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  • Device Characterization


    Probe systems for device characterization must be particularly flexible because many different measurements often must be performed; DC, IV/CV, Capacitance, HF, 1/f, temperature and more. The modular architecture of the PS4L product line is ideal for these broad requirements.

  • Failure Analysis


    Failure Analysis (FA) plays a crucial role in the production of semiconductors. It provides process and design feedback to determine the root cause of any failures. Time-to-data for the FA Engineer is a critical measurement and SemiProbe’s Probe System for Life ® (PS4L) is ideally suited to excel in this application. All key components are interchangeable, making it easy to switch between individual die, wafers, and packaged parts.

  • High Frequency/Microwave


    SemiProbe high frequency probing solutions provide a broad array of capabilities for measurements ranging from DC to over 300 GHz. We design PS4L systems for high frequency applications with carefully selected components including chucks, probe arms, probes, cables, tuner modules, and calibration suites that are optimized for the frequency range that the application will operate in.

  • High Power Devices


    SemiProbe configures our PS4L Adaptive Architecture into the Voltarus (TM) family of probe stations to fulfill the unique requirements of testing high power devices at wafer level prior to packaging. Voltarus probe stations are available in manual, semiautomatic, and fully automatic configurations that can test and characterize power devices up to 10 KV or 200 Amps (pulsed).

  • Lab Assistant


    The SemiProbe Lab Assistant family of probe stations is specifically designed to address the requirements of universities and research personnel. Lab Assistant probe stations provide simplicity, ease of operation, portability, affordability and modularity. Lab Assistant probe stations can be configured for DC or HF/Microwave testing configurations, including an array of sophisticated accessories that are usually only found on much larger, more expensive probing stations.

  • Optoelectronics and Photonics


    SemiProbe has developed probe stations for a wide variety of optoelectronic and photonic device applications, including light emitting diodes (LEDs), vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSEL) and photo diodes. Testing and handling small, fragile, thin wafers with thousands of die on them poses unique challenges that require innovative solutions.

  • Pilot Control Software Suite


    The SemiProbe PILOT Control Software Suite semiautomatic and fully automatic probe systems employs the SemiProbe patented Adaptive Architecture. Software modules can be added to the base system as needed. PILOT Control Software consists of a Microsoft Windows-based user interface built on the SemiServer application for communicating to and from the probe system. Individual customer applications can be integrated with PILOT Control Software for a customized system to meet individual needs.

  • Probe System for Life

    PS4L - SemiProbe

    PS4L systems are available to handle products from 50mm to 300mm, and are available in manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic configurations. A unique advantage of the PS4L system is its ability to be upgraded at any point in its life cycle as your product needs or volume requirements change. As the customer’s business environment or test conditions change, the PS4L can be rapidly reconfigured to meet these new requirements. Changes to wafer size, automation level, or test procedure do not translate into a need for new capital equipment. This substantially reduces the cost of new product development and the time to procure the appropriate test equipment. Reconfigurations are typically performed in the field, at the customer site.

  • Probe Systems

    Mini-PS4L - SemiProbe

    The mini-PS4L series of probe systems are built using a similar concept as our patented Probe System for Life (PS4L) Architecture. The base system is built on a 300 mm x 300 mm metric breadboard and that allows the user to configure the system to meet the application and budget.

  • Static and dynamic analysis

    MEMS - SemiProbe

    Static and dynamic analysis and visualization are critical parts of the test and development process for MEMS microstructures in order to characterize surface metrology and measure in and out of plane motions. The PS4L Adaptive Architecture is ideal for configuring a system to perform tests to very specialized requirements of the MEMS customer. MEMS customers often require vacuum probing, which is available in semiautomatic and fully automatic configurations.

  • Vacuum Probing Systems


    Built using our PS4L patented technology, SemiProbe manufactures a family of Vacuum Probing Systems, which test wafers or substrates in a vacuum environment. Additionally, individual die and broken/partial wafers can be tested with the  Vacuum Probing System. All key modules are interchangeable and upgradeable.

  • Wafer & Die Inspection


    SemiProbe wafer inspection system (WIS) examines, locates and identifies defects created during wafer manufacturing, probing, bumping, dicing or general handling. This provides microelectronic device manufacturers with accurate, timely quality assurance and process information. The WIS has single sided and double sided wafer mapping capabilities and can improve efficiency, reduce manufacturing costs, increase yields and shorten time to market.

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