution of IEEE1641 Test Programs

    SigBase - Spherea Technology Ltd.

    SigBase is an Integrated Development Environment for the creation and execution of IEEE 1641 test programs. It supports the development of tests using flow-charting techniques and the graphical design of signals using newWaveX. It includes fully integrated compilation and signal path allocation software that determines the appropriate instrument and switch path for each signal and test. The run-time system, which is also available as a separate product for use on multiple test stations, controls the operation of the ATS and can provide test results in ATML format.

  • Laser Analyzing Telescope

    Duma Optronics LTD

    The LAT (Laser Analyzing Telescope) is a powerful measuring instrument enabling direct measurement of laser beams or other light sources.The LAT will analyze and display the angular direction of incoming laser beams with resolutions down to 1 micro-radian and accuracy of 1 millidegree (~20 micro-radian).The built-in back Filter Slider allows control of the laser level impinging the detector area. Moreover, a special version will allow angle measurement of cross-like collimated targets to be examined.Results are clearly displayed by the provided software.


    Laplace Instruments Ltd.

    Power amplifiers that are universally used for radiated immunity testing either cover the range below 1GHz or the range above 1GHz. This means that if the test requirement extends both sides of this 1GHz point, the power amplifier needs to be changed over. Genrally, this involves three connections... The LETIS handles all these connections automatically. Each is switched via a high performance RF relay under the control of a USB interface. Software issued with the Laplace Synthesisers automatically detects the presence of a LETIS and handles the switching automatically.

  • Manage Power, Thermal & Control Planes In Real Time

    Platform Manager 2 & L-ASC10 - Lattice Semiconductor

    *Full fault coverage – monitor all rails and temperature nodes*Manage from 10 to 80 supplies using just the required number of L-ASC10 hardware management expanders*Minimize fault propagation by enabling individual hardware management sub-blocks (power, thermal & control path) to respond to faults in other blocks within nano-seconds*Save CPLD I/O pins by eliminating the need to monitor power-good signals of DC-DC converters*Reliable power & thermal fault detection in hardware, as opposed to software routines

  • NanoSpectralyzer

    NS1 - Applied NanoFluorescence, LLC

    ANF offers the NS1 NanoSpectralyzer®, a unique automated fluorimetric analyzer based on the most advanced research in nanotube spectroscopy. This patent-pending instrument combines a specialized optical system with custom software to enable efficient, turn-key analyses of bulk SWNT samples. The NS1 NanoSpectralyzer is valuable for tuning the process conditions in SWNT growth reactors, for quality control, for guiding nanotube sorting and separation methods, and for a wide range of research applications that require detailed compositional data on a rapid time scale.

  • Operator Interfaces

    Watlow Electric Manufacturing Company

    Watlow offers reliable, affordable, easy-to-use interfaces for machines and systems. The Silver Series EM touchscreen operator interface terminals feature e-mail, USB, data logging, password security and multiple languages. The EZ-ZONE RUI remote user interface fits in tight spots, its EZ-Key reduces repetitive tasks to one touch and the gateway options connect EZ-ZONE products with other automation equipment and software. Paired with Watlow controllers, these interfaces are the perfect solution for process and machine control applications.

  • PCI Module

    PCI-6713B-4IP - ALPHI Technology

    The PCI-6713B-4IP moduleprovides a high performanceflexible I/O scheme, thatsupports industry standardIndustry Packs™. Forapplication requiring low cost,high density I/O or uniquecombinations, the 6713B-4IPis the ideal solution. The local6713B DSP can be used tosimply move data to and fromthe PCI bus or provide preprocessing functions such aslocal PID controls, FFT’s,digital filtering, etc. Customapplication software can bedownloaded to the DSP viathe PCI bus. A very low cost,non-intelligent version is alsoavailable, PCI-SIP.

  • Push Pull Testers

    IMADA, Incorporated

    Lever-operated manual systems enable rapid push/pull testing up to 220 lbf.Wheel-operated manual systems enable slower, more precise movement with the hand wheel up to 750 lbf.Motorized push/pull testers offer the most control and highest degree of repeatability with the ability to set a constant test speed and range of movement up to 1100 lbf.All push/pull testers can be configured with a digital force gauge with data output for analysis by data acquisition software. An optional digital distance meter to measure displacement is available.

  • PXI Relay Driver Module


    The PXI Relay Driver Module controls up to 64 external relays with up to 50 VDC or 600 mA per channel drive capacity when using an external power supply. Modules can drive small DC motors or other inductive relay coils, and they include overcurrent, overvoltage, and flyback protection to ensure long operation. The PXI Relay Driver Module allows you to build custom switch configurations while using the standard IVIcompliant NISWITCH driver software.

  • Signal Analysis

    Cross-Correlation Analysis - ZETLAB Company

    The software is used for correlation analysis of signals coming from the input channels of FFT spectrum analyzers in real time or recorded time realization view mode, as well as for viewing various correlation characteristics of signals. Correlation analysis is a set of methods based on the mathematical correlation theory and is used for detecting the correlation dependence between two random attributes or factors. For solving a number of diagnostic tasks, cross-correlation analysis of signals in two or more control points distributed across space is often used.

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