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  • Programmable Logic Controllers

    PLC - Omron Industrial Automation

    Offers all functionality you need to control relatively simple applications, including outstanding positioning capability. All CP1E CPUs offer high-speed USB for quick programming. The “Easy Input Editor” software feature allows faster programming by using an intuitive ladder editor to create an organized application program.

  • Software Platforms

    Opal-RT Technologies Inc.

    Discover complete solutions for Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) and Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP) testing. OPAL-RT offers the most advanced real-time simulation software platforms for power systems, power electronics, aerospace and automotive sectors: RT-LAB (Multi-domain, MATLAB/Simulink® based), HYPERSIM (Power Systems), and NI VeriStand (Automotive).

  • Solenoid Tester


    • Touch Screen Interface• Windows® 10 Pro• High Reliability with Proven Design• USB Interface – No I/O boards in Computer• Remote Control Software for Factory Diagnostics/Updates• Full Network Compatibility• Integral Statistical Reporting• Test Data May be Stored in Multiple Formats• Two Year Warranty on Electronics

  • System Controller

    T96 - Linkam Scientific Instruments

    The T96 Controller is a universal controller supporting all the standard Linkam stage families, providing complete control of the system.The T96 can be controlled through the LINK software using the USB interface or the high resolution LinkPad, an ergonomic touch screen display, which enables the user to quickly enter experimental parameters for the hotstage.

  • Thermal Imager

    ThermoView TV40 - Fluke Process Instruments

    ThermoView TV40 is a high performance industrial thermal imager designed by the brand you trust, backed by 150 years of industrial application experience. Designed for the most challenging environmental conditions and supported by an intuitive and powerful analysis software, ThermoView TV40 provides the performance and personalization to meet the needs of process monitoring and control.

  • Multifunction I/O Device


    The Multifunction I/O Device features I/O with varying channels, sample rates, output rates, and other features to meet many common measurement requirements. You can use the device for industry applications such as laboratory automation, research, and design verification. The included DAQExpress companion software provides basic measurement and analysis, while the included NI-DAQmx driver provides the ability to create customized automated measurement and control applications. NI-DAQmx supports NI programming environments as well as Python, ANSI C, C#.NET, and MathWorks MATLAB® software.

  • Satellite & Payload Check-Out Systems

    Rovsing A/S

    Rovsing delivers systems for complete satellite or satellite subsystem testing. Rovsing has developed a modular test system architecture, based on S/W and H/W modules developed by Rovsing for most common space interfaces such as Power, TM/TC, MIL-STD-1553B and SpaceWire. A dedicated test system can then be composed by configuration of the modular architecture, installation of monitoring and control software, as well as test definition and scheduling software as required. Besides reduced development time, this has the advantage that the system to a large extent consists of elements that have been validated on previous missions.

  • Test Solution for Coherent Optical Transmit and Receive Devices

    M8290440A - Keysight Technologies

    Coherent optical devices such as dual-polarization IQ modulators and intradyne coherent receivers need to be tested in their different development stages as well as qualified by the system integrators.The M8290440A Coherent optical device (COD) test software provides a turn-key solution for frequency and phase response measurements. One user interface provides control of all instruments through a single software package. None of the tests require reconnecting the DUT, saving test time and reducing the uncertainty introduced by connecting and reconnecting the device. TheCOD license provides:

  • Wideband RF Signal Analyzer Recording Systems


    The GaGe series of RF signal recording systems are complete with integrated receivers, digitizers, computer, storage, and programming-free spectrum analyzer software. These turn-key solutions provide customers with a very powerful and flexible signal recording system, while minimizing the risks of self-integrated systems.The spectrum analyzer software, SpectraScopeRT, requires no programming and allows for control of receiver center frequency, bandwidth, and signal recordings. SpectraScopeRT features real-time FFT power spectrums (with peak hold and persistence), spectrograms, histograms, and time domain displays while recording, and upon recording playback. The digitizers and receivers have full control and data acquisition support via Mathworks MATLAB, with example programs furnished to facilitate rapid signal processing and modulation analysis program development. Additional SDKs and example programs are provided for C/C# and LabVIEW.

  • 12-/16-bit 16 Channel DAC for PCI

    PCI395 - AcQ Inducom

    The PCI395 features 16 analog voltage outputs, integrated on the factory standard, ANSI certified M-module standard. Each output has a 12- or 16-bit resolution and a software programmable output range (0..+10V or -10..+10V). Control of the analog output is as easy as writing the binary equivalent to a dedicated register (per channel).

  • Advanced Optical CD (OCD) Metrology System

    Atlas® II+ - Nanometrics Incorporated

    The Atlas II+ OCD system is Nanometrics’ next-generation tool for high-performance process control metrology. Incorporating innovations in optical components, precision wafer positioning, and new software analysis, the Atlas II+ enables measurements of the smallest semiconductor design features in development, including complex device structures at 1x nm technology nodes.

  • Airborne Gravimeter

    GT-1A - CMG

    The GT-1A airborne gravimeter brings proven design and fully automatic operation to mobile scalar gravity measurement. Intelligent Platform Control combined with continuously recorded wide dynamic range allows the collection of high quality data through periods of turbulence. Proprietary software provides on-side delta-g values for post-flight evaluation.

  • Automated Test Equipment (ATE)

    STAr Technologies, Inc.

    STAr partners with key industry leaders to deliver the highest Automated Test System in a scalable, open architecture platform. With powerful software tools that aid the developer in the setup and control of test configurations, errors are absolutely minimized. Whether LXI, VXI, PXI or proprietary, consistently deliver accurate, repeatable data for applications worldwide.

  • Bit Error Ratio Testers

    Keysight Technologies

    Keysight’s bit error ratio test (BERT) system enables the most accurate physical-layer design verification of high-speed communication and multi-gigabit digital interfaces. Our expert-level support will help you select the high-performance hardware, control software, receiver test, and automation tools needed to help you master your design.

  • Data Acquisition PCI Card

    UPC2100 - Validyne Engineering

    The UPC2100 PCI Sensor Interface card provides real-world data acquisition and control for your PC. Up to 16 sensor inputs in any mix or combination are accepted by the UPC2100. No external signal conditioning is required. The UPC2100 includes configuration and data acquisition software and is compatible with C#, .NET, C++, Visual Basic, LabView.

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