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  • MassHunter Suite

    Agilent Technologies

    Our MassHunter Software delivers outstanding performance in all MS processes. The powerful mass spectrometry software package provides user-friendly instrument control, monitoring, and data analysis. We also complement the MassHunter data system with specialized add on modules and analysis packages, to support specific mass spectrometry data applications in metabolomics, proteomics, biopharma and more.

  • PCI Host, 100 MB/s, Fiber-Optic Cable MXI-Express Device for PXI Remote Control

    PCI-8366 / 781400-01 - NI

    The PCI‑8366 is an MXI‑Express remote controller for devices or systems over cabled PCI from a computer with a PCI slot. The PCI‑8366 remote controller provides a PCI link over a fiber-optic cable to … the PXI‑8368 remote control module when used for PXI system control. Fiber-optic remote control solutions are ideal for long‑distance‑device control and electrical isolation. This link is transparent to software applications and drivers, so computers and servers can control connected devices with no additional programming. With NI remote controllers, PXI modules can be used as if they are PCI devices directly installed in the computer.

  • LXI-Compliant Attenuator/Switch Driver

    11713C - Keysight Technologies

    The Keysight LXI-compliant 11713C attenuator/switch driver provides remote or front-panel drive control for 4 programmable attenuators and 4 SPDT switches. The Keysight 11713C can also be used to independently control up to 20 switches. Designed with both benchtop and ATE environments in mind, this flexible, stand-alone driver provides an intuitive user interface, a variety of switching options, software programmability and remote control features for quick, easy design validation and automated testing.

  • 2-way Radio Signaling Test Software

    Tone Generator - ComTekk Engineering, LLC.

    The new PC-based test software for RF communications engineers and technicians. Flexible, accurate code synthesizer for simulation and testing of 2-way radio systems, repeaters, remote control, ANI, Paging and more.No external hardware required.

  • dmXLAN Software

    ELC Lighting

    This software can be used to configure all the ELC Nodes and Switches, as well as to monitor the dmXLAN network. Use it also to control and test lighting fixtures connected to the dmXLAN network, independent of the brand of consoles and lighting fixtures used.

  • Materials Test System

    ModuLab XM MTS - Princeton Applied Research

    ModuLab XM MTS is able to auto-sequence all of the above techniques for charge carrier activation and analysis, without changing sample connections. Temperature control is also built into the software via cryostats, furnaces and probe stations.

  • Mechanical Noise Tuner Control

    S93027B - Keysight Technologies

    The S93027B enables to control Maury Microwave’s LXI tuner as the impedance tuner and measure the noise figure of unmatched devices (Gamma opt. < 0.9) with the N524xB PNA-X with option 029 and the S93029B noise figure measurement software.

  • Real-Time Seismic Data QC

    eSQC-Pro - Sercel Group

    ​eSQC-Pro interfaces with acquisition modules for real-time quality control of seismic data without slowing down operations. This add-on hardware and software package provides remote access from any authorized PC through the Internet.

  • Software

    Eagle Product Inspection

    Eagle’s extensive portfolio of product inspection systems can be enhanced with several unique software options designed to ensure maximum uptime and compliance with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) principles and global safety regulations.

  • Blackfin Embedded Processors

    Analog Devices Inc.

    Blackfin® 16-/32-bit embedded processors offer software flexibility and scalability for convergent applications: multiformat audio, video, voice and image processing, multimode baseband and packet processing, control processing, and real-time security.

  • Chamber Controller Software

    Crystal instruments

    EDC (Embedded Device Control) is specifically designed software for Sentek chamber system controllers running Temperature and Humidity environmental tests. The EDC software features an intuitive interface, a powerful data review function and live data viewing. The combined EDM controller software provides one central location to set up parameters and a schedule between all three environments, with or without a connected controller. The powerful import and export features allow users to easily transfer test configurations between computers.

  • High Magnification with Measurement

    FSInspection Software - FS Inspection

    FSInspection Software is a powerful and intuitive tool used for measurement and image processing during the inspection process. The software provides detailed documentation and reporting in an easy-to-use interface. Operators can quickly capture, annotate, store, and share images, including dimensional measurement of objects for quality control and audit tracking. FSInspection Software works with the HDMag® and VERSAMag® High-Definition Inspection Stations to reduce errors and ensure product specifications are met during the visual inspection process. Key features include:

  • Vision Measuring Projector

    Sinowon Innovation Metrology Manufacture Ltd.

    ◆ The lifting system adopts linear guide rail and precision screw drive, which makes the lift drive more comfortable and stable;◆ With precision toothless rod and fast movement locking device, ensure return error is within 2um;◆ High accuracy A optical scale and precision working stage, ensure machine accuracy is within 3+L/200 um;◆ HD zoom lens and HD color digital camera, ensure clear image without distortion;◆ With programmable surface 4-ring 8-division LED cold light and contour LED parallel illumination, it can control the brightness of the 4-ring 8-division independently;◆ With powerful iMeasuring2.1 software system , to enhance the control quality;◆ Optional imported contact probes and 3D measuring software, it can help upgrade the machine to be coordinate measuring machine;◆ Optional FexQMS measurement data analysis and real-time monitor software, enhance process control, reduce material consumption;

  • DC Power Analyzer, Modular, 600 W, 4 Slots

    N6705C - Keysight Technologies

    The N6705C DC Power Analyzer provides unrivaled productivity gains for sourcing and measuring DC voltage and current into the DUT by integrating up to 4 advanced power supplies with DMM, Scope, Arb, and Data Logger features. The N6705C eliminates the need to gather multiple pieces of equipment and create complex test setups including transducers (such as current probes and shunts) to measure current into your DUT. The DC Power Analyzer also eliminates the need to develop and debug programs to control a collection of instruments and take useful measurements because all functions and measurements are available at the front panel. For even greater control and analysis functions, the DC Power Analyzer can be used with the 14585A Control and Analysis Software. When automated bench setups are required, the N6705C is fully programmable over GPIB, USB, LAN and is LXI Compliant. 14585A Control and Analysis Software

  • Software

    Guzik Technical Enterprises

    Besides the primary WITE32 Test Environment package at the heart of our spinstand-based test systems, Guzik offers a variety of software options to provide additional measurement accuracy and analysis. Control and Automation software enhances various electro-mechanical capabilities of the test system (such as servo accuracy), and the available suite of Analysis software tools provides deep insight into the drive component under evaluation. Adjacent Track Interference, 3D Pulse Profile, Media Scanning and Bit Error Rate are examples of some of the optional additions. Some software tools require the WDM5000 Waveform Digitizer to be part of the overall test system.

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