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  • Indoor Mobile Mapping System

    M6 - NavVis GmbH

    Fast, accurate 3D scanning: NavVis M6 is an all-in-one mapping system that lets you capture photorealistic point clouds and 360° immersive imagery. Our powerful mapping software features 6D SLAM, which lets you continuously scan in complex indoor environments. Ground control points can be included to achieve survey-grade accuracy and simplify geo-referencing.

  • Instrumentation System

    Reach Technologies Inc.

    Reach Technologies has leveraged the success of its automotive instrumentation, and applied it to other industries. The availability of established CAN products, coupled with its robustness, makes CAN a cost effective instrumentation solution. The software back-end of our instrumentation system is comprised of a server to interface to the data loggers, a database server to manage the data, and a web server for control and data visualization.

  • Internal Vapor Analyzer

    210S - Oneida Research Services, Inc

    The IVA® system is specifically designed for the quantitative analysis of low molecular weight gases contained in hermetic packages, cavities and other enclosures. The Model 210s concept integrates automated hardware with easy-to-use icon-driven software. Its design permits routine quality control, failure analysis and research level testing operation as a turn-key analytical system.

  • LC Software

    LabSolutions LCGC - Shimadzu Corp.

    With LabSolutions, both LC and GC systems are operated from the same software, enabling simultaneous control of multiple instruments from a single PC. The LC and GC instruments connected can be used in a flexible manner by switching between them. The shared LC and GC analysis operating environment, which inherits the operability of LCsolution and GCsolution, lessens the training time for workstation operations.

  • Optical Transmitter

    Sichuan Jiuzhou Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd

    * JDSU DFB laser* JDSU External Modulator.*2 optical outputs, 7/9/10/11dBm available.* SBS Threshold 13/16/18dBm adjustable.*Wide AGC range -10~+10dB.* ATC, APC functioned.* Redundant power supply: AC 85~265V and DC -36~-60V.* Supports remote control with JIUZHOU HFC Net-Managing Software via RJ45.

  • Pre-compliance Testing

    Silent Solutions LLC

    SILENT offers pre-compliance testing for products with planned distribution to commercial and industrial markets in the US and overseas. This includes testing to ensure that emissions, immunity, and circuit-to-circuit interference problems are discovered early and immediately brought under control. We use the most advanced EMC and RF test & measurement equipment and diagnostic software available from leading suppliers.

  • Pre-Selectors for EMC test

    Laplace Instruments Ltd.

    These Pre-Selectors are high specification, switched band filters which track the scanning of the EMC Analyser. Control is via USB link from the Laplace EMCEngineer software supplied with SA1002 and SA3000 analysers. Installation and operation is completely automatic, and the filters will synchronise with the analyser scan without any operator intervention. A front panel switch allows manual operation if required.

  • Quality Data & Measurement Management Software Platform

    SMART Quality - Hexagon AB

    HxGN SMART Quality, an enterprise IT solution that enables manufacturers to aggregate all quality-related data and gain insight into resource utilization, driving process optimization and productivity improvements. Take full control of your machines and processes, and achieve a smart, data-driven approach to manufacturing with HxGN SMART Quality – the online quality data and measurement resource management software platform.

  • Reformer Test Station

    Greenlight Innovation

    Whether your application is hydrogen, natural gas, or biogas reformation, Greenlight can provide an appropriate reformer test rig, including furnace, gas mixing with water content and pre-heating, gas pressure and temperature control, and automated safety monitoring of the reformer module.Greenlight''s reformer test rigs operate on our reliable automation software for 24/7 dynamic operation.

  • Stealth Metal Detector

    Fortress Technology Inc.

    Stealth metal detectors are custom manufactured to suit any application. The Stealth uses digital signal processing technology and has high sensitivity levels to ensure the detection of the smallest ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel contaminants. The built-in data collection software with USB data transfer establishes the Stealth as an effective critical control point complying with stringent HACCP regulations.

  • Vacuum Process And Chamber Environment Monitors

    MKS Instruments

    Our process monitors are innovative in-situ process monitoring instruments that are fully integrated, application-specific packages, including component residual gas analyzers (RGAs), analytical equipment, and control software. Process mass spectrometers are used in varied applications, including; Semiconductor, Thin Film (CVD, Etch, PVD and degas), pharmaceutical lyophylization and bulk gas purity monitoring.

  • Signaling Software Solutions

    Adax inc

    For over 35 years, Adax has built a reputation for providing customers with network control, signaling, throughput, TDM switching equipment and security solutions with its range of hardware products. This is now complemented by its extensive software product line that supports cellular IoT applications to address connectivity, traffic and security issues faced by the industry as the market continues to grow.

  • Analyzer Performance Upgrade

    SPEED+ - Tiger Optics llc

    Tiger Optics is excited to introduce a new analyzer performance upgrade. Implementing new intelligent dynamic data processing, the Speed+ software adjusts your analyzer’s response automatically and in real-time to deliver the best performance. Benefits of Speed+ for your operations include real-time process control to ensure quality, as well as faster throughput and increased capacity to improve efficiency and profitability.

  • Automated Calibration

    ORION - A&D Technology, Inc.

    ORION automates the process of characterization and calibration of engines. It facilitates the calibration process by taking control of both the ECU calibration system and the test cell control system to run experiments as part of an automated calibration process.  With connectivity to IAV’s EasyDOE, Mathworks’ MBC Toolbox and other DOE tools, ORION provides an extremely powerful environment for mapping an engine and generating the Engine Management System calibration tables. The modular design means the product can be configured to a users’ specific requirements and work practices, rather than having to adhere to rigid methodologies dictated by prescriptive software.

  • Automation Screwdrivers

    Mountz Inc.

    Companies rely on Mountz automation screwdrivers for bulk productivity, first-rate process control, and efficient flexibility. The speed and low maintenance requirements of Mountz automation screwdrivers can give you an important edge in terms of production capability. You can quickly reconfigure Mountz automation systems, which means you can implement continual design improvements or switch projects at the snap of a finger. Plus, customized software documents each fastener for quality control, compliance, and R+D purposes. With Mountz automation screwdrivers, you can take your operation to the next level.

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