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  • PCI Express Image Acquisition Frame Grabber

    Xcelera-HS PX8 - Teledyne DALSA

    The Xcelera-HS PX8 has been built within Teledyne DALSA’s Trigger-to-Image Reliability technology framework. Trigger-to-Image Reliability leverages Teledyne DALSA’s hardware and software innovations to control, monitor and correct the image acquisition process from the time that an external trigger event occurs to the moment the data is sent to the host, providing traceability when errors do occur and permitting recovery from those errors.

  • Regulated DC Power Supply

    PDS-A Series Hybrid - Texio Technology Corp.

    As compared with dropper-method DC power supplies, the unique switching and dropper circuit systems bring low output noise at same level, light weight less than half, and compact body. PDS-A power supply corresponds to EU RoHS regulation in consideration of environment. GP-IB, RS-232C, USB and LAN optional control boards are available and users are able to download API and drivers software from TEXIO web-site.

  • RF Plasma Generators & Amplifiers

    T&C Power Conversion

    100 W to 2400 W 13.56 MHz Analog/Digital, RS-232, USB interfaces Low Harmonic Distortion Automatic and Manual Gain Control High Speed Pulsing (Bursting) controls Compatible with T&C''''s Matching Networks GUI Software (complete PC control) Includes all essential RF power/communication cables and mounting brackets Air cooled (Air & Water 1200 W +) Half rack mount or stand alone versions Ideal for: Industrial, Scientific, and Medical Applications

  • Soft Power Switch

    SparkFun Electronics

    The Soft Power Switch is a passive, hard on/off switch with software feedback and control. In other words, it's like the on/off switch on a laptop. A simple press will turn the system on. Another press can (with MCU intervention) turn off the system. And if things go really wrong, pressing and holding the button will force a power-down. If you're building something with an enclosed battery and need a good power button, this is the board you need.

  • Software

    RTW GmbH & Co. KG

    The extensive performance and functionality of RTW devices can be expanded when interacting with RTW's PC software or directly be used as plug-ins or stand-alone applications on Windows® or Mac OS X® based computers. Not only major quality control is guaranteed, but also musicians, radio producers, and audio/video engineers get high-quality audio analyzer tools to meet resulting implementation specifications required by TV and radio broadcasters.

  • Stealth Large Bag Metal Detector

    Fortress Technology Inc.

    Stealth Large Bag metal detectors are custom manufactured to suit any large bag application. Stealth detectors use digital signal processing technology and have high sensitivity levels to ensure the detection of the smallest ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel contaminants. The built-in data collection software with USB data transfer establishes the Stealth as an effective critical control point complying with stringent HACCP regulations.

  • Surface Area and Porosity Analyzer

    ASAP 2460 - Micromeritis

    The ASAP 2460 Surface Area and Porosity Analyzer incorporates a unique expandable system designed for high-performance and high sample throughput. The base ASAP 2460 is a two-port master control unit. For more throughput, additional two-port units can be connected to the master unit expanding the system to either a four-port or six-port analyzer. The instrument also includes intuitive MicroActive software that combines user-defined reports with the ability to interactively evaluate isotherm

  • Test & Measurement Automation Services

    DMC, Inc.

    Our flexible and collaborative approach delivers efficient, accurate, and robust test systems, as well as the tools to leverage test data for effective results analysis. We develop systems using a variety of software and hardware platforms (custom and off-the-shelf), data acquisition systems, and control methods. We are comfortable developing custom turnkey systems or working alongside your team on your current system under development.

  • Waters Laboratory Informatics Software

    Waters Corporation

    Waters Laboratory Informatics Software provides a powerful suite of solutions for instrument control, scientific data management, scientific search, network integration, and compliance management to streamline analytical laboratory operations. Our Informatics solutions have helped leading pharmaceutical, environmental, food & beverage, and chemical materials organizations reduce costs, accelerate decision making, improve laboratory effectiveness, and get products to market faster.

  • ANSI X3.28 To Modbus RTU - Serial To Modbus RTU Converter

    ICS Electronics

    Designed for legacy systems where there is a need to replace older X3.28 protocol Controllers and with new Modbus RTU Controllers. The Model 2399 provides ANSI X3.28 to Modbus RTU Conversion without changing the existing system software. The 2399 also provides serial control of Modbus RTU devices for new applications that want the ease of using simple ASCII commands when controlling Modbus RTU devices.

  • BusTools/1553 BusTools Software Analyzer

    Abaco Systems Inc

    Abaco Systems' BusTools-1553 is an integrated, Microsoft Windows-based, application solution for MIL-STD-1553 test, analysis and simulation. BT-1553 software harnesses the power of Abaco Systems' hardware interfaces on PCI, PCI Express, CompactPCI, PMC, ExpressCard, PCMCIA, USB, XMC, PC/104-Plus, VME and VXI platforms for simplified control over simulation, display, data logging, playback, and protocol analysis of MIL-STD-1553/1760 A and B networks.

  • Automation Testing

    Software Performance Assurance

    Test automation can be described as making use of dedicated software to control the tests and then to compare the actual results with the ones that were predicted before. This process can automate some important tasks that need to be carried out or even add more tests to an existing process that would otherwise be difficult to carry out. Manual testing may not be easy and effective to carry out and test automation is a simple as well as cost-effectiveanswer to such cases.

  • Meter Test Benches


    *A Three-Phase Voltage Generator EE-500 V for voltages up to 500Vac;*Five identical Modules EE-120A, each comprising three-phase current generators from 1 mA to 120A each) and Energy Standard Class 0.04;*Meter Suspension Rack with 5 positions for hanging the meter, Scanning Heads, Electronic Readers, Tariffs, Panic Button, Lamp;*PC with EE Software for control, memorizing, search and print of Reports.

  • Automatic Engine Balancing Technology

    AutoBalance™ System - Windrock, Inc.

    Continuously adjusts fuel flow to each power cylinder to maintain balanced operationMinimize emissions and fuel consumption over a wide range of operating loadsReduce mechanical wear and maintenance costsReduce personnel costs and risk by eliminating manual engine balancingSupports engines with up to 20 power cylindersOn-Guard Diagnostic software for monitoring, analysis, reporting and trendingSupports automated air manifold pressure control for minimum emissions at varying loads

  • Polarization Controller and Scrambler - PXIe

    Pol 1000 Series - Quantifi Photonics Inc.

    The Pol 1000 Series PXIe module enables high-speed automated polarization control for polarization dependent testing procedures.Rotate or scramble the polarization of your signal with no need for manual adjustment of paddles or tension screws using intuitive software, LabVIEW or comprehensive SCPI commands. Pol 1000 Series can be used with our wide range of optical and electrical PXIe test modules, and can be used to build complete mixed-signal test platforms.

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