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Matrix Technologies GmbH, founded in 2004 and headquartered in Munich/Feldkirchen (Germany), is a market leading provider of Automated Inline X-ray Inspection systems (AXI & MXI for Electronics) that are used to control the manufacturing process and to ensure the quality of critical electronic devices, electronic printed circuit boards or fully assembled devices manufactured by its customers using surface mount technology (SMT). In addition, Matrix supplies automated and manual inspection solutions for Non-Destructive Testing (AXI for NDT) of other non-electronic materials such as casting or medical parts by using X-ray or Computed Tomography (“CT”) technology.

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  • Flexible Inline AXI Platform

    X#-Series - Matrix Technologies GmbH

    The X#-platform series is an inline automated X-ray system which covers a wide range of AXI applications. It is a flexible platform with very versatile fields of use depending on the application requirements. The inspectable applications range from component level inspection for wire bonds, large SMT boards, high-power electronic modules up to fully assembled modules.

  • High Resolution Inline AXI Platform

    XS-Series - Matrix Technologies GmbH

    The XS-platform series is a small-footprint high-resolution automated X-ray inspection system concept designed for sophisticated high-speed inspection of semiconductor samples, wire bonds and PCB-assembly boards for single/multipanels or samples in trays. The inspectable applications range from component level inspection to mid-sized SMT boards.

  • High Resolution Offline AXI Platform with CT Technology

    XCT-series - Matrix Technologies GmbH

    The XCT-series systems are manually loaded, automated X-ray CT systems which offer a solution for a variety of CT applications. These systems provide the highest possible flexibility in order to satisfy individual customer needs. Depending on the application, they can be equipped with different types of tubes and detectors to offer high-resolution or high-power solutions. Unlike most CT systems, the XCT-1000 features both volume analyzing and automatic processing of the slices. As the newest feature, this machine is available with a super high resolution setup, offering a CT voxel size less than 1µm. It is especially suitable for the inspection of small to medium production volumes or for the use in laboratory environments, production sampling or failure analysis. The applications range from consumer electronics and automotive li-ion batteries, component level inspection for wire bonds, micro-solder-joints on PCB‘s, casting parts and semiconductors.

  • High Speed Inline AXI Platform

    X-series - Matrix Technologies GmbH

    The X-platform series is a dedicated high speed inline automated X-ray inspection system for the inspection of PCB-assembly boards for single/multipanels or samples in trays. The system offers market leading inspection speed and is ideal for low-mix high-volume production environment.

  • Inspection & Process Control Software

    MIPS - Matrix Technologies GmbH

    The MIPS software suite provides a complete and overall solution for a wide variety of X-ray applications. MIPS software lineup contains specific components for different tasks from the very beginning of the inspection process (CAD creation and import) to the very end (statistical data analysis). This approach leads to a flexible and effective software environment what aligns perfectly with the outstanding capabilities of the Nordson MATRIX AXI product portfolio.Software Features

  • Universal Offline AXI Systems

    XT-series - Matrix Technologies GmbH

    The XT-series provides the advanced inspection capability of Nordson MATRIX‘s inline system in a smaller footprint manual load/island of automation system. The platforms are designed for flexibility and ease of use for a wide variety of products requiring 2D and 2.5D automated X-ray inspection. The XT-6/XT-6A platform is a highly flexible automated X-ray inspection system with minimum footprint and a parallel-kinematic Hexaglide manipulation unit for extreme-angle off-axis image acquisition with high resolution. It is suitable for high-quality X-ray analysis of electronic assemblies and material analysis of parts that require flexible part manipulation with multiple inspection angles. For batch modes and volume inspection the XT-6 can be equipped with a single-sided conveyor setup and magazine load/unload station (XT-6A).

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