Fivestar HV Testing Equipment Co., Ltd.

We are the manufacturer of high voltage testing equipment in China, provide HV AC / DC / Impulse test systems and associated measuring instruments, the test capability of our equipment already up to AC 2400kV / DC 2000kV / Impulse 7200kV. Since 1980 we started cooperating with Shanghai Jiaotong University for producing and research of HV testing equipment used in electrical applications. In 2013, CECEP invest in our factory, built a new modern factory area up to 80,000m2, expand our production capability. And we start FSHV for overseas marketing promotion since 2013.

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  • HV AC Voltage Test Systems

    Fivestar HV Testing Equipment Co., Ltd.

    FSHV offers three different types of AC voltage test systems, the conventional type is AC test transformer design, mainly for testing objects of medium & low capacitance products, particularly for tests requiring stable voltage even if the load changes under voltage (corona, wet & pollution tests) or when the load is inductive (like inductive voltage transformers). Another is AC resonant test systems, according to series resonance circuit XL=XC (2πfL=1/2πfC), by setting F frequency of power supply or L inductance of reactor, generate a pure sinusoidal waveform of the test voltage, and the required input power is only 1/Q. Variable frequency type operates in a frequency range from 20Hz to 300Hz, ideal for field commissioning test of power cables and GIS/GIL. Variable inductance type outputs continuous AC voltage of power frequency (50/60Hz), mainly for factory testing of high and ultra-high voltage cables, power transformers, GIS, etc.

  • HV DC Voltage Generators

    Fivestar HV Testing Equipment Co., Ltd.

    HV DC voltage generators are used to generate high voltage DC test voltages for routine, type and development test on components and complete systems found in electrical power supply systems and operating on DC voltage (HV transmission systems etc). There are K and M series, and available for indoor and outdoor.

  • Impulse Current Test Systems

    Fivestar HV Testing Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Impulse current test systems are mainly used for testing transmission and distribution systems against the effects of direct or indirect lightning strokes or against electromagnetic interference effects. Primary application of impulse current test systems is the testing of surge arresters, nowadays mainly of the metal-oxide type (MOA) and surge protection devices (SPD). Now they are also widely used to test vehicles, aircrafts, and military applications.

  • Impulse Voltage Test Systems

    Fivestar HV Testing Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Impulse voltage test systems are used for impulse voltage testing of transformers, cables, gas-insulated switchgears (GIS), insulators, arresters, and other high-voltage devices. The test systems generate lightning impulse voltage (LI, 1.2/50μs), chopping lightning impulse voltages (LIC, front time 1.2μs, front, crest or tail chopped), and switching impulse voltage (SI, 250/2500μs) in accordance with IEC 60060-1; as well as IEC 60076-3 for transformers, and IEC 62067, 60840 and 60502-1 for cables), etc. And it can be used for steeping and oscillating impulse test by adding some extra equipment.

  • VLF Voltage Generators

    Fivestar HV Testing Equipment Co., Ltd.

    VLF hipot is an AC output tester with an output frequency of 0.1 Hz or lower rather than 50/60 Hz. Although the frequency is very low, it is an alternating current with polarity reversals every half cycle.

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